Monday, July 8, 2013

a historic time

Joke of the Week: "WHy do seaguls live by the sea??" "CAuse if they lived by the bay they'd be BAGELS!" :)
Quote of the WEek: "We are not called to maintain the status quo. We are called to move the work forward." -President Ames
Phew well this week has been great. l finally got to go on a "double exchange!" That's where we take two members out for two appointments. lt was weird to have a member "companion" for a few hours! l was with this crazy lady named Hna. Salcidos. SHe's awesome :) Haha she is on lots of meds for diabetes, so l just had to pray that we'd be safe driving!
To answer your questions: driving is better than l thought! But l'm always like 10 miles away from the curb when l park cause l'm so paranoid, but it's definitely better than being carsick all the time reading maps in the passenger seat. My companion is from Kearns. And Sister Olander has 4 other siblings, all grew up in WA in the church. Her younger brother just left to Panama and her her older sister who already finished college just randomly put in her papers and is headed to Mozambic Africa in August! Crazy stuff. Hermana Sanchez was serving in a teeny town before that had practically no hispanics, so she's SO excited to be in Fort Worth. l guess in the teeny town there was one street that they called "little mexico" and here she says that the whole city is "little mexico," so that's cool :)
Yes we have Elders in our district! Elders Newman and Allen and Visa Waiter and the zone leaders Elders Henderson and McKinnon (Who is from ENGLAND! he speaks spanish with a crazy cool accent) We're not sure how often President Ames will hold zone conferences.... but P. Sagers did them every other month and interviews every other month. President Ames is from Missouri and his wife is so nice :) They have 4 kids l think, but only two that live at home. Jessica is 16 and Jacob is 12. l can't imagine having to leave my whole life behind to be a mission president family..... l respect those kids a lot.
President Ames told us something really cool when we met him. While he was in the MTC, they had a meeting with all of the Apostles and 1st presidency. L. Tom Perry was asked to share his testimony randomly at the end. He got up and he just taught them pure inspired stuff. He told them that "this time of mission presidents, the class of 2013, is historic. This time is equal in importance to the First Vision, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, and the extending of the priesthood to all worthy members."
WOW! This time truly is historic. Not historic like "record breaking numbers" but historic as in fulfilling prophecies! And that's cool.
l can't believe how big Eli is getting! lt seems like he was just born yesterday... time is flying by!
Well there's so much l could write... l've learned to much this week. But alas, time has flown by again. OH l'd like to give an update on the dilapidated man named Smitty: He was supposed to die last Thursday. He's just got to stop smoking and he can be baptized, but the doctors have told him that if he stops smoking, he'll go into shock and die. So.... he's got to be baptized REAL quick after he stops smoking, cause we don't want him to wait in spirit prison!
Well... Adios! l'm glad that all is well in Utah! The fourth of July was pretty lame... we just rode around to parks and tried to talk to people but they were all drunk. But we could hear the fireworks all night!
Well if l survive this week of over 100 degrees l'll talk to ya'll el proximo lunes :)
-Eldera Gomez
p.s. THe picture is with Skyler Stanworth! Woohoo! His companion is the guy who taught me how to do the cool space spray paint pictures :)
p.p.s. Ya we bike still, but Sister Sanchez is still getting used to it :) But l think we've biked at least a few miles every day so far!


  1. Tali, we survived over 110 last week, Tali. You can do it! Love you so much.