Monday, May 13, 2013

Slow down and look up!

Quote of the Week: "Ya'll know there's pros and cons when preaching to the belt buckle of the Bible Belt!"
Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!
Well hello again! It feels like just yesterday since l've talked to you all....
Well l've officially decided that this mission is WAY easier than that of poor John the Baptist... he lived in a desierto and ate locusts and honey and then got thrown in prison and his followers all left and then his head was chopped off cause some stupid lady wanted it. And this mission is way better.
The Lord certainly is hastening his work! Our mission president's goals for us just went from "baptize monthly" to "baptize weekly!" and l guess before it was "baptize transferly" Well we've certainly got a lot of work to do. But it's cool to see the hastening right here in my very own goal papers.
Hey family, remember how nobody ever ate the banana packets of oatmeal from the "fruit and cream" box? Well if you add a spoonful of peanut butter, it's the best dessert you've ever had.
Last week was stake conference, and there was a talk that l really should have listened better to. The catch phrase theme was "Slow down, and look up" And basically l'm awful at bike riding. hahaha l take out mailbokes, stop signs, and resturant daily specials. But also, l was eating my jelly beans, and l almost didn't notice that the green watermelon flavor was RED on the inside! And that might sound dumb, but it made my day that the Jelly Belly people would take the time to make me feel like l was really eating a teeny watermelon. And throughout that day, l "slowed down, and looked up" and saw the little things that God puts in our path to make us happy. 
Well l just talked to you all yesterday... but l'm SO excited for Katelyn! The temple is great. Right now one of our recent converts is preparing to go, and she said that she wants to take us too!!!! yahhoooo!
It's so cool to see people changing. Last night, we were talking to these guys and one was telling us all bout his awful life. His parents both committed suicide, and his brother was hit by a car all due to being alcoholics. He wants to change. So of course, we offered to dump out his can of beer. hahaha as we poured it out (just half), l was afraid he was going to punch me, but l just kept on teaching and all was well :)
 Hmm well thanks again for all the letters! Mail is el mejor. The only day l'm glad l don't get mail is Sunday, cause it gives me an excuse to quote Harry Potter.
This is all l have to say l think..... so adios! Transfers came and went and left us alone this time so l'll be here for a while more! :)
Que les vaya bien!
Hermana Gomez

Last district meeting with these missionaries before transfers!

The rose and card l got for being such a great mother. and also my bike scars....

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  1. I'm glad she's wearing a helmet! How about knee pads?