Monday, April 22, 2013

The epistle of Hermana Gomez

Joke of the Week: (told by a little kid at the primaria actividad) "Donde vive Jackie Chan?" Answer: "Alla!" hahahahahahaha (make sure you make a karate chopping motion)
Quote of the Week:
So it's important that you mail me letters, because otherwise l will not recieve letters.
Hola! Congrats to Levi on his football! Winning is really the most important thing in life. Every single person we talk to here agrees with pretty much ALL of our teachings! They are a God-fearing people.... BUT pretty much none of them understand the importance of having THE one true church.... it's a problem. So last week we were studying at a park and l sat down by a tree and accidentally placed myself in a home of red ants...... my hand is still oozing....
And it came to pass that we did continue in the work of God with all the perserverance that we could. And many days did pass away, and we did meet a new Maria every day. Behold, Maria #1 was exceedingly sad, and did invite us in, and did proceed to give us an account of ALL the proceedings of her life, and did tell us many things in Spanish. Wherefore we were exceedingly astonished even unto dumbness. Behold Maria #1 did say that she had been lifted up to much prayer that two angels would knock on her door and help her find God, and behold, there we were!
Maria #1 had great faith, but nevertheless she did not have a car, so did not attend church. Nevertheless, we have another Maria. Now behold, this Maria #2 was already baptized, but many years had passed away and she waxed old and dwindled in unbelief. It came to pass that we did speak with her and she did say that "me siento mejor. en mi corazon." And it was good.
And it came to pass that Hermana Gomez did make a goal to re-read Jesus the Christ every transfer, for she beheld that there are 42 chapters in the book, and also 42 days in a transfer. Therefore it works.
Now behold, we did eat at a restaurant last week for it is free for missionaries. Hermana Gomez beheld that "tortas" are like unto the sloppy joe, but according to the hispanics, and she did eat and was filled.
And it came to pass, that last week Hermana Gomez did buy a container of cottage cheese and beheld that it was like tapioca pudding, and did not eat. Nevertheless, she had many fruit leathers from her mother, so she did not starve at all.
And it came to pass that a lady called and asked for a blessing. Wherefore the Hermanas were astonished for they beheld that they could not do that which was required. Nevertheless, they did not despair and did call the valient leaders of the zone, and they did administer unto the lady. Now behold, this story was random, but the purpose thereof was that of the parking at the hospital. The hermanas did park in Clergy Parking, and now behold, this did cause much joy.
Now behold, it came to pass that an activity for the primary was last saturday for Kid's Day. Now the hermanas beheld that the party thereof was exceedingly large and the preparation thereof was like unto that according to a Utah Wedding. The hermanas beheld much dancing of the old ladies, and behold, the obispo did sing as well.
Spanish was the language therein the land, nevertheless, many did desire to learn English, wherefore, the hermanas were asked to teach a class of ingles. Now behold, it was weird to speak in the tongue of their fathers after much time speaking Spanish.
Now Hermana Gomez did behold that her face always had lipstick on the cheek thereof. For behold, every woman that she did talk to did make a farewell and kiss her cheek.
All these things came to pass and Hermana Gomez did wax strong on the face of the land, unto many runs and many pushups. The Spirit of the Lord did dwell with her in all things, and did loose her tongue to the speaking many things in spanish, pertaining to the memorized points in Preach My Gospel, and also to the random things that came to her head. Nevertheless, she did spend many hours studying for behold, her spanish was exceedingly weak. Now behold, many other things did come to pass in this week, but the time would not that she should write them all. For behold, they would probably be boring anyway.

P-Day adventure with the Elders at the train bridge!

pictures of the train for Owen WEs and Eli!

Me with real letters!!!
 and oh ya! l peeled an orange in ONE PEEL!!!!! wahoo!