Monday, April 15, 2013

God likes missionaries :)


Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!! :)
Quote of the Week: (and new song of the week) "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."
So hello, my companion's name is Lisa and she's from Yacama WA.
So weird thing! l was looking through all of the random junk papers in the dashboard, and l found this envelope! so l opened it and it was a weird congratulation card dated April 9th 2011.... and it was April 9th 2013. Haha nothing huge but it was random.
So.... l had my first run in with weird member food. The nice lady put this bowl of "cameron" sopa.... aka SICK SHRIMP. Haha l did not eat it. l ate all of the celery and carrots, but l just could NOT eat the shrimps.
"if we open our mouths and they open their hearts, miracles will happen"
Ugh something else that was gross, we were teaching this girl named Esmerelda, and on the table behind the flowers was a cockroach.... it was on it's back and kicking it's sick legs. Haha l could NOT pay attention to the lesson at all! l just stared at it as it tried to turn around.... anyway... that's all about bugs.
l read in 1 Nefi 13:37 and it's a great scripture! It is comforting to read about how much God likes missionaries :) It also reminds me of the great responsibility we have.
President Sagers said a cool thing regarding Sundays, "The sabbath day we rest from OUR labors, not HIS labors" haha so... that's mostly for Bishop Dad l suppose! This last sunday  was the first regular 3 hour block l've attended since my farewell! Weird.
Um something to be noted about how stupid Texas is: They have speed "humps" instead of bumps.... and every time l see a "speed hump" sign l just think they're dumb. Also, l have seen numerous houses with rocks that are ALL SHAPED LIKE TEXAS. EW.
l just found a crayon that quotes a song.... l think l should probably make a song that quotes a crayon. (i.e. cerlean city, razzmatazz)
Hahahaha this is funny. So we had a service project at this lady's house, and we all went to up to the door and knocked, and knocked, and knocked... and she didn't answer. Then, a cop showed up and asked us who we were and why we were pounding on the house! Haha Elder Hansen ended up having the wrong address, and this poor lady in the random house called the cops cause a bunch of crazy people were pounding on her house!
Haha another funny thing. So... my last name has earned me points here. We were talking to this guy named Arturo, and he would not even LOOK at my companion! he was like "She is WHITE. and l am BROWN." then he showed us his I.D. and was like "without this l am NOTHING HERE." .... we left cause it was awkward.

Are saltines healthy? cause l totally eat 10000 a day here....
Reading people is a lot easier when they have tattoos....
Drunk people are my favorite, and they're definitely the most receptive  One guy was like, "Say Jesus!" 
Us: "Jesus."
 Him: "No... listen! G. is. US" hahahahaha
And also, my companion and l are making goals to lose weight! Yay! Mom, if you know the best foods to lose weight, please tell me, We run 30 minutes every morning, and.... ya. She wants to lose 8 lbs and l wanna lose 15! So send me advice! We mostly eat cottage cheese and spinach.
Well, tell Dad to be a good bishop! We love the bishop here! And also tell Nathan Fox he's awesome. The church is true! haha we just have to tell lots more people. And, l am learning lots of patience, it's great! 

We have one guy with a baptism date and we're so excited! Adulfo Arce. He has a GREAT testimony of the libro de Mormon! 

That's all l think, l hope the picture thing works here! adios!
p.s. l love the pictures you sent ! they're so cute!

about my pictures:
These are of my district and teachers the last night in the MTC! Also, there is one of me and Hermana Gaines :) She was my roommate and l love her!

Me packing up at the MTC, wearing the only clothing l had left haha... my jean coat! The rest are the last moments with my mtc district.... aw sad

This is my kitchen in our apartment! also, it has been inhabited by generations of Elders... haha hence the decorations and carvings.

our cute calender! and my first p-day rejoicing in P-day clothers!

My bed and picture wall! and also, the first time we biked! haha we were real proud


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