Monday, April 29, 2013

Se que esta iglesia es la iglesia verdadera!

l got the package! and l already sent you pictures of my bed and kitchen right? haha they're really the most important parts of where l live! As for "who else has written you?" Well l've recieved letters from Kendal LEvine, Nathan, Luke, Danelle, Abbey, Jill, Courtney and BEckie Boekweg, Aida, and Elder Van Meeteren from MTC! it's great :) Also,it would be good if l could get the addresses for Iris, crystal, and Abuelitos, or l guess l could just send them to Iris.
Hmm if you could send glue sticks, that would be cool... and also, there is a picture that l took of our house years ago that l'd like to have a copy of. I think l sent it to dallin a while ago.... l'm not sure. But there's a rainbow behind it? l think l did some stupid photoshopped words on it too... but if you know where just the plain picture is, that would be cool to have :)
Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea? A: Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!
Quote of the Week: "Se que esta iglesia es la iglesia verdadera."  -My investigator :)
Well hola! Gracias mucho for the packages of granola bars and fruit leather! Those are what l love the most. Also gracias to Aldaste Jones l now have Swedish chocolate :) mmmmmm!
THis week was good! One of our investigators, MAry Rosales told us after reading parts of the Book of Mormon, "l've NEVEr felt like this before!" And this means a lot cause she's been a part of pretty miuch EVERY church on the planet, including Jehovah's Witnesses, and they're tough buggers.
Haha so there's this witch named Maria, and she was super creepy. She had some sort of Satan company thing.... BUT luckily the good ole elders found her, and they threw away all of her devil things, and she has come to church a lot and will be baptised this week! EVEN better is that she is sending all of her "customers" to the elders now! So they get to go to her house and teach all of her devil friends about the gospel.
My favorite new spanish word is definitely "sumo sacerdote."
Tracting is still my favorite cause people have big pecan trees and l get to gather nuts like l'm a boxcar child or something and then do finger exercises by cracking them! Tracting is also great cause we meet crazy Marias. Maria Islas keeps texting us blessings.... haha it's great!
So Adulfo Arce is my investigator who basically teaches me everytime we talk to him. He reads the Book of Mormon like CRAZY! He loves it. His wife is taking hte lessons in El Salvador and she sent his name to us as a refferal and when she comes, they're going to be baptized together! Happily Ever After for Adulfo :)
Haha in our ward on Fast Sunday, the sacrament bread is like 5 times as big as a normal week :) l'm also now the ward pianist.... for everything! Haha l'm the only person in the barrio who can play, so l do sacrament meeting, all the way through primary. lt's el mejor except when l mess up cause they just assume that l can play EVERYTHING.... but l'm glad to help them and make use of the beautiful grand piano that never gets played..... 
We were planning on only 1 investigator at church (Adulfo) and then we had 4 show up! Plus la familia UK (we've been visiting them with el obispo) who is inactive! So that was really great! and after the meeting is a big dinner with Hma. Piccon's beans :) l LOVE her beans. Haha ironically, l probably ate MORE this fast Sunday than l did on any other day this week.
Speaking of food, l was eating at a member's house and as usual, we asked them where they were from, and as usual they said "Coahuila" and l was like, "oh mi padre es de coahuila tambien!" and THEN we found out that Hector Lesoya and his wife, Angelica Paredes Lesoya know la familia Gomez! and they LOVE them! ln fact, ANgelica went to seminary with Crystal and knows all of mis tias! And Hector said that Dad may know his older brother Roberto? And he said that Abuelito Carlos Gomez gave him his patriarchal blessing! So that's all very cool. They said that Carlos and Yolanda are great ejemplos y strengthen the church much in Piedras :)
Well... l think that's about all! l'll send pictures, but they're not that exciting. WAIT. jk l painted these solar system things that are extremely cool.
Hasta Ver!
Hermana Gomez

This is cool grafiti that we found!

(we are the south side fort worth sisters)
And l think these pictures are of Elder Simmons (english elder) showing us how to make the solar system masterpiece!

Finished product! So cool! l'm gonna find a way to mail these home.

The spray paint pictures are so cool! Carlos you should do that for a date or somehting. And the "Boyce Avenue" is mainly for Siera and NAomi... and the bike picture is just us on bikes again, notice the ear warmers and layers cause it's FREEZING! And this last picture is of my cool swedish package from Aldaste Jones :)


  1. The solar system picture really is cool! What a great thing to meet people who know your family!!

  2. Tali looks so happy. It's nice to find a piano anywhere, but how nice to have a grand piano at church needing a fine pianist! We will take some good pictures of the wedding in a few weeks.