Monday, July 22, 2013

I'd totally do it!

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? CAUSE IF THEY LIVED BY THE BAY THEY'D BE BAGELS!
Quote of the Week: "Con Dios todo lo podemos" - Hermana Mendoza (lady in my ward)
Hola Familia y todo!
Firstly: Do l need new shoes? Alma 11:29
But my running shoes are pretty much dead... maybe for my birthday or something l can get new ones? And when l need new missionary shoes eventually, lt would be cool to get the same pair l already have, but just new :) They are Camilla's old Lion House shoes.
Well we had a cool experience! Remember Adolfo? Probably not, but he was our golden investigator that got kicked out of his house and he's been lost for a while. But we knew that he had moved to Joshua. We tried calling his sister-in-law's family about where they kicked him out to, and all they could remember was, "it's in Joshua by a park... l think it's a white house." So one night we were in Joshua and tried to find a park. Hermana Sanchez had a feeling to stop and get a brownie at a gas station, and so we stopped at Chevron. The only other person inside the Chevron just happened to be a MEMBER! She asked us what we were doing and she directed us to the right park. After we got to the park we decided to pray that the family would remember more, and call them again.
THIS time when we called, they gave us PERFECT directions! They remembered the street names, big land marks, and even the trailer #35. It was too late to go find it, but this week we're going to go bring back our lost gold sheep Aldolfo :)
This week l've been thinking a lot about the story of the rich young servant boy. l think l'm like him. He came running to the Savior to ask what more he could do. But when Jesus told him to give away his riches, he was sad and left. l know that l've got some "riches" that l try to keep back from the Lord. l'm trying to find more ways to give EVERYTHING l have to the Lord. So there's a challenge for ya'll :) What "riches" are holding you back from being a more devoted disciple? 
This week has been great. We've found so many prepared people. Weirdly two of them couldn't come to church because they were going to have a baby this weekend. What are the chances of that? But l'm amazed everyday at how much the Lord guides us! That is pretty much all.... l hope all is well in Logan and Lake Point and Peru and Idaho and Grantsville and where ever else ya'll live :) The church is true. The end.
-Hermana Gomez

this picture is random, but l was reading through my old journal entries last night, and on May 27, 2012, l totally predicted the future! Hahaha l thought it was cool enough to take a picture :)

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