Friday, February 22, 2013


Feb 20, 2013
Familia!  Hola como estan ustedes fajitas? burritos y guitarra.  (looks like her Spanish is coming right along :)
I'm in the big empty sea!  It's only my first day, but I have learned a LOT!  It sure is weird to only have skirts in my closet. Today was odd.  It's like shifting between two worlds.
 I saw Elders Lambert, Chamberlain, Banford, and Fivas and Sister Nielson.  Elder Fivas and I see each other a lot.   I accidently write songs and letters all the time in my notebook.
My companion's name is Hermana Fastle.  She's very nice.  She was born in Fort Worth Texas and is going to serve in Sandy.  I was born in Sandy and am going to serve in Fort Worth.  Crazy!    My companion says FETCH!  All I want to do is drink water and  sleep. I'm always thirsty.  But I did eat a salad and an orange.
If I can figure out pictures I'll send them to you.  I think Spanish will be good.     Today we got to fake teach some fake investigators.  One was a black lady named Loanna and she was hilarious.
No one knows what time it is allowed to wear pajamas.   Oh and mom don't stress about the mp 3 player because there is NO music allowed here...  depressing but ok.
   That's all!! Te amo.
Talie Gomez

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