Monday, February 25, 2013

Tali had a PDAY today :)

which means an email and pictures for me!

The empty sea has no fish. My district is all new. We're all going to Texas, Utah, and California. l sleep fine! haha l have always been a good sleeper, and now it is no different. lt was a little overwhelming at first cause we taught an investigator in SPANISH the 2nd day.... lt made no sense at all, but esta bien. My companion is nice. l'm going to upload pictures.  l have seen tons of people l know! Makayla Adams, Tanner Palmer, Adam Lambert, Nathan Chamberlain, Meagan Matthews, Seth (Dallin's friend) from BYU, Brett Ware, Adam my FHE dad from Provo, Courtenae and l live right next to each other and we are in the same ward! Brayden Fivas is also right by me! We have the same gym time, eating time, and our classes are right next door so we see each other all day! l've seen Hunter a few times too! lt's good to see familiar faces. How was Kevin and Sarah's Wedding?? l like it here, everyone l know thought l was going to be in the advanced spanish, haha somehow people thought l could speak it already. Oh l also saw a girl who knows the Winters, her name is Ariel. My district is great! We have a motto, "Pescados, no pecados" haha it's fun. My district leader, Elder Fotheringham needs to marry Abbey or Danelle. Seriously. I don't know if this is going out to other people, but l basically am not a good writer like Dallin was. hmmm our relief society speaker was Mary Cook, from.... some general presidency. She said a lot of cool things that l can't remember that well. But l was disappointed to hear that it's a rule for Sisters that we have to shave our legs. Shame. Hmm l live with another companionship, Hermanas Jarvis and Hunter are AWESOME! Hermana Hunter has 2 other sisters out on missions from her family right now! One is in the MTC too. That would be crazy. l played the hymn in sacrament meeting! And everytime l see two elders or sisters walk in somewhere, l think, "Hey! The missionaries are here!" hahaha then l remember that l am a missionary! Crazy. We went to  The Music and the Spoken Word. It was kinda painful...  But the temple walk was super good! l really am enjoying it, except for at 6:30 am everyday l wanna die. But around 6:40 l'm good again. I haven't had any breakdowns or even cried at all. Life es bueno. I get to run everyday! The track is teeny tiny though, and my knees kill from running 25 laps in one direction..... we have great district leaders and a great branch presidency, and a great teacher, Maestro Snyder. He's awesome. 
2 Samuel 22:33 is good! l can already pray and bear my testimony and do the 1st lesson in spanish.... that's progress l guess.... anyway, Adios!


  1. Nice job memorizing Tali! I am working on memorizing all the temple stuff in spanish so I feel for you! I'll race you!

  2. You are going to be fantastic! I hope that you have a piano near, music speaks EVERY language. Rob and I love the Spoken Word broadcast and go to it most every Sunday we are in SLC.