Monday, April 29, 2013

Se que esta iglesia es la iglesia verdadera!

l got the package! and l already sent you pictures of my bed and kitchen right? haha they're really the most important parts of where l live! As for "who else has written you?" Well l've recieved letters from Kendal LEvine, Nathan, Luke, Danelle, Abbey, Jill, Courtney and BEckie Boekweg, Aida, and Elder Van Meeteren from MTC! it's great :) Also,it would be good if l could get the addresses for Iris, crystal, and Abuelitos, or l guess l could just send them to Iris.
Hmm if you could send glue sticks, that would be cool... and also, there is a picture that l took of our house years ago that l'd like to have a copy of. I think l sent it to dallin a while ago.... l'm not sure. But there's a rainbow behind it? l think l did some stupid photoshopped words on it too... but if you know where just the plain picture is, that would be cool to have :)
Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea? A: Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!
Quote of the Week: "Se que esta iglesia es la iglesia verdadera."  -My investigator :)
Well hola! Gracias mucho for the packages of granola bars and fruit leather! Those are what l love the most. Also gracias to Aldaste Jones l now have Swedish chocolate :) mmmmmm!
THis week was good! One of our investigators, MAry Rosales told us after reading parts of the Book of Mormon, "l've NEVEr felt like this before!" And this means a lot cause she's been a part of pretty miuch EVERY church on the planet, including Jehovah's Witnesses, and they're tough buggers.
Haha so there's this witch named Maria, and she was super creepy. She had some sort of Satan company thing.... BUT luckily the good ole elders found her, and they threw away all of her devil things, and she has come to church a lot and will be baptised this week! EVEN better is that she is sending all of her "customers" to the elders now! So they get to go to her house and teach all of her devil friends about the gospel.
My favorite new spanish word is definitely "sumo sacerdote."
Tracting is still my favorite cause people have big pecan trees and l get to gather nuts like l'm a boxcar child or something and then do finger exercises by cracking them! Tracting is also great cause we meet crazy Marias. Maria Islas keeps texting us blessings.... haha it's great!
So Adulfo Arce is my investigator who basically teaches me everytime we talk to him. He reads the Book of Mormon like CRAZY! He loves it. His wife is taking hte lessons in El Salvador and she sent his name to us as a refferal and when she comes, they're going to be baptized together! Happily Ever After for Adulfo :)
Haha in our ward on Fast Sunday, the sacrament bread is like 5 times as big as a normal week :) l'm also now the ward pianist.... for everything! Haha l'm the only person in the barrio who can play, so l do sacrament meeting, all the way through primary. lt's el mejor except when l mess up cause they just assume that l can play EVERYTHING.... but l'm glad to help them and make use of the beautiful grand piano that never gets played..... 
We were planning on only 1 investigator at church (Adulfo) and then we had 4 show up! Plus la familia UK (we've been visiting them with el obispo) who is inactive! So that was really great! and after the meeting is a big dinner with Hma. Piccon's beans :) l LOVE her beans. Haha ironically, l probably ate MORE this fast Sunday than l did on any other day this week.
Speaking of food, l was eating at a member's house and as usual, we asked them where they were from, and as usual they said "Coahuila" and l was like, "oh mi padre es de coahuila tambien!" and THEN we found out that Hector Lesoya and his wife, Angelica Paredes Lesoya know la familia Gomez! and they LOVE them! ln fact, ANgelica went to seminary with Crystal and knows all of mis tias! And Hector said that Dad may know his older brother Roberto? And he said that Abuelito Carlos Gomez gave him his patriarchal blessing! So that's all very cool. They said that Carlos and Yolanda are great ejemplos y strengthen the church much in Piedras :)
Well... l think that's about all! l'll send pictures, but they're not that exciting. WAIT. jk l painted these solar system things that are extremely cool.
Hasta Ver!
Hermana Gomez

This is cool grafiti that we found!

(we are the south side fort worth sisters)
And l think these pictures are of Elder Simmons (english elder) showing us how to make the solar system masterpiece!

Finished product! So cool! l'm gonna find a way to mail these home.

The spray paint pictures are so cool! Carlos you should do that for a date or somehting. And the "Boyce Avenue" is mainly for Siera and NAomi... and the bike picture is just us on bikes again, notice the ear warmers and layers cause it's FREEZING! And this last picture is of my cool swedish package from Aldaste Jones :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

The epistle of Hermana Gomez

Joke of the Week: (told by a little kid at the primaria actividad) "Donde vive Jackie Chan?" Answer: "Alla!" hahahahahahaha (make sure you make a karate chopping motion)
Quote of the Week:
So it's important that you mail me letters, because otherwise l will not recieve letters.
Hola! Congrats to Levi on his football! Winning is really the most important thing in life. Every single person we talk to here agrees with pretty much ALL of our teachings! They are a God-fearing people.... BUT pretty much none of them understand the importance of having THE one true church.... it's a problem. So last week we were studying at a park and l sat down by a tree and accidentally placed myself in a home of red ants...... my hand is still oozing....
And it came to pass that we did continue in the work of God with all the perserverance that we could. And many days did pass away, and we did meet a new Maria every day. Behold, Maria #1 was exceedingly sad, and did invite us in, and did proceed to give us an account of ALL the proceedings of her life, and did tell us many things in Spanish. Wherefore we were exceedingly astonished even unto dumbness. Behold Maria #1 did say that she had been lifted up to much prayer that two angels would knock on her door and help her find God, and behold, there we were!
Maria #1 had great faith, but nevertheless she did not have a car, so did not attend church. Nevertheless, we have another Maria. Now behold, this Maria #2 was already baptized, but many years had passed away and she waxed old and dwindled in unbelief. It came to pass that we did speak with her and she did say that "me siento mejor. en mi corazon." And it was good.
And it came to pass that Hermana Gomez did make a goal to re-read Jesus the Christ every transfer, for she beheld that there are 42 chapters in the book, and also 42 days in a transfer. Therefore it works.
Now behold, we did eat at a restaurant last week for it is free for missionaries. Hermana Gomez beheld that "tortas" are like unto the sloppy joe, but according to the hispanics, and she did eat and was filled.
And it came to pass, that last week Hermana Gomez did buy a container of cottage cheese and beheld that it was like tapioca pudding, and did not eat. Nevertheless, she had many fruit leathers from her mother, so she did not starve at all.
And it came to pass that a lady called and asked for a blessing. Wherefore the Hermanas were astonished for they beheld that they could not do that which was required. Nevertheless, they did not despair and did call the valient leaders of the zone, and they did administer unto the lady. Now behold, this story was random, but the purpose thereof was that of the parking at the hospital. The hermanas did park in Clergy Parking, and now behold, this did cause much joy.
Now behold, it came to pass that an activity for the primary was last saturday for Kid's Day. Now the hermanas beheld that the party thereof was exceedingly large and the preparation thereof was like unto that according to a Utah Wedding. The hermanas beheld much dancing of the old ladies, and behold, the obispo did sing as well.
Spanish was the language therein the land, nevertheless, many did desire to learn English, wherefore, the hermanas were asked to teach a class of ingles. Now behold, it was weird to speak in the tongue of their fathers after much time speaking Spanish.
Now Hermana Gomez did behold that her face always had lipstick on the cheek thereof. For behold, every woman that she did talk to did make a farewell and kiss her cheek.
All these things came to pass and Hermana Gomez did wax strong on the face of the land, unto many runs and many pushups. The Spirit of the Lord did dwell with her in all things, and did loose her tongue to the speaking many things in spanish, pertaining to the memorized points in Preach My Gospel, and also to the random things that came to her head. Nevertheless, she did spend many hours studying for behold, her spanish was exceedingly weak. Now behold, many other things did come to pass in this week, but the time would not that she should write them all. For behold, they would probably be boring anyway.

P-Day adventure with the Elders at the train bridge!

pictures of the train for Owen WEs and Eli!

Me with real letters!!!
 and oh ya! l peeled an orange in ONE PEEL!!!!! wahoo!

Monday, April 15, 2013

God likes missionaries :)


Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!! :)
Quote of the Week: (and new song of the week) "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."
So hello, my companion's name is Lisa and she's from Yacama WA.
So weird thing! l was looking through all of the random junk papers in the dashboard, and l found this envelope! so l opened it and it was a weird congratulation card dated April 9th 2011.... and it was April 9th 2013. Haha nothing huge but it was random.
So.... l had my first run in with weird member food. The nice lady put this bowl of "cameron" sopa.... aka SICK SHRIMP. Haha l did not eat it. l ate all of the celery and carrots, but l just could NOT eat the shrimps.
"if we open our mouths and they open their hearts, miracles will happen"
Ugh something else that was gross, we were teaching this girl named Esmerelda, and on the table behind the flowers was a cockroach.... it was on it's back and kicking it's sick legs. Haha l could NOT pay attention to the lesson at all! l just stared at it as it tried to turn around.... anyway... that's all about bugs.
l read in 1 Nefi 13:37 and it's a great scripture! It is comforting to read about how much God likes missionaries :) It also reminds me of the great responsibility we have.
President Sagers said a cool thing regarding Sundays, "The sabbath day we rest from OUR labors, not HIS labors" haha so... that's mostly for Bishop Dad l suppose! This last sunday  was the first regular 3 hour block l've attended since my farewell! Weird.
Um something to be noted about how stupid Texas is: They have speed "humps" instead of bumps.... and every time l see a "speed hump" sign l just think they're dumb. Also, l have seen numerous houses with rocks that are ALL SHAPED LIKE TEXAS. EW.
l just found a crayon that quotes a song.... l think l should probably make a song that quotes a crayon. (i.e. cerlean city, razzmatazz)
Hahahaha this is funny. So we had a service project at this lady's house, and we all went to up to the door and knocked, and knocked, and knocked... and she didn't answer. Then, a cop showed up and asked us who we were and why we were pounding on the house! Haha Elder Hansen ended up having the wrong address, and this poor lady in the random house called the cops cause a bunch of crazy people were pounding on her house!
Haha another funny thing. So... my last name has earned me points here. We were talking to this guy named Arturo, and he would not even LOOK at my companion! he was like "She is WHITE. and l am BROWN." then he showed us his I.D. and was like "without this l am NOTHING HERE." .... we left cause it was awkward.

Are saltines healthy? cause l totally eat 10000 a day here....
Reading people is a lot easier when they have tattoos....
Drunk people are my favorite, and they're definitely the most receptive  One guy was like, "Say Jesus!" 
Us: "Jesus."
 Him: "No... listen! G. is. US" hahahahaha
And also, my companion and l are making goals to lose weight! Yay! Mom, if you know the best foods to lose weight, please tell me, We run 30 minutes every morning, and.... ya. She wants to lose 8 lbs and l wanna lose 15! So send me advice! We mostly eat cottage cheese and spinach.
Well, tell Dad to be a good bishop! We love the bishop here! And also tell Nathan Fox he's awesome. The church is true! haha we just have to tell lots more people. And, l am learning lots of patience, it's great! 

We have one guy with a baptism date and we're so excited! Adulfo Arce. He has a GREAT testimony of the libro de Mormon! 

That's all l think, l hope the picture thing works here! adios!
p.s. l love the pictures you sent ! they're so cute!

about my pictures:
These are of my district and teachers the last night in the MTC! Also, there is one of me and Hermana Gaines :) She was my roommate and l love her!

Me packing up at the MTC, wearing the only clothing l had left haha... my jean coat! The rest are the last moments with my mtc district.... aw sad

This is my kitchen in our apartment! also, it has been inhabited by generations of Elders... haha hence the decorations and carvings.

our cute calender! and my first p-day rejoicing in P-day clothers!

My bed and picture wall! and also, the first time we biked! haha we were real proud


Monday, April 8, 2013

Tali's version of Catch the Wave

Joke of the Week: (Keep in mind that you are what you eat) What did the Spanish speaking panda say he was? A: Soy Sauce.
.... sorrry that one was lame. l'm not good at this
Quote of the Week: "l view every person we meet as a potential dinner appointment!"
Well hello! l just got a library card so that's great :)
So l flew on an AIRPLANE. That was really great too. especially the cookies. The bus driveer that took us there was one of our cross country bus drivers! Haha our district was sickly in love with each other. At the travel office we were ALL bawling and no one else was..... haha ah well.
Our mission president gave us all a talk "The Fourth Missionary" Which was the same talk that Amanda Francis sent me. Apparently it's like the mission motto talk or something :)
So on the Airplane, l sat by this guy from Iran and his name was Hussein (like the terrorist)......... and l pretty much thought he was going to kill me, BUT he was nice, and told me that he thinks that my decision to have "Holy Time" was great.
We're whitewashing this area! l think that means that we've never been here..... mission lingo is cheesy and weird. haha
Um Danelle and my friends should look up Brandon Heath, we can listen to music and he's a pretty good christian singer that we listen to lots
Sister Piccon, the bishop's wife is so cute! She's like 4 feet tall (like Abuelita) and from Coahilllla or whatever that place is called. Haha everyone laughs when l say "Coahviillla" and say, "Su mama es de Utah si??"
We tracted a lot the first day, it's my favorite, cause l don't have to sit in the car and be carsick, and we met this kid named Jarius, and apparently he had been in a car accident the day before and felt like God saved him, and he prayed that he could fix his life, and BAM there we were! haha but he spoke ingles so we can't teach him.... hahaha
lt's basically like mexico here..... it smells like mexico.
So my companion says l look like Audrey Hepburn which makes me happy, and also she ran for BYU track and cross country! wahoo! haha and she has blonde hair and blue eyes...... l want to be her.
l hate texas! wahoo
The spanish people are way nicer than english people. haha l'd say that the field is white and ready to harvest.... but my field isn't white at all!
hmm there's lots of hedges here.
Brooke Squires has her Grandpa's nose, l noticed that during conferencia.
Richard G. Scott gave some good advice! Whenever you send a text, review a verse of scripture! Haha this is a good idea for all of those with smart phones.... so to my siblings..... don't worry bout it :)
Oh ya! haha we baptized Israel Cervantes and his little sister! haha it was already scheduled, but technically it's "our baptism" We were making the copies of the program and basically the copy machine attacked us and we messed up so bad that we only ended up with like 7 copies :)
My address is 2504 Railridge Circle North #203 Fort Worth, TX 76133 and that's better than the mission home!
The talk about "Catching the Wave" by Elder Nelson made me want Costa Vida!!!!!!
Mexicans are easier to understand than Guatemalans and puerta ricans and other peoplel
Well.... that's about it, we have a nice small smelly apartment that has housed generations of Elders! there's a title of liberty on the wall and tons of elders unwanted clothes in the closet... haha l totally took some of their sweatshirts :)
 it's cold here! haha the first day of tracting was basically swimming. it POURED.... fo ra long time. it was great.
anyway, buenos nachos or dias or whatever you want!
tali Gomez.

P.S. l forgot my camera... so next week you'll get about 100 pictures

Monday, April 1, 2013

Time to move on ! No growing in a comfort zone :)

Quote of the Week: "Don't hold to the rod.... MOUNT the rod." -A creepy person
Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!!!!
I hope Easter was great for everybody! l had a good one. It was our last Sunday, Fast Sunday, and also Easter! We had a big sacrament meeting with the entire MTC! We stood in line for 2 hours to get a seat and sat right in the front............ hahaha..... turns out it was Bishop Coasee not President Monson, but it was still good :) After that we had our own branch meeting and my district and another that's leaving performed musical numbers, l accompanied the other district and ours was super cool with a cello! We did A Child's Prayer. Later we had 2 more devotionals and the second we had Sheri Dew come speak! She awkwardly told us that she hates being single and that it is depressing..... but she said some other profound things!
Um.... the Elders found some scorpian filled suckers from a "narnia hole"....... so we ate them.
l'm super glad l brought my frog catching boots, cause l've come to realize that investigators are pretty much the same. You've got to find them (sometimes it's dark and your flashlights die, so you just have to look for lights in their eyes), then make goals and plan for how to best approach them (and when your plans fall through, go with your instincts/the Spirit). Then, exercising faith, you just have to go for it (cast in your nets). Afterwards, the help of the other members in the 5 gal. bucket (ward) is crucial, otherwise they will fall away fast. And thus it is said in my parable "The Froggers of Men."
l've also come to realize one of the many reasons they have shortened the time here. My district, and me have grown very comfortable in these 6 weeks. We've got the schedule down, we pretty much are familiar with the way things work here. And as some wise person once said, "There's no comfort in a growing zone, and no growing in a comfort zone," This place has definitely become a comfort zone :)
Hermana Jarvis and l had an AMAZING time improving piano and cello after lunches....... it wasn't exactly a himno, pero it was very unGentile-like l promise!
l started reading Jesus the Christ about 2 weeks ago, and it turned out that l finished it this Sunday. This was very neat cause on Friday l was at the Crucifixion, and by Sunday morning l finished it up with the Resurrection chapters. It was a very great experience. 
l have recieved the "Hermana Ellis" book! Thank  you to all who contribute :) Especially Amanda!
Hmm.... my Elders have taken to being my body guard :P Every time l say hello to ANY  elder l know, they start throwing copies of "Lock your Heart" and barricade me away from them. Haha poor Ben Cheney, Kyle Winters, and Andy Stewart :) They got some dirty looks from my elders this week. 
l also met Mary Anne Hardy! She's super nice and we both knew of each other's Dallin's! l pretty much picked Amy Staker up off the curb! She has the cutest outfits in the whole MTC.
Um, l found out that my teacher, Maestro Sagers' little brother is companions with Tyson Haddon in Sweden! He was showing us a picture of his brother, and l was like..... dude, l know him.
l've got to stop saying "De nada Dog"..... it's dreadfully hard to stop
Um.... l'm the music maestra in my district.... so l get to use a long baton thing.... that's cool
l had a cool thought inspired by Sheri Dew's talk! Here in the MTC, we are actually learning 2 languages. One is infinitely more important than the other. The first is Spanish. The second is "The language of Revelation." We have language study for espanol, and personal study for Spirit language! We need to learn to speak it, hear it, understand it, and teach it to others! It's really a different language.
My nice branch President pulled me aside last week and told me "Don't ever forget that you're one of the great ones! l mean it. l've been watching you." Haha it was so nice! l truly appreciate the great leaders here. They are good Christ like examples. 
l hope that these 6 weeks took enough of the world and put enough of my Savior in that l won't wither in the gross Texan field..... l still hate Texas.
Good news! We now officially have 60 minutes to email and can email whoever we want. So... l hopefully can label pictures better

This one contains a picture of Elder Cheney and l, a creepy picture of me that l found that my elders probably took, a picture of us at the In-Field Orientation that was 1000 hours long,
This one has a reprimand for saying hello to Elder Cheney (p.s. they thought l was dating Elder Fivas cause l said hello to him like.... 5 times a day, and that's pretty much an engagement here) 
the Scorpian adventure
and the case of the missing name tags. Haha we do stay on task l promise!

Pictures by the map with other fort worthers!

oh and also, those elders don't know where they're going cause their mission doesn't exist anymore! 
last blurry temple walk, and Kyle Winters! 
Also, l think this one has Katelyn! it was the last time l saw her! and she made my lunch!

With all the fort worthers in my district.... my companion and l... and l forgot the last one!
oh ya, it's easter sunday matching purple :)