Monday, June 17, 2013

Arise, be of good courage and do it!

l'm sending a few pictures first! this computer is being weird.

this is Hermana George and l at the Father's DAy activity and also Hermana FIgueroa from the Ward :)

Obispo Picon and his wife :) she is pretty much an angel. We love them so much!

Hermana's Me, Olander, Reina y George :)

l think this was the first over 100 degrees day l was  out biking! haha it's SO hot :)

This is at the SUPER CUTE father's day activity! We're sitting by less-active Hermana Burke and Isaac her cute grandboy :)

SPanish Wards know how to party

Joke of the Week: "What did the mama broom say to the baby broom?" A: "Time to go to sweep!" -random man in church
Quote of the Week: " of good courage, and do it." -Ezra 10:4
Well this week was great! l can't believe Steve and Aida are moving to UTAH!!!! l was so happy to have a fellow southerner in the family :) But that's so fun!
On Friday l had my first exchange with some sisters that live in Azle. For all of those who don't know, an exchange is basically a missionary version of a sleepover! The weird thing was that we had to exchange with English speaking sisters... which was odd. In Azle l met a lady who is RLDS! Crazy! lt was weird to talk to someone who believed that Joseph Smith is a prophet, has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, yet doesn't want anything to do with the church!
Tambien, there is this crazy man in Azle named Smitty. l must share his story. He grew up in Texas hunting boars with spears. Once he tied a drunk man's leg to a car and the drunk had to amputate his leg! :( Smitty's father was a nurse guy for the army, so Smitty moved to Vietnam when he was 5. His father helped some monk guy who was so grateful, he offered to take Smitty in and teach him the ways of Monk life. So Smitty learned advanced martial arts from monks in Vietnam (like batman). When he learned enough, he returned to America and became SO good at illegal street fighting that CSI recruited him and he spent a few years going on secret assassin missions for the government! During this time he knocked a guy out and went in for the second blow, but the man fell over, and instead Smitty punched the pole behind him so hard that it cut his pinky off. ln Vietnam he was raised on whiskey, so he can drink a TON and nothing happens. He's got half a heart (it skips a beat) 1 eye, 1 lung, and 1 month to live cause he has cancer. Oh. and he can bend a nickel in half with 2 fingers. He's definitely the most legitamate person l've met. Ever.
Alright well first good news, We had two investigators at church!!! Janet y Samuel Sanchez who we have been eating dinner with CAME! We were very happy. l almost fell off the piano bench when they walked in. And let me tell ya, l have NEVER prayed so hard for the sacrament meeting speakers as l did when my investigators were sitting there listening. :)
Hmm... Spanish is coming along. l can now discern between Puerto Ricans, Venuzuelans, Chiuawaawa, y Dominicans (spelling is not going to happen.) l love the Dominicans. Haha their spanish is like... music. They pretty much sing their words!
Hm.... we had a little miracle! We found this sweet family, and the next time we stopped by they said that they were moving to houston for the summer :P BUT we prayed that we'd be able to teach them and BAM. She got jury duty and now they have to stay :)
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! l hope it was great. lt's definitely a lot less exciting than mother's day :) Haha but l hope it was great! THe activity here was so fun. l love the activities, even if our investigadores don't show up :P During the party, some kids snuck into the baptism font (which was filled from an english baptism) and went swimming! hahahaha l just think these things are funny. That's all.... l think. Happy birthday Jodilyn!
-Hermana Gomez

p.s. My elders in my district found hobos living in their basement. l'm not sure what they're gonna do...  D: SO glad it wasn't me!


  1. Sounds like another exciting week!

  2. What a fun week, Tali. We don't know how legitimate the one eyed, missing pinky guy's stories are. I guess you have to love them all to teach them. Leah is cooking up a storm right here in my kitchen. We love you so much.