Monday, July 15, 2013


Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!
Quote of the Week: "Don't close your eyes." -Switchfoot
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NAOMI! (ayer) You are 14 on the 14th. Awesome. l hope all went well. Those stake dances aren't going to know what hit them :)
Well l met an elder named Elder Bean and l decided that he should have married Aida (sorry Steve) hehe :) (just because of the funny name situation it would create) 
Nextly, There is a sweet lady named Hna. Paz who would like to know A.J. Walter's mission info. She's moving to Guatemala THIS weekend so if someone (probably Siera) could send me his address and stuff pronto l'd be grateful. Also, l usually don't open mail until Sunday night, so if the letter with the info could have a BIG..... uh purple dot on it then l'll know to open it early :) Thanks.
Well last week was super hot, but we have a forecasted 3 days of rain! YES! l love rain. Haha l'm definitely getting used to the heat though. l was FREEZING cold outside, so l got a sweater, coat, scarf, and big rain boots, only to get in the car and see that it was still 80 degrees outside! Hahaha l don't know what l'll do in Utah!
We had a zone training last week where our fearless leaders challenged us with all sorts of "double your efforts" challenges. And of course we did, and guess what? We set SEVEN BAPTISMAL DATES! This is significant cause in the last 3 months l've been here, l've only had one. And in two days we set SEVEN! Wooohoo!
Also good news is that a few of the people l started teaching and then handed over to the enlish sisters are going to be baptized! l'm so happy. Melanie's kids were all baptized last week and she'll be baptized next Friday :) And also Mary Rosales :) Even though their not "my" baptisms, l feel like they are cause l found them :)
Well this morning l was coming back from my run, and lo and behold.... our neighbors had had a real great party last night and forgot to go inside and get clothes after..... so l saw some very unmissionaryish things! Hahahaha it was a great way to start the day.
l have discovered that l eat mangos wrong. Aparently you're NOT supposed to eat the peel? l always just eat them like apples... but my investigators tell me that l'm very weird. Hahaha who knew?
Well.... this letter is going to end now. Thank you for all of the random things mom! My companion and l were wondering where we were going to find snow for our next lesson. And the mac & cheese bandaids will probably be the next featured stickers in my letters home.
-Hermana Banana

Pictures -
And these pictures are of when we went to La Gran Plaza again

Brave Hermana Sanchez cut off all her hair!


  1. She looks better with short hair! And Tali sounds great!

  2. Tali! That's soo cool that You're getting to bless all those people!!! God's so good! Thanks for sharing your always positive spirit! Good harvesting! Woot!