Monday, March 18, 2013

MTC Tali report of the week

Um.... you should probably leave these all on the same email thread so l can see what pictures l've sent....
So l thought everyone should know that the sacrament trays here are heavy like the Lake Point trays, and most people are taken aback when they lift them, but l'm totally used to it.
It's felt like a big work party here with Andy Stewart, Loretta Beaty, and Anthony Manzione! lt's so fun to see them! l also saw Kaylen Vickers this week. Elder Braydog Fivas and Brett Ware head to Ohio this week, so that will be sad.....
Seeing Katelyn was so fun! l'm going to have to take my camera with me every Tuesday! Let her know that she inspired the very first "Sad" cry since l got here! haha l just wanted her to come in her wedding dress so l can see it!   
So we've got 3 progressing investigators now, Valentino the drunk guy is surprisingly my favorite! Tanner is a new one and is extremely depressed. Carlos..... oh Carlos, this kid is 18 years old and says " se..." to  EVERYTHING WE ASK HIM. But l can relate because apathy is pretty much my middle name! Haha but it makes pretty much everything we prepare go down the toilet. (l'd excuse the language but l don't want to)
Um l used Dad's Spanish letters as an analogy in class! Basically..... sometimes our Father speaks to us and we have no clue how to understand.... BUT when we go to 13 billion hours of class a day, we learn the tools to understand him. Heavenly Father has a "spiritual language" that He speaks to us in, and it won't make sense unless we put in the work to learn the language. The end
Um some Elder gave me his address and told me to write him when l "broke up with mi novio fivas" hahaha..... haha
For all of you who watch General Conference! Two of my most favorite elderes in my district were filmed by Carol Mceeeda or whatever her name is. They are walking around a corner and down a hall..... So look for them :) There is one blondie and one brunette Elder Fotheringham and Elder Stoneman. l think it will be playing in between sessions during a missionary thing?
Haha l was in a lesson, and l was trying to explain Adam and Eve's story, but l kept saying "Adan y Eden" ..... which for all of you un cultured people, that means "Adam and Eden." Hahahaha not Adam and Eve..... 
Um in contrast, my companion and l taught a lesson to the branch presidency and our district about the Atonement, and it was SO EASY IN ENGLISH. haha truly, english teaching is so nice.
hmmm shout out to Linzi Kelsey? l met a Holly Larsen l think...well she says she knows you!
The organ is still the ugliest thing l've ever heard. haha my "obedience vice" here is definitely singing. Cause here they don't allow you to sing ANYTHING but hymns... not even Kenneth Cope....pero.... esta bien
Well it's been a fast week! l can't believe that it's P-Day again! We should get our travel plans soon! OH and thanks for the clothes! l noticed several of Mom's most prized skirts, and so l'm grateful! l will be very sad to leave my MTC districto..... l still want my friends to marry them :)

Picture of the mirror is for Aida to understand how l wear her coat as a dress sometimes :)
Group pictures are to demonstrate our "tres semana" sign and also the creepiness of Elder Fotheringham
Andy, Loretta, and Jeff Monson! woohoo!
Still looking for Kaylen Vickers again to take a picture!

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  1. The coat makes a great dress! And I get to say "Eva" in the temple quite often! Look out Texas!