Monday, July 29, 2013

Hermana Banana

Joke of the Week: Cuantos estrellas en los cielos hay? 50!!!!!
Quote of the Week: "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken"
Well hola! First of all...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 3 AWESOME PEOPLE THIS WEEK!!!! :) Siera, Dallin and of course, Harry Potter.
l'm so happy that our new neighbor has been taught the Gospel! l hope Mary Brow's yard is still flowerful. And no... we don't get to hold the new babies :( We're actually teaching 3 families with teeny tiny cute new babies.
So Adolfo was waiting to be baptized until his wife and daughters came here from El Salvador, so they could be baptized together. BUT the day before we found him, they called him and told him that they've already been baptized!!!!! So we waited for nothing! And one of his daughters is preparing to serve a mission already! So we're hoping that he gets dunked pronto.
This week l was reading the parable of the barren fig tree, and was pleased to look down and realize that l was eating figs! Hahaha lt made me feel very biblical.
l have a word of caution and advice for all of you single folk......... choose your spouse wisely, and when you get married, make it FOREVER. There are many many heartbreaks that come when a couple doesn't share the same values. This week has been hard for me to see the families that l love being broken apart. 
The world has pretty much put marriage on the backburner. lt doesn't matter to anyone anymore! l testify that marriage and family is ordained of God. The Law of Chastity is one of God's secrets to happiness.
So this investigator named Marci (the one who bore her testimony the first week she came to church) is awesome. She wants to quit her job to go do missionary work all day with the Elders! Hahaha just imagine a little Mary Allen Edmund looking old lady walking around with two suited elders :) BUT she.... keeps pushing back her baptism date! l don't get it. But she hasn't missed a week of church, so we've got faith.
Melanie was baptized!!! She has changed SO much in these last few months. lt's been SO amazing to watch her grow and learn about what it means to be a child of God. Only the true church of God could work miracles like this.
Our investigator named "Alba" (not Alma like l thought) is progressing too! She's a great lady with 6 kids and husband. She has painful paralysis in her face, and she couldn't read or be awake for much time without being in TONS of pain. BUT, we challenged her to read one verse in the Book of Mormon cadadia and last night she told us that when she reads, her face feels better! The paralysis is going away and she is going to be baptized :) l love it when God blesses my people with miracles. lt's the best.
Well that's about it for now! Thank you for the fruit leather! l have been missing that stuff :) l'm sending a birthday package, so l hope it gets there! Also... l hope that tamarindo doesn't go bad, cause l sent some of that too. HAve a great week!
-Hermana Banana


  1. What a fun week for you, Tali! We're so happy your work is progressing. I wish I could send you some of my many peaches and cucumbers.

  2. I specifically saw that she wrote "my people" referring to Texans!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sweet fruit! In more than one way!