Monday, April 8, 2013

Tali's version of Catch the Wave

Joke of the Week: (Keep in mind that you are what you eat) What did the Spanish speaking panda say he was? A: Soy Sauce.
.... sorrry that one was lame. l'm not good at this
Quote of the Week: "l view every person we meet as a potential dinner appointment!"
Well hello! l just got a library card so that's great :)
So l flew on an AIRPLANE. That was really great too. especially the cookies. The bus driveer that took us there was one of our cross country bus drivers! Haha our district was sickly in love with each other. At the travel office we were ALL bawling and no one else was..... haha ah well.
Our mission president gave us all a talk "The Fourth Missionary" Which was the same talk that Amanda Francis sent me. Apparently it's like the mission motto talk or something :)
So on the Airplane, l sat by this guy from Iran and his name was Hussein (like the terrorist)......... and l pretty much thought he was going to kill me, BUT he was nice, and told me that he thinks that my decision to have "Holy Time" was great.
We're whitewashing this area! l think that means that we've never been here..... mission lingo is cheesy and weird. haha
Um Danelle and my friends should look up Brandon Heath, we can listen to music and he's a pretty good christian singer that we listen to lots
Sister Piccon, the bishop's wife is so cute! She's like 4 feet tall (like Abuelita) and from Coahilllla or whatever that place is called. Haha everyone laughs when l say "Coahviillla" and say, "Su mama es de Utah si??"
We tracted a lot the first day, it's my favorite, cause l don't have to sit in the car and be carsick, and we met this kid named Jarius, and apparently he had been in a car accident the day before and felt like God saved him, and he prayed that he could fix his life, and BAM there we were! haha but he spoke ingles so we can't teach him.... hahaha
lt's basically like mexico here..... it smells like mexico.
So my companion says l look like Audrey Hepburn which makes me happy, and also she ran for BYU track and cross country! wahoo! haha and she has blonde hair and blue eyes...... l want to be her.
l hate texas! wahoo
The spanish people are way nicer than english people. haha l'd say that the field is white and ready to harvest.... but my field isn't white at all!
hmm there's lots of hedges here.
Brooke Squires has her Grandpa's nose, l noticed that during conferencia.
Richard G. Scott gave some good advice! Whenever you send a text, review a verse of scripture! Haha this is a good idea for all of those with smart phones.... so to my siblings..... don't worry bout it :)
Oh ya! haha we baptized Israel Cervantes and his little sister! haha it was already scheduled, but technically it's "our baptism" We were making the copies of the program and basically the copy machine attacked us and we messed up so bad that we only ended up with like 7 copies :)
My address is 2504 Railridge Circle North #203 Fort Worth, TX 76133 and that's better than the mission home!
The talk about "Catching the Wave" by Elder Nelson made me want Costa Vida!!!!!!
Mexicans are easier to understand than Guatemalans and puerta ricans and other peoplel
Well.... that's about it, we have a nice small smelly apartment that has housed generations of Elders! there's a title of liberty on the wall and tons of elders unwanted clothes in the closet... haha l totally took some of their sweatshirts :)
 it's cold here! haha the first day of tracting was basically swimming. it POURED.... fo ra long time. it was great.
anyway, buenos nachos or dias or whatever you want!
tali Gomez.

P.S. l forgot my camera... so next week you'll get about 100 pictures

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