Monday, March 25, 2013

Hermana hahahaha Gomez

Weekly Quote: "You don't have to floss ALL of your teeth, just the ones you want to keep."
Weekly Joke: "Why do seagulls live by the Sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!"
Alrighty, so if anyone knows the address for Kaylea Collings home address l'd be much obliged  It's Ginny circle something.... 
Um we had Scott D. Whiting come and speak for a devotional, and l went up to talk to him after and l totally forgot that he just rearranged our stake presidency! He was like, "You should know me Hermana Gomez!" Then l felt awkward cause obviously l didn't pay that much attention to his talk in Stansbury :)
Here's a good thing l heard from my Maestro Snyder, "Obedience can be a sacrifice, or it can be a consecration." That's definitely an MTC lesson l've learned. Being obedient is really just going with the flow, but actually CONSECRATING your time to mean something to the Lord is a whole separate sha bang. super cool. If any of my BYU people (dallin katelyn etc.) see Glade Snyder or Sean Sagers around campus, tell them that Hermana Gomez is your friend and they will be happy :)
Hahaha on St. Patrick's day we had a devotional and they asked if anyone was going to Ireland and NO one was! hahahaha so Elder Stoneman, my district buddy raised his hand and the cameras came to him and they made an ireland joke! hahahahah he's actually going to Provo...... and that was probably more funny in real life.
It's so crowded here! Our classrooom building is basically a Risk board.... the Spanish had most of the territory, but one Japanese class moved in and they're taking over! The French have a few classrooms but they're not much of a threat.....
We are realizing that our last day at the MTC will be a P-Day, AND April Fool's day, AND our last day..... :) it shall be fun.
We have implemented color coded days of the week.... Verde Viernes, Morado Martes, Feo Saturday, Flamingo Domingo..... it keeps things interesting and it's spreading to the whole zone!
Here's another funny lesson! We were trying to teach stubborn Carlos, and ALL he likes is futbol. So we were trying to explain that if we're on the Lord's team, we will win because he's the best player. However.... Hermana Fastle kept getting the words "equipo" and "cuerpo" mixed up..... no wonder Carlos wasn't interested in being in the God's body..... hahahahaha
Every speaker we've had in Relief Society is overwhelmed cause that last time they came there was only like 100 sisters! We are now overflowing the big auditorium thing! it's crazy! my DIstrict fasted yesterday. Maestro Snyder challenged us to write letters to ourselves and so we fasted to get more help to know what things we'll need throughout our mission.... l really like fasting here. It's much easier when it's not my own food l have to resist :) SUndays are good, whenever we watch the Testaments they have to remind us to "refrain from whistling" because Jacob and Linnaea FLIRT.AHHHH babylon!
Oh ya... l asked for the house key cause l like to scrape my fingers on it. It's keeping my callouses strong. My companion thinks l'm a masochist :)
This kid was talking about "Chariots of Fire" the 4 minute mile guy, and as he started explaining the 400 splits, l got SUPER nervous like l was gonna run the mile! hahaha it was a weird feeling.
Here's another good quote that l wish EVERYONE would learn. "Humility isn't thinking less of yourself, it's thinking less ABOUT yourself." -Dieter F. Utchdorf. Our branch president told us that during a modesty meeting :) it's the key to being modest in your speech, dress, and behavior.
Um the baggage fees need to be payed with by my debit card... l think there's enough on there..... l'm flying Delta and l got my travel plans! My flight is at 8 something in the morning of APril 2nd! Whahooo
Adios, pictures will come!

OH P.S. congrats to Ryan Logan and COlton! That's cool!

Those pictures were of Hermana's Brithday PArty on Saturday! These are the super funny card that some of the elders made her! hahaha l hope you can read it.

um.....this note was found in a bathroom.... it made me laugh WAY hard! l don't know if it'll make the blog  :) The other is the Elders in the Corbatas we got them! AND guess what. l was DOMESTIC and embroidered hearts into them! Wahoo! all of the other sisters are constantly fixing suit coats and pant hems..... so l was given charge of the heart embroidery :)

The three pictures here are of an outfit l wore, Me and Katelyn, and Hermana Hunter's cool pygmy puff she got for her birthday!

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  1. The Elders look like they are ready for a wedding reception! Sounds like a fun time is to be had by all at the MTC!