Monday, March 25, 2013

Hermana hahahaha Gomez

Weekly Quote: "You don't have to floss ALL of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep."
Weekly Joke: "Why do seagulls live by the Sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!"
Alrighty, so if anyone knows the address for Kaylea Collings home address l'd be much obliged  It's Ginny circle something.... 
Um we had Scott D. Whiting come and speak for a devotional, and l went up to talk to him after and l totally forgot that he just rearranged our stake presidency! He was like, "You should know me Hermana Gomez!" Then l felt awkward cause obviously l didn't pay that much attention to his talk in Stansbury :)
Here's a good thing l heard from my Maestro Snyder, "Obedience can be a sacrifice, or it can be a consecration." That's definitely an MTC lesson l've learned. Being obedient is really just going with the flow, but actually CONSECRATING your time to mean something to the Lord is a whole separate sha bang. super cool. If any of my BYU people (dallin katelyn etc.) see Glade Snyder or Sean Sagers around campus, tell them that Hermana Gomez is your friend and they will be happy :)
Hahaha on St. Patrick's day we had a devotional and they asked if anyone was going to Ireland and NO one was! hahahaha so Elder Stoneman, my district buddy raised his hand and the cameras came to him and they made an ireland joke! hahahahah he's actually going to Provo...... and that was probably more funny in real life.
It's so crowded here! Our classrooom building is basically a Risk board.... the Spanish had most of the territory, but one Japanese class moved in and they're taking over! The French have a few classrooms but they're not much of a threat.....
We are realizing that our last day at the MTC will be a P-Day, AND April Fool's day, AND our last day..... :) it shall be fun.
We have implemented color coded days of the week.... Verde Viernes, Morado Martes, Feo Saturday, Flamingo Domingo..... it keeps things interesting and it's spreading to the whole zone!
Here's another funny lesson! We were trying to teach stubborn Carlos, and ALL he likes is futbol. So we were trying to explain that if we're on the Lord's team, we will win because he's the best player. However.... Hermana Fastle kept getting the words "equipo" and "cuerpo" mixed up..... no wonder Carlos wasn't interested in being in the God's body..... hahahahaha
Every speaker we've had in Relief Society is overwhelmed cause that last time they came there was only like 100 sisters! We are now overflowing the big auditorium thing! it's crazy! my DIstrict fasted yesterday. Maestro Snyder challenged us to write letters to ourselves and so we fasted to get more help to know what things we'll need throughout our mission.... l really like fasting here. It's much easier when it's not my own food l have to resist :) SUndays are good, whenever we watch the Testaments they have to remind us to "refrain from whistling" because Jacob and Linnaea FLIRT.AHHHH babylon!
Oh ya... l asked for the house key cause l like to scrape my fingers on it. It's keeping my callouses strong. My companion thinks l'm a masochist :)
This kid was talking about "Chariots of Fire" the 4 minute mile guy, and as he started explaining the 400 splits, l got SUPER nervous like l was gonna run the mile! hahaha it was a weird feeling.
Here's another good quote that l wish EVERYONE would learn. "Humility isn't thinking less of yourself, it's thinking less ABOUT yourself." -Dieter F. Utchdorf. Our branch president told us that during a modesty meeting :) it's the key to being modest in your speech, dress, and behavior.
Um the baggage fees need to be payed with by my debit card... l think there's enough on there..... l'm flying Delta and l got my travel plans! My flight is at 8 something in the morning of APril 2nd! Whahooo
Adios, pictures will come!

OH P.S. congrats to Ryan Logan and COlton! That's cool!

Those pictures were of Hermana's Brithday PArty on Saturday! These are the super funny card that some of the elders made her! hahaha l hope you can read it.

um.....this note was found in a bathroom.... it made me laugh WAY hard! l don't know if it'll make the blog  :) The other is the Elders in the Corbatas we got them! AND guess what. l was DOMESTIC and embroidered hearts into them! Wahoo! all of the other sisters are constantly fixing suit coats and pant hems..... so l was given charge of the heart embroidery :)

The three pictures here are of an outfit l wore, Me and Katelyn, and Hermana Hunter's cool pygmy puff she got for her birthday!

Monday, March 18, 2013

MTC Tali report of the week

Um.... you should probably leave these all on the same email thread so l can see what pictures l've sent....
So l thought everyone should know that the sacrament trays here are heavy like the Lake Point trays, and most people are taken aback when they lift them, but l'm totally used to it.
It's felt like a big work party here with Andy Stewart, Loretta Beaty, and Anthony Manzione! lt's so fun to see them! l also saw Kaylen Vickers this week. Elder Braydog Fivas and Brett Ware head to Ohio this week, so that will be sad.....
Seeing Katelyn was so fun! l'm going to have to take my camera with me every Tuesday! Let her know that she inspired the very first "Sad" cry since l got here! haha l just wanted her to come in her wedding dress so l can see it!   
So we've got 3 progressing investigators now, Valentino the drunk guy is surprisingly my favorite! Tanner is a new one and is extremely depressed. Carlos..... oh Carlos, this kid is 18 years old and says " se..." to  EVERYTHING WE ASK HIM. But l can relate because apathy is pretty much my middle name! Haha but it makes pretty much everything we prepare go down the toilet. (l'd excuse the language but l don't want to)
Um l used Dad's Spanish letters as an analogy in class! Basically..... sometimes our Father speaks to us and we have no clue how to understand.... BUT when we go to 13 billion hours of class a day, we learn the tools to understand him. Heavenly Father has a "spiritual language" that He speaks to us in, and it won't make sense unless we put in the work to learn the language. The end
Um some Elder gave me his address and told me to write him when l "broke up with mi novio fivas" hahaha..... haha
For all of you who watch General Conference! Two of my most favorite elderes in my district were filmed by Carol Mceeeda or whatever her name is. They are walking around a corner and down a hall..... So look for them :) There is one blondie and one brunette Elder Fotheringham and Elder Stoneman. l think it will be playing in between sessions during a missionary thing?
Haha l was in a lesson, and l was trying to explain Adam and Eve's story, but l kept saying "Adan y Eden" ..... which for all of you un cultured people, that means "Adam and Eden." Hahahaha not Adam and Eve..... 
Um in contrast, my companion and l taught a lesson to the branch presidency and our district about the Atonement, and it was SO EASY IN ENGLISH. haha truly, english teaching is so nice.
hmmm shout out to Linzi Kelsey? l met a Holly Larsen l think...well she says she knows you!
The organ is still the ugliest thing l've ever heard. haha my "obedience vice" here is definitely singing. Cause here they don't allow you to sing ANYTHING but hymns... not even Kenneth Cope....pero.... esta bien
Well it's been a fast week! l can't believe that it's P-Day again! We should get our travel plans soon! OH and thanks for the clothes! l noticed several of Mom's most prized skirts, and so l'm grateful! l will be very sad to leave my MTC districto..... l still want my friends to marry them :)

Picture of the mirror is for Aida to understand how l wear her coat as a dress sometimes :)
Group pictures are to demonstrate our "tres semana" sign and also the creepiness of Elder Fotheringham
Andy, Loretta, and Jeff Monson! woohoo!
Still looking for Kaylen Vickers again to take a picture!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spanish speaking fish!

Alright, So the striped pictures are of our accidental match day
The girl with short blonde hair is companions with the girl l'm hugging at the temple. THey are my roommates, and district hermanas Jarvis and Hunter
The picture of us with the cute little indian girl and the pretty brunnette are my new roommmates Herm. Shreeve and Gains
The two elders are SToneman (funniest kid l know) and Fotheringham (District leader and looks like Kirby Harris)

oh the elder with the glasses and the shorter one is Elder Hatfied and TAylor, also in my district

Well l have decided to add the pictures first, so l hopefully l don't send random old ones this time! Hmm well l can't believe that it's week 3 already! Time has flown by. Oh my goodness, last Tuesday, the speaker at the fireside was literally like a Brazillian version of Jim Carey. It was super funny and very good. of the Elders in my district is named Dallin Graff! Hahahaha trippy! And another looks a lot like Kirby Harris. Hmm.... my companion and l got written up last week! We totally spaced dropping off our back packs before breakfast and so we thought we'd leave them in an unused classroom under a table......... aparently that's a bad idea and fire hazard? :P

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JACOB!!!! l officially dedicate "Twenty Four" by Switchfoot to him! 

OH! l had a terrifying dream. l was stuck swimming in the ocean with Dorey and Marlin from Nemo, and they were speaking Spanish to me! D: l woke up very freaked out. l HATE fish. 

My maestro Sagers made a cool analogy about fans and outlets and being plugged into the power of God instead of trying to be a battery powered person...... l don't remember it very well, but it was good!

Hahahaha so.... we did our first official TRC (teach volunteer real people) and on the critique paper we got back it said "They were TRYING to bear their testimonies, and l felt the Spirit" and under the "What will you do as a result of this experience?" the lady answered, "Continue to pray for the missionaries."
...... but despite this sad review... it was a good experience! 

l have decided to break the MTC record for the mile run! (It was 6:06 when l decided this) Hermana Gibson from my zone and l tried on her last day and got 6:13. But then some fast chick decided to get 5:52 :P BUT l promised Hermana Gibson and myself that l'd keep trying :) My arch is pretty much going to collapse and die from the tight almost 90 degree turns, BUT l think it just needs to get stronger. 

After l finished my weekly letter to the branch president, l watched "The Coat" movie on Mormon Messages that Wes and Own loved! lt made me miss them! 

Hahahaha so we do these language assessments where we record answers to questions on the computer. l however, find it awkward to pretend to "get to know someone and teach them the doctrine of faith" when no one is there and nobody answers!  SO l do creepy voices like smeagul or a deeeeep creep voice, and answer myself. The rater's comments on my recordings are quite hilarious. Something about Gollum answering Gospel questions in Spanish is just catchy l suppose!

My companion pulled an "E-Harmony Cat Video" moment! Hahahaha one of our new roommates said that she likes elephants, and my roommate got VERY excited. Next thing l knew, she had dropped to her knees and was crying.......l looked at her for a second, and all she could muster was "l LOVE elephants."

Music and the Spoken word was not as bad this time cause l realized that there's an orchestra! l like to watch the violins. ANyway, it's been a good week full once again of randomness..... and l just accidentally bought a box of dryer sheets instead of detergent :P haha l lose more of my weekly allowance by pushing wrong buttons than l do actually buying things.
That's cool that Siera is going to Prom again! and l really love the tennis picture a lot! Well that's all! It's great here and l'm very sad to see Hermana Nielsen's district leave...... l'm gonna miss her! hahahaha

P.S. Deena Hudson would like me to pass along a message that she will be calling her dad somewhere tomorrow from 8 to 11 in the morning! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Time has flown by!

March 4, 2013 
To Mom and other people:
First of all, this gospel is simply beautiful and beautifully simple! It's great that after only a week and a half we are able to muster enough simple basic words and convey the messages we should WITH the Spirit! l forgot to mention earlier that l met an Hermana Bay here who is from... Junction? and also she's related to Horace Earl Bay. Hmm.... our district has really grown closer! It's often hard to stay on task cause we like to goof off and talk about crazy things, but it's all in the name of bonding right? Our former investigator Pedro commiteed to baptism and now he's nuestro maestro! It's weird to not call him Pedro anymore! We get two new investigators this week, One of them is Valentino and he's a drunk. l'm excited cause l really like drunks. Um..... OH YA!!! Shout out to SADIE JOHANSEN: Gladys from the chastity video/BYU tour is HERE! l saw her! hahahahaha 

Elder Ballard came to talk last tuesday, and it was very good! haha l don't remember much.... that's a long time ago. l finished the Book of Mormon yesterday! haha we had like....... 100000 hours of personal study time cause it was fast Sunday. l really liked fast sunday cause l didn't have to eat food! hahaha really though.... l mostly eat cookies here. The salads are alright l suppose. 
There's a poem that my dear Hermana Hunter shared, it's called Ropes, and it's so cute! 
l wrote "Karlee Bunn" on the paper l kept notes on to remember what to say in this email...... l'm not sure why.
l am getting all of the DearElders! keep them coming! Haha l lead my room in letters received, it's good! 
Sorry l'm not a great scriptorian like Dallin was.... l am auditioning for a musical number sometime! My roommate Hermana Jarvis wants a piano accompaniant for her cello piece. haha l'm terrified! Time has flown by here! l definitely feel bad for those Finns and Asians who stay here for 9 weeks! That would be awful. My feet smell awful! hahaha like.... awful. And also, everyone here dresses much cuter than l do. Last night we had a fireside with President Daines from the Provo temple! He did a fireside while l was at Wyview too, so it was cool to hear all of the same stories again.... hahahahaha
Well.... l really like it here! They said we would go through phases: Honeymoon, hostile, grit and bear it, and endure to the end...... But l haven't really felt any of them! It's all been good and structured. The time is all used for good things and l love it! l have written a few songs....l'm not sure if that's obedient or not.... but l have. Tengo ganas......pero no en 6:30 en la manana.... waking up stinks! But it always has and always will. l sleep on the top bunk once again, so l can't even roll out of bed without attaining serious personal injury.

That's all l have time for and sorry, no descriptions of the pictures! haha they've all got name tags, just look real close!

Just kidding, l'll describe, The honduras guy is "Pedro" but actually maestro Sagers. The facebooklike photo of me is to show carlos how much l wear the red jewelry he gave me, group picture is some random people all dressed up as my district... only joking. And the last two are me and Elder Lambert, and of course Elder Fivas. l see the latter ALL the time, so we decided to document it. l also saw Elder Palmer, Hermana Hudson, and Hermana Kendall! Those lucky ducks get to leave in like 3 weeks! Hmm...... l think that is all l have to say.

Hermana Gomez

(mom's disclosure statement... the food there being "bleh" comes from the girl whose goal is to never eat much.  And really liking drunks... she is just weird... has never known one or she wouldn't... they don't even like themselves.)