Monday, May 6, 2013

Tali loved Elder Cook's talk :)

Quote of the Week: "Facebook wedding announcements are just gay." -President Sager's Wife......
Joke of the Week: What do you call cows at church? Steak conference. 
Well phew l'm alive. l am extra relieved this week that l have not perished. Reasons will follow.
First things first, l really do want half-angle formulas sent to me! They are on the tip of my brain and l can't remember them and it's driving me CRAZY! Well also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KATELYN TODAY! :) She is nineteen wahoooo! And congrats to her going through the temple! l can't wait to hear all about her dress and the cute reception and the beautifully cute bridesmaids' dresses.....................:)
Second things second, please don't send me anymore candy. l've lost 7 pounds and l wanna keep going!
Well last week was really great! We had district trainings, new person trainings  and then a mission conference with Elder Quentin L. Cook, and 3 seventy members that l can neither pronounce nor remember their names, and then a stake conference with a member of the seventy! l learned so much this week! It is very easy to find me in the picture of Quentin L. Cook and our mission  because l am RIGHT BEHIND HIM!. Haha he kept turning around and saying, "Sister Gomez, if your mother can't see your face in this picture she will be furious." and kept slouching shorter so l could be seen :) it was cool. He said a lot of very neat things. l also saw Bruce Rosengren and Marcus Jensen from Tooele! They're serving in this mission too!
So we met these people on the street and one was a tall white hobo. He came up to us and was like, "Are you F#@$ French????" (gesturing to our Spanish name tags) and we were like, "no." and then he proceeded to use the "F" word as an adjective, noun, verb, and in both the past and present subjunctive. lf l wasn't laughing so hard, l would have been impressed. Haha but his black wife/novia/mother (l'm not sure)  was like, "l'm so sorry he's just bitter cause he doesn't have a job. But we gave them a card and said good luck :)
It's a secret goal of mine to memorize the Crayola 96, so thank you to all that put up with my letters :)
Here's a miraclito! We had to go to the hospital for my companion, and we just walked right into urgent care and there wasn't a line, (we had citas later that night) and while she was in being all doctored l heard some cool crazy people like "oh my s@#$! l don't think l've EVER see this place empty! at 4 pm?? holy L@#4 it's like someone told all dem hooders there's a shootin!" and that's a miracle cause we had places to be and things to do.
Alright, now for the explanation of my appreciation of life. So we had dinner with the famlilia Medrano, who are really great, and they fed us potatoes (cause they know l love them) and.....chicken. But this chicken was pretty much.... not cooked. (blurb: l was happy that night cause l understood all of the Spanish.  We even teased the new elder visa waiter in Spanish and he didn't understand and l did!) Well around 3 am that morning l woke up and puked. And then the puking did not cease till about 3 am on Sunday. SO the wonderful meeting with President Cook was marred by a feeling of absolute death. BUT when he got up to speak, l felt the Spirit so strong l really was healed! l can't explain it, but l felt the sickness leaving. This was a blessing cause l didn't wanna puke in the chapel. Luckily we didn't have dinner with a member that night. l'm already known as the Hermana who "doesn't eat." ugh.
Addressing this matter will bring to light some of my bitter feelings. l was eating with a member, and she piles this HUGE mountain of rice on my plate. (l'm talking at least half a gallon) My companion had already scolded me about always clearing my plate, so l got to work. l shoveled in huge bitefuls and didn't stop for a breath. l thought l was doing great! hahaha then the member comes up and is like, "Aw... Hermanita, no tienes hambre? o no te gusta mi arroz?" ........ l just about puked on her. hahahaha they expect a lot of eating, but Sister Sagers told us not to be afraid of offending them, and just say no :)
Since l "don't eat" members feel like they have to impress me l guess, cause they try to give me stuff! l've received two pairs of shoes and a scarf in the last week. Sister Olander doesn't ever get anything... but she eats seconds.... so l dunno. Haha l think it's a win-win situation for me! but l do feel a little bad...
Wow l'm long winded today, and there's still more to say! But... hmm oh ya. l sent a birthday thing to Katelyn to Dallin's wyview address! And l guess they've already moved out! so.... um haha ya it's really colorful.
Carlos, if you by chance have seen the "my sounds" folder on my phone, you can delete them all, haha or just please don't listen. Those are all my "songs" l'd think of in the middle of the night and try to record. don't listen hahahaha
Send me a picture of Aila's wedding announcement and Bekah's and Becca's too!!! and thanks for the picture of the house! l want it printed!
aw l have no more time adios.

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  1. So hard to have to eat whatever is put in front of you! Hopefully it will at least all be cooked from now on!