Monday, June 24, 2013

Eldera Gomez

Joke of the Week: "l hate tacos!" -Said no Juan ever.
Quote of the Week: "l do NOT regret manufacturing methanphetamines but l was NEVER a woman beater."
"Surely there could not be a more exciting time to be a part of the Lord's work."
l wish all of the world could have heard that conference yesterday! lt was SO good!!!! lt was like a mini General Conference directed right at the missionary work.... like a Specific Conference. Boyd K. Packer is pretty great.
First things first, l think Kevin from the Lion House is in the conference edition of the Ensign on page 56. Camilla/Dallin/Aida should confirm for me :)
Alright hmm.... well l embarrassed myself real bad this week! l was praying for the food at a member's house, and instead of saying that "we're grateful for Hna. Lesoya for giving us lunch" l said "we're grateful for Hna. Lesoya BEING our lunch."...... ya l felt dumb.
What else.... we were teaching our sweet Liliana (who won't come to church :P) and her mother in law was there, and this old lady just LOVED us, and started singing gospel hymns and so we paused the lesson to sing with her, and THAT was a mistake cause we just sang "Amazing Grace" for 30 minutes.
This week we start a new transfer! Which means l'm starting my 3rd round at "Jesus the Christ," and l'm officially done being trained. l will have a new companion on Wednesday! lt will be super weird, but l'm excited! Sister Olander is going to serve in Temple, TX. l'm just sooooo glad that l'm staying in Fort Worth South! l love this place! The only thing bad about this is that l will probably have to drive the car now :( and l REALLY don't wanna. But if the Lord wants me to.... l suppose l have no choice.
This week we've received tons of fruit from members... even this grumpy old lady who usually doesn't like us gave us a pineapple! We were very happy.
Some little kid asked me "how long are you going to be an elder?" Hahahaha l love it.
As a missionary, first names are very mysterious. lt is so fun to ask people to guess my first name! l love knowing what name l look like. So far l've heard: Abbey, Michelle, Jessica, Tasha, Katie, and Pricilla. And... that's all l think for this week. l didn't make a good "email home" list this week.... but l'm sure with a new companion and mission president l'll have much more to write next week!
Hasta Julio!
-Eldera Gomez 

This is Hermana Kasalis! She's married to the guy who served in Peru :)  

this is Pedro y Valentina who are AWESOME recent converts :)

 These are the lovely Elders with hobos in their basement :) 
Also the Familia Medrano! The kids were just baptized and the parents reactivated :)


  1. You will be the best senior companion ever! We are praying for you.

  2. She sounds ready to be in the driver's seat! Buena suerte Tali!