Monday, March 4, 2013

Time has flown by!

March 4, 2013 
To Mom and other people:
First of all, this gospel is simply beautiful and beautifully simple! It's great that after only a week and a half we are able to muster enough simple basic words and convey the messages we should WITH the Spirit! l forgot to mention earlier that l met an Hermana Bay here who is from... Junction? and also she's related to Horace Earl Bay. Hmm.... our district has really grown closer! It's often hard to stay on task cause we like to goof off and talk about crazy things, but it's all in the name of bonding right? Our former investigator Pedro commiteed to baptism and now he's nuestro maestro! It's weird to not call him Pedro anymore! We get two new investigators this week, One of them is Valentino and he's a drunk. l'm excited cause l really like drunks. Um..... OH YA!!! Shout out to SADIE JOHANSEN: Gladys from the chastity video/BYU tour is HERE! l saw her! hahahahaha 

Elder Ballard came to talk last tuesday, and it was very good! haha l don't remember much.... that's a long time ago. l finished the Book of Mormon yesterday! haha we had like....... 100000 hours of personal study time cause it was fast Sunday. l really liked fast sunday cause l didn't have to eat food! hahaha really though.... l mostly eat cookies here. The salads are alright l suppose. 
There's a poem that my dear Hermana Hunter shared, it's called Ropes, and it's so cute! 
l wrote "Karlee Bunn" on the paper l kept notes on to remember what to say in this email...... l'm not sure why.
l am getting all of the DearElders! keep them coming! Haha l lead my room in letters received, it's good! 
Sorry l'm not a great scriptorian like Dallin was.... l am auditioning for a musical number sometime! My roommate Hermana Jarvis wants a piano accompaniant for her cello piece. haha l'm terrified! Time has flown by here! l definitely feel bad for those Finns and Asians who stay here for 9 weeks! That would be awful. My feet smell awful! hahaha like.... awful. And also, everyone here dresses much cuter than l do. Last night we had a fireside with President Daines from the Provo temple! He did a fireside while l was at Wyview too, so it was cool to hear all of the same stories again.... hahahahaha
Well.... l really like it here! They said we would go through phases: Honeymoon, hostile, grit and bear it, and endure to the end...... But l haven't really felt any of them! It's all been good and structured. The time is all used for good things and l love it! l have written a few songs....l'm not sure if that's obedient or not.... but l have. Tengo ganas......pero no en 6:30 en la manana.... waking up stinks! But it always has and always will. l sleep on the top bunk once again, so l can't even roll out of bed without attaining serious personal injury.

That's all l have time for and sorry, no descriptions of the pictures! haha they've all got name tags, just look real close!

Just kidding, l'll describe, The honduras guy is "Pedro" but actually maestro Sagers. The facebooklike photo of me is to show carlos how much l wear the red jewelry he gave me, group picture is some random people all dressed up as my district... only joking. And the last two are me and Elder Lambert, and of course Elder Fivas. l see the latter ALL the time, so we decided to document it. l also saw Elder Palmer, Hermana Hudson, and Hermana Kendall! Those lucky ducks get to leave in like 3 weeks! Hmm...... l think that is all l have to say.

Hermana Gomez

(mom's disclosure statement... the food there being "bleh" comes from the girl whose goal is to never eat much.  And really liking drunks... she is just weird... has never known one or she wouldn't... they don't even like themselves.) 

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