Monday, July 29, 2013

Hermana Banana

Joke of the Week: Cuantos estrellas en los cielos hay? 50!!!!!
Quote of the Week: "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken"
Well hola! First of all...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 3 AWESOME PEOPLE THIS WEEK!!!! :) Siera, Dallin and of course, Harry Potter.
l'm so happy that our new neighbor has been taught the Gospel! l hope Mary Brow's yard is still flowerful. And no... we don't get to hold the new babies :( We're actually teaching 3 families with teeny tiny cute new babies.
So Adolfo was waiting to be baptized until his wife and daughters came here from El Salvador, so they could be baptized together. BUT the day before we found him, they called him and told him that they've already been baptized!!!!! So we waited for nothing! And one of his daughters is preparing to serve a mission already! So we're hoping that he gets dunked pronto.
This week l was reading the parable of the barren fig tree, and was pleased to look down and realize that l was eating figs! Hahaha lt made me feel very biblical.
l have a word of caution and advice for all of you single folk......... choose your spouse wisely, and when you get married, make it FOREVER. There are many many heartbreaks that come when a couple doesn't share the same values. This week has been hard for me to see the families that l love being broken apart. 
The world has pretty much put marriage on the backburner. lt doesn't matter to anyone anymore! l testify that marriage and family is ordained of God. The Law of Chastity is one of God's secrets to happiness.
So this investigator named Marci (the one who bore her testimony the first week she came to church) is awesome. She wants to quit her job to go do missionary work all day with the Elders! Hahaha just imagine a little Mary Allen Edmund looking old lady walking around with two suited elders :) BUT she.... keeps pushing back her baptism date! l don't get it. But she hasn't missed a week of church, so we've got faith.
Melanie was baptized!!! She has changed SO much in these last few months. lt's been SO amazing to watch her grow and learn about what it means to be a child of God. Only the true church of God could work miracles like this.
Our investigator named "Alba" (not Alma like l thought) is progressing too! She's a great lady with 6 kids and husband. She has painful paralysis in her face, and she couldn't read or be awake for much time without being in TONS of pain. BUT, we challenged her to read one verse in the Book of Mormon cadadia and last night she told us that when she reads, her face feels better! The paralysis is going away and she is going to be baptized :) l love it when God blesses my people with miracles. lt's the best.
Well that's about it for now! Thank you for the fruit leather! l have been missing that stuff :) l'm sending a birthday package, so l hope it gets there! Also... l hope that tamarindo doesn't go bad, cause l sent some of that too. HAve a great week!
-Hermana Banana

Monday, July 22, 2013

I'd totally do it!

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? CAUSE IF THEY LIVED BY THE BAY THEY'D BE BAGELS!
Quote of the Week: "Con Dios todo lo podemos" - Hermana Mendoza (lady in my ward)
Hola Familia y todo!
Firstly: Do l need new shoes? Alma 11:29
But my running shoes are pretty much dead... maybe for my birthday or something l can get new ones? And when l need new missionary shoes eventually, lt would be cool to get the same pair l already have, but just new :) They are Camilla's old Lion House shoes.
Well we had a cool experience! Remember Adolfo? Probably not, but he was our golden investigator that got kicked out of his house and he's been lost for a while. But we knew that he had moved to Joshua. We tried calling his sister-in-law's family about where they kicked him out to, and all they could remember was, "it's in Joshua by a park... l think it's a white house." So one night we were in Joshua and tried to find a park. Hermana Sanchez had a feeling to stop and get a brownie at a gas station, and so we stopped at Chevron. The only other person inside the Chevron just happened to be a MEMBER! She asked us what we were doing and she directed us to the right park. After we got to the park we decided to pray that the family would remember more, and call them again.
THIS time when we called, they gave us PERFECT directions! They remembered the street names, big land marks, and even the trailer #35. It was too late to go find it, but this week we're going to go bring back our lost gold sheep Aldolfo :)
This week l've been thinking a lot about the story of the rich young servant boy. l think l'm like him. He came running to the Savior to ask what more he could do. But when Jesus told him to give away his riches, he was sad and left. l know that l've got some "riches" that l try to keep back from the Lord. l'm trying to find more ways to give EVERYTHING l have to the Lord. So there's a challenge for ya'll :) What "riches" are holding you back from being a more devoted disciple? 
This week has been great. We've found so many prepared people. Weirdly two of them couldn't come to church because they were going to have a baby this weekend. What are the chances of that? But l'm amazed everyday at how much the Lord guides us! That is pretty much all.... l hope all is well in Logan and Lake Point and Peru and Idaho and Grantsville and where ever else ya'll live :) The church is true. The end.
-Hermana Gomez

this picture is random, but l was reading through my old journal entries last night, and on May 27, 2012, l totally predicted the future! Hahaha l thought it was cool enough to take a picture :)

Monday, July 15, 2013


Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!
Quote of the Week: "Don't close your eyes." -Switchfoot
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NAOMI! (ayer) You are 14 on the 14th. Awesome. l hope all went well. Those stake dances aren't going to know what hit them :)
Well l met an elder named Elder Bean and l decided that he should have married Aida (sorry Steve) hehe :) (just because of the funny name situation it would create) 
Nextly, There is a sweet lady named Hna. Paz who would like to know A.J. Walter's mission info. She's moving to Guatemala THIS weekend so if someone (probably Siera) could send me his address and stuff pronto l'd be grateful. Also, l usually don't open mail until Sunday night, so if the letter with the info could have a BIG..... uh purple dot on it then l'll know to open it early :) Thanks.
Well last week was super hot, but we have a forecasted 3 days of rain! YES! l love rain. Haha l'm definitely getting used to the heat though. l was FREEZING cold outside, so l got a sweater, coat, scarf, and big rain boots, only to get in the car and see that it was still 80 degrees outside! Hahaha l don't know what l'll do in Utah!
We had a zone training last week where our fearless leaders challenged us with all sorts of "double your efforts" challenges. And of course we did, and guess what? We set SEVEN BAPTISMAL DATES! This is significant cause in the last 3 months l've been here, l've only had one. And in two days we set SEVEN! Wooohoo!
Also good news is that a few of the people l started teaching and then handed over to the enlish sisters are going to be baptized! l'm so happy. Melanie's kids were all baptized last week and she'll be baptized next Friday :) And also Mary Rosales :) Even though their not "my" baptisms, l feel like they are cause l found them :)
Well this morning l was coming back from my run, and lo and behold.... our neighbors had had a real great party last night and forgot to go inside and get clothes after..... so l saw some very unmissionaryish things! Hahahaha it was a great way to start the day.
l have discovered that l eat mangos wrong. Aparently you're NOT supposed to eat the peel? l always just eat them like apples... but my investigators tell me that l'm very weird. Hahaha who knew?
Well.... this letter is going to end now. Thank you for all of the random things mom! My companion and l were wondering where we were going to find snow for our next lesson. And the mac & cheese bandaids will probably be the next featured stickers in my letters home.
-Hermana Banana

Pictures -
And these pictures are of when we went to La Gran Plaza again

Brave Hermana Sanchez cut off all her hair!

Monday, July 8, 2013

a historic time

Joke of the Week: "WHy do seaguls live by the sea??" "CAuse if they lived by the bay they'd be BAGELS!" :)
Quote of the WEek: "We are not called to maintain the status quo. We are called to move the work forward." -President Ames
Phew well this week has been great. l finally got to go on a "double exchange!" That's where we take two members out for two appointments. lt was weird to have a member "companion" for a few hours! l was with this crazy lady named Hna. Salcidos. SHe's awesome :) Haha she is on lots of meds for diabetes, so l just had to pray that we'd be safe driving!
To answer your questions: driving is better than l thought! But l'm always like 10 miles away from the curb when l park cause l'm so paranoid, but it's definitely better than being carsick all the time reading maps in the passenger seat. My companion is from Kearns. And Sister Olander has 4 other siblings, all grew up in WA in the church. Her younger brother just left to Panama and her her older sister who already finished college just randomly put in her papers and is headed to Mozambic Africa in August! Crazy stuff. Hermana Sanchez was serving in a teeny town before that had practically no hispanics, so she's SO excited to be in Fort Worth. l guess in the teeny town there was one street that they called "little mexico" and here she says that the whole city is "little mexico," so that's cool :)
Yes we have Elders in our district! Elders Newman and Allen and Visa Waiter and the zone leaders Elders Henderson and McKinnon (Who is from ENGLAND! he speaks spanish with a crazy cool accent) We're not sure how often President Ames will hold zone conferences.... but P. Sagers did them every other month and interviews every other month. President Ames is from Missouri and his wife is so nice :) They have 4 kids l think, but only two that live at home. Jessica is 16 and Jacob is 12. l can't imagine having to leave my whole life behind to be a mission president family..... l respect those kids a lot.
President Ames told us something really cool when we met him. While he was in the MTC, they had a meeting with all of the Apostles and 1st presidency. L. Tom Perry was asked to share his testimony randomly at the end. He got up and he just taught them pure inspired stuff. He told them that "this time of mission presidents, the class of 2013, is historic. This time is equal in importance to the First Vision, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, and the extending of the priesthood to all worthy members."
WOW! This time truly is historic. Not historic like "record breaking numbers" but historic as in fulfilling prophecies! And that's cool.
l can't believe how big Eli is getting! lt seems like he was just born yesterday... time is flying by!
Well there's so much l could write... l've learned to much this week. But alas, time has flown by again. OH l'd like to give an update on the dilapidated man named Smitty: He was supposed to die last Thursday. He's just got to stop smoking and he can be baptized, but the doctors have told him that if he stops smoking, he'll go into shock and die. So.... he's got to be baptized REAL quick after he stops smoking, cause we don't want him to wait in spirit prison!
Well... Adios! l'm glad that all is well in Utah! The fourth of July was pretty lame... we just rode around to parks and tried to talk to people but they were all drunk. But we could hear the fireworks all night!
Well if l survive this week of over 100 degrees l'll talk to ya'll el proximo lunes :)
-Eldera Gomez
p.s. THe picture is with Skyler Stanworth! Woohoo! His companion is the guy who taught me how to do the cool space spray paint pictures :)
p.p.s. Ya we bike still, but Sister Sanchez is still getting used to it :) But l think we've biked at least a few miles every day so far!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do not live below your privileges!

Joke of the Week: "What did the sister missionary say to her friends?" A: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)
Quote of the Week: "We weren't looking for the Mexicans. We were looking for the elect!" -Hermana Sanchez
Well what a change this week has been! l shall start with a poem about my life:
l tried very hard to keep faith in my steps
Changes would come quickly cause l was comfortable again.
l'd learned my place here, and knew where to go
l had a routine to pace, and a lead to follow.
Sure as the sun, the changes they came,
When l woke up that morning, l knew nothing was the same.
The feeling was scary, stressful at first
lt was all up to me, for better or for worse.
We were starting over fresh, opening a new door
All the mistakes l'd made didn't matter anymore.
l could ride where l felt, and eat different food!
l could break old habits, and be in different moods!
l've unlocked my heart, and it's opening slowly,
l'm changing so much that l don't even know me.
My knees won't unbend and my head is still spinning,
Oh what a beautiful, brand new beginning! :)
Alright well that's pretty much explains it. Good news is that one of my investigators asked me if my native language was Spanish or English cause he couldn't tell! Wahoo! Bad news is that l'm now driving THE CAR! :( lt was made in like... 2011. Finding my way around town isn't as hard as l thought it'd be, but this new spaceship parks like a boat. l try to remember that l've driven 15 passenger vans... but this car just seems HUGE.
l don't have a ton to say this week... but there is a quote by Dieter F. Utchdorf that l LOVE. lt goes like this:
"All who strive earnestly to follow Christ are called his disciples. Although we recognize that none of us are perfect, we do not use that fact as an excuse to lower expectations, to live beneath our privileges, to delay the day of our repentance, or to refuse to grow into better, more perfect, more refined followers of our Master and King."
My thoughts have been stationed on this quote this week... l feel SO inadequate to be in charge of these people's pathways to salvation. And it's easy to get caught up in "nobody's perfect do'nt worry!" stuff. But l know that l CAN be better, and l CAN be more perfect. l've just got to work harder and smarter. Haha l think the "smarter" is what gets me. l love tracting and tocando puertas alllll day.... but there truly is a better way. Working with members takes a lot more planning and thinking than my brain is used to. l've got to be smarter.
Funny story: We were on an exchange with Hna. Garcia, and her little car died in the middle of an intersection! Haha it had to be pushed into a little gas station. l can only assume that our investigator really did NOT need to see us that day :)
There's so much mission lingo that l just don't use... pretty much EVERY sister missionary says "have a blessed day!" to people, and l think that that's weird, so l refuse to say it.
Haha this guy we were talking to asked how many kids were in my family and l said 8, and he responded "8 es too much zapato, too much tacos, too much *&^%!" Hahahahah made my day.
Well... this letter is random and sparse, Hasta next week!
-Hermana Gomez

*me and my pineapple! And then it's Sister Olander and l with Hna. Burke's grandkids :) THey're crazy but they love us :) ANd a picture of the DIstrict! Elder Ward went home :( Someday l will be like him.... hopefully.

*Elder Ward went home cause he's done with 2 years
*Janet y Samuel! Our investigators who feed us and are great!
*SIster Sanchez was in Stephenville training my friend Hna Hunter! And now l'm with Sister Sanchez!
*Weirdest meal l've eaten yet! Squash cooked like a baked potato with pico de gallo (which l made on accident) and cottage cheese and beans!
*Nueva Companera!