Monday, April 1, 2013

Time to move on ! No growing in a comfort zone :)

Quote of the Week: "Don't hold to the rod.... MOUNT the rod." -A creepy person
Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!!!!
I hope Easter was great for everybody! l had a good one. It was our last Sunday, Fast Sunday, and also Easter! We had a big sacrament meeting with the entire MTC! We stood in line for 2 hours to get a seat and sat right in the front............ hahaha..... turns out it was Bishop Coasee not President Monson, but it was still good :) After that we had our own branch meeting and my district and another that's leaving performed musical numbers, l accompanied the other district and ours was super cool with a cello! We did A Child's Prayer. Later we had 2 more devotionals and the second we had Sheri Dew come speak! She awkwardly told us that she hates being single and that it is depressing..... but she said some other profound things!
Um.... the Elders found some scorpian filled suckers from a "narnia hole"....... so we ate them.
l'm super glad l brought my frog catching boots, cause l've come to realize that investigators are pretty much the same. You've got to find them (sometimes it's dark and your flashlights die, so you just have to look for lights in their eyes), then make goals and plan for how to best approach them (and when your plans fall through, go with your instincts/the Spirit). Then, exercising faith, you just have to go for it (cast in your nets). Afterwards, the help of the other members in the 5 gal. bucket (ward) is crucial, otherwise they will fall away fast. And thus it is said in my parable "The Froggers of Men."
l've also come to realize one of the many reasons they have shortened the time here. My district, and me have grown very comfortable in these 6 weeks. We've got the schedule down, we pretty much are familiar with the way things work here. And as some wise person once said, "There's no comfort in a growing zone, and no growing in a comfort zone," This place has definitely become a comfort zone :)
Hermana Jarvis and l had an AMAZING time improving piano and cello after lunches....... it wasn't exactly a himno, pero it was very unGentile-like l promise!
l started reading Jesus the Christ about 2 weeks ago, and it turned out that l finished it this Sunday. This was very neat cause on Friday l was at the Crucifixion, and by Sunday morning l finished it up with the Resurrection chapters. It was a very great experience. 
l have recieved the "Hermana Ellis" book! Thank  you to all who contribute :) Especially Amanda!
Hmm.... my Elders have taken to being my body guard :P Every time l say hello to ANY  elder l know, they start throwing copies of "Lock your Heart" and barricade me away from them. Haha poor Ben Cheney, Kyle Winters, and Andy Stewart :) They got some dirty looks from my elders this week. 
l also met Mary Anne Hardy! She's super nice and we both knew of each other's Dallin's! l pretty much picked Amy Staker up off the curb! She has the cutest outfits in the whole MTC.
Um, l found out that my teacher, Maestro Sagers' little brother is companions with Tyson Haddon in Sweden! He was showing us a picture of his brother, and l was like..... dude, l know him.
l've got to stop saying "De nada Dog"..... it's dreadfully hard to stop
Um.... l'm the music maestra in my district.... so l get to use a long baton thing.... that's cool
l had a cool thought inspired by Sheri Dew's talk! Here in the MTC, we are actually learning 2 languages. One is infinitely more important than the other. The first is Spanish. The second is "The language of Revelation." We have language study for espanol, and personal study for Spirit language! We need to learn to speak it, hear it, understand it, and teach it to others! It's really a different language.
My nice branch President pulled me aside last week and told me "Don't ever forget that you're one of the great ones! l mean it. l've been watching you." Haha it was so nice! l truly appreciate the great leaders here. They are good Christ like examples. 
l hope that these 6 weeks took enough of the world and put enough of my Savior in that l won't wither in the gross Texan field..... l still hate Texas.
Good news! We now officially have 60 minutes to email and can email whoever we want. So... l hopefully can label pictures better

This one contains a picture of Elder Cheney and l, a creepy picture of me that l found that my elders probably took, a picture of us at the In-Field Orientation that was 1000 hours long,
This one has a reprimand for saying hello to Elder Cheney (p.s. they thought l was dating Elder Fivas cause l said hello to him like.... 5 times a day, and that's pretty much an engagement here) 
the Scorpian adventure
and the case of the missing name tags. Haha we do stay on task l promise!

Pictures by the map with other fort worthers!

oh and also, those elders don't know where they're going cause their mission doesn't exist anymore! 
last blurry temple walk, and Kyle Winters! 
Also, l think this one has Katelyn! it was the last time l saw her! and she made my lunch!

With all the fort worthers in my district.... my companion and l... and l forgot the last one!
oh ya, it's easter sunday matching purple :)

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