Monday, May 20, 2013

Tali in poetry form :)

Quote of the Week: "In the course of justice, none of us should see salvation: we do pray for mercy."- William Shakespeare
Joke of the Week: why do seagulls live by the sea? cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!
Lots has been happening back at my home
So l've decided this week to write you a poem.
This poem may be short, l don't have much time
But l'll try to put meaning in each simple rhyme.
Here in Fort Worth we've had lots of tornadoes
And l'm all out of food, except for tomatoes
But that's alright we're going to the store
After all that is what my Mondays are for.
l wish that l had paper like a tithing slip works
With yellow copies of letters l send from Fort Worth.
My companion's prayers are longer than mine
Thanking God for each chapter of PMG every time.
l almost forgot what happened Saturday
But someone asked where my brother served in Chile.
And l shouted "Oh My!" and sang in my head
The song that l made for the day they were wed.
In my apartment there is a dirty utensil
"Cuchara Cucaracha" the bugs it does kill.
That line was dumb l'm no good at this
If you want to stop reading, there's not much you will miss.
The time here flies faster each day
Only ten more transfers that l get to stay.
My area is really the best in the mission
l hear that other elders and sisters are wishin' 
That they could serve here where are many
Mexicans, Hispanics, and Mezcas a plenty.
At this moment my friend from Pine Canyon
Is in my hood, in Fort Worth is landin' :)
l waved at each plane l saw in the sky
And wished him the best...he's a cool guy.
Madre you are creepily good
At sending the most perfect things that you could.
Juice packets are great cause the water tastes gross
And my companion just said l need reflectors the most.
Cause the elders who helped put together my bike
Put mine on backwards, and forward l ride.
Sarah Hardy l say hello, and happy birthday!
And next week l may email on a different day.
This is the end of my random poem to you,
Good luck Siera, long live blue crew.


Last Monday we went to the Stockyards! It was sort of a farewell to the Elders who left this transfer :(

Funny sign and the Elders :)

There we so many cows!!!! And that's Elder Hansen and Elder Newman

Funny Signs :) They made me think ya'll

Big cow.

Playing dressup! Haha l promise we do missionary work we really do :)

Another random cut! l didn't notice this one till l got home :P and l tried to get a picture of my surroundings....

(and my hair is sick cause l just rode 20 miles on a bike in 91 degrees in a skirt  :) ) ANd this is the carwash :) it's the best

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