Monday, June 3, 2013

Ups and downs

Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea?? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be BAGELS! :)
Quote of the Week: "The speed you're going is not as important as the direction you're headed."

Hola FAmilia! It sounds like life is beginning to slow down for ya'll! You've passed through weddings, graduations, and funerals! Haha all you're missing is a few births and the circle of life will be complete.
How is Siera doing with the graduation of high school?? Haha l remember l spent a few weeks eating pizza watching Lord of the Rings to numb the shock :)
MAn this week has been full of work and full of disappointment and full of miracles. We found this GOLDEN family. We had 3 appointments fall through, so we decided to knock on this random door. The lady opened the door and after we introduced ourselves she got all excited and said "l was just talking abou tyou!" We were pretty confused, but lo and behold, her mother has been talking to missionaries in Houston for years, and this lady had just hung up the phone cause her mom called and asked "are there missionaries in Fort Worth?" And BAM we knocked on her door! But.... the catch is that her mom is gonna die soon... so their going to Houston this summer to live wiht her mom :P So those missionaries will baptize her,  not me.
My apathy has been tested this week.... It's super easy to not care about my clothes or food or face or anything... but it's REALLY hard to not care when people don't keep their commitments. Sometimes l have to remind myself that agency is a blessing :) This Sunday was pretty much heartbreaking as one by one all of our solid investigators called and told us why they couldn't make it to church.... lt makes me feel like an "unprofitable servant." But the best solution for this sadness is just to go work. And forget about the elders in the ward with their 8 baptism dates every week :P
Haha but we did have this one investigator Marci at church. She can TALK forever.... and of course, her first time at church was Fast Sunday.... and of course, she decided to bear her testimony.... so she walked up there in her party hat  (by the way, she looks like a drawing form Mary Allen Edmund) and talked and talked and talked and TALKED. lt was pretty funny :)
One of our former investigators Maria Islas called us and asked if we'd testify for her in court! She's definitely the craziest sober person we've found.
l've decided that my celebrity look-alike is the girl holding grapes on the SunMaid Raisin bag.
l still haven't missed a day of running! l'm definitely gonna make myself a "streaky strider" shirt when l'm home. And l've decided to give up oatmeal this week... it's turned into a dessert for me. l LOVE it. Haha well l guess this is all. l can't believe this transfer is already half way over! Only three more weeks of being trained! (and yes siera, l'm still in the same area) President called and certified me to drive last week and l DO NOT WANT TO. Pray that l don't have to drive a car!
That's all.
-Eldera Gomez


  1. They will make it to church! So hard to get them committed sometimes!

  2. I hope three more golden contacts surface this week.