Monday, August 26, 2013

Caution PEE BUMS!

Joke of the Week: "Donde esta mis llaves??" "AQUI!!""..... (A key)
Quote of the Week: "We cannot be happy if we do not want to do those things that make us happy. Even if we do those very things." -Lawrence E. Cornbridge
First of all: HaPpY blrThDaY tO cAmlLla Y wEs!!!!!!!! Ya son grandes. Hijole. Casi no puedo creerlo.
Second of all: l successfully made Agua de Tamarindo Sunday morning. Thank you Dad for the recipe. My companions finally believe me that l'm mexican!
CD Vocal Point: Lead Thou Me On, it's a great one :) need a copy.
l have some cool facts about my companions, (cause y'all always complain that you don't know anything about them:)) Hermana Blood was one of two mormons in her 1500 person high school! The other was her brother.
Hermana Hansen roomed with David Archuleta's sister last year. David used to chill with my companion!!!!!
lf you want to learn to be Christlike, get a companion. lf you REALLY want to learn to be Christlike, get TWO companions! Haha l've learned so much from them.
Speaking of good food, there are some less active puertaricaneans that can cook SO well. They call us randomly and ask if we're hungry and in ten minutes they've made something amazing. lt's nuts. Se llaman la familia Bonilla. Karlin is such a strong guy. He has died twice, and right now is on dialysis. Last week he was on the way to his treatment and his brand new car started on fire and exploded! He almost died, but he just called a police to take him straight to dialysis. l could not believe that this hermano was still smiling! l have never seen someone with such a good attitude about life! THe Bonillas rock.
We've been teaching a lot of part member families. lt's been interesting that the non-members are always more interested than the inactive members! One family is called the family Portales. Luis, the dad, was baptized by President Sagers. He really wants his wife to get baptized and President Ames told us that he'd do it! Donna, the wife of Luis, is progressing :) Hopefully we'll set a date with her this week!
Well... This is basically all. Well actually we saw a speed bump sign that had been faded so bad that it said "CAUTION: PEE BUMS" and we laughed for a good ten minutes :) Long live dumb humor.
Hasta Ver.
-Hermana Gomez

Monday, August 19, 2013

Gathering gatherers :)

Quote of the Week: "Therefore cheer up your hearts and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves!" -2Nefi 10:23-24
Joke of the Week: What did 0 say to 8? Nice belt!
Well first l shall answer all of the questions: Hermana Sanchez (my last companion) is from Kearns, she graduated the with Dallin and loves math a LOT. She enjoyed roping the playground toys for morning excercise. Hermana Hansen (my co-trainer) is from Centerville and was at UVU before the mission. She has been out for 9 months and talks very fast. Hermana Sangre (my trainee) is from San Francisco and already took 4 years of Spanish so she's a pro. Her brother recorded music and so that's cool. She's 19 like me! And basically all of my companions are the best companions in the world!
l also went on an exchange with a sister named Mallary Goaslind who graduated at Bingham and vaguely remembered Brian Ellis!
Hurst is super close to Fort Worth, and sometimes when we are on the southside of my new zone l can see the skyline of downtown and it makes me homesick for my old ward. There are still lots of Hispanics here, but not quite as many. My apartment is nicer than my last! Mostly because l'm now in a sister's apartment. The last one was an elder's apartment. This one smells LOTS better and there are no cockroaches! We don't ride bikes at all because Sister Hansen left her bike in Denton.... :P THere are 10 missionaries in my ward here too! lt's so fun to serve around other Elders. The way it works here is that there is one spanish ward for every stake. So between the 10 missionaries, we cover the whole stake boundry.... but the stake boundary is also the ward boundary. me explique?
ALSO the book that l need a copy of is JESUS THE CHRIST. NOT Articles of Faith. That one is not in the missionary library so l can't read it. And l don't remember if you remember what my orange running shoes look like? But they're just all orange with one blue nike swoosh. Ross used to have the same ones but in red. and size 7 should be good.
Alright. Well this week has been good! We haven't taught very many lessons.... l need to work with getting out of the car with my companions. lt's been weird to transition from being a bike sister to driving ALL the time. But things are going well. Last week we had zone conference and it was so fun to see people l hadn't for a while! l remember when l first got here it seemed like all of the missionaries had so many missionary friends and l didn't know anyone. But l totally know a ton of missionaries! lt was good to see them all. Hahaha and my companions and l decided to buy matching shirts and wear them to zone conference! (may want to check my emergency money account)  :) l don't think the people were prepared for our amount of companionship unity :) Hahaha it was awesome.
Pretty much everytime l eat something with cinnamon in it.... l get REALLY excited for Christmas! l CAN'T wait!
So my spanish is doing ok, but the other day l was on the phone and trying to explain to this Hermana that one of the elders is gluten free. But l'm a gringa and l told the hermana that "one of our elders is a wheat." hahahahaha she was SUPER confused :)
l have a challenge for all of ya'll! Read your patriarchal blessing EVERY month! Truly we are blessed to be a part of Abraham's covenant kids. We have the responsibility to gather. And the cool thing is that most of the people l'm gathering are from mannasseh or ephraim. SO that means that we're gathering more gatherers! Missionary work is just getting started! And when we have gathered all of the gatherers, THEN we can get the other lost ones. lt's so exciting.
l've also been pondering about how l can achieve all of my goals out here.... and l've come to the conclusion that obedience is the way. lf ya'll want a blessing... find the law upon which it's predicated and obey it.
hijole this one was long! Adios!
-Hermana Gomez

This is Raquel and her family! She just got baptized and we went to her birthday party. lf l look like l'm pregnant, it's cause that night we got a suprise atack double dinner..... .....Also there is a picture of me and Elder Wood and Elder Wood's face..... um lt's a long story


Monday, August 12, 2013

A new week in a new place

Quote of the Week: "Goodbye for now, just look up to the stars and believe who you are cause it's quite alright. And so long, goodbye." -Sum 41
Joke of the Week: "Why do seaguls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!"
FIrst, hats off to my family for your Star Wars pictures. l am speechless. But since l'm emailing that doesn't even matter!
Well l officially am in a new place! My last few days in Fort Worth were great! lt basically felt like l was leaving home all over again. The last night at Noche de Hogar they had Elder Newman and l do a mini farewell talk and then EVERYONE wanted a picture with us! lt was sad to leave all of them, but  Hurst is great too!
This are is SUPER different than Fort Worth! We spend TONS of time driving, and l've been told that sisters haven't biked here. Ever. But the ward is wonderful! And my companions are AWESOME! :) Being in a trio was supposed to be "hard" and "complicated," but l LOVE IT! We get along great and have a ton of fun. Sister Hansen and l are co-trainers, and our little verdita Hermana Blood (si como sangre) pretty much came preloaded with everything awesome.
So l had a dream that l had to eat a frog. lt was cooked sort of like a chile reyeno and when l cut into it, it looked like a squash. THEN the next day President Ames told us an analogy that involved eating a frog!!!!! l have never felt more hispanic. They all have crazy dreams all the time.
Well... that's pretty much all.... my life is just completely different than last week, but l can't explain it all :) We taught this AWESOME family last night called the Lebrons. The dad is an inactive member, and the mom now has a BAPTISMAL date!!! wooohooo! We're pretty pumped. l am just ready to find. teach. and BAPTIZE. THat's all. PAz.
-Hermana Banana

THese are at the Water Gardens in Fort Worth. They are kind of like minecraft with water on them! We went last p-day with Melanie and her Daughter (just got baptized) and Dory (Her kid got baptized) Haha and also, l thought lt was funny that Texas has to make fake mountains....

Elderes Newman and Hansen!!! l shall miss them. Also there is Hermana Kasalis and Hermana Sandoval. They are AWESOME members in Fort Worth :) l love them! And finally a picture of my new trio! And that's all l have time to send today!

l don't have time to send all of the pictures that l took... but here's one with most everybody :) Also there is one with YEssenia and her sister. Yessenia is SO funny and is going to get baptized at the end of this month in Fort Worth! Also there is me and Hermana Sanchez and her new companion (who was my new companion's old companion... )!

l will miss these people so much! These silly elders tried to cut down a tree with a hammer :)

All of these pictures are awful quality... my camera doesn't have a flash anymore. This is sweet Hermana Paz. She made me 3 skirts!!! She's moving back to Guatemala soon, but l'm going to write her letters :) Also this is Marta Solis, she's one of our investigators that is going to get married and then baptized soon :)

Monday, August 5, 2013


Last district in Fort WOrth! This week we were #2 in the whole mission :) l love these people.

p.s. This is my new address!
5201 Springlake Parkway #102
Haltom City, TX

Joke of the Week: "Por que los lamanitas tenian ropa arrogada?" "Porque los nefitas tenian las planchas!"
Quote of the Week: "You can't call a skunk a rose and make it smell sweet."
     And it came to pass that a grand proclamation went forth throughout all the land, that Hermana Gomez would move to the land northward, which was called Hurst. And behold, the proclamation also declared that she would go forth declaring the word in a company of 3 hermanas, one being new. Wherefore it was expedient that Hermana Gomez take upon the title "Trainer."
    Now behold, having heard many great and marvelous things pertaining to the land northward which was called Hurst, Hermana Gomez was filled with joy. Nevertheless, her heart was exceedingly sorrowful to leave Fort Worth, the land of her inheritance. Yea, so great was her sorrow that she did cry mightily unto the Lord that he might comfort her. For behold, Hermana Gomez and Hermana Sanchez did have 9 baptismal dates at the time of the change. Wherefore Hermana Gomez wouldst not see any of them. Yea she did lament all the day long for the loss of her beloved brethren in the land of her inheritance.
   Notwithstanding her great sorrow, the Lord did comfort Hermana Gomez in her afflictions and did cause her heart to burn within her. Wherefore she did know with a surety that the proclamation which had come forth did come from God.
  And it came to pass that Hermana Gomez went to a training for the trainers. And behold, she did learn many great and marvelous things pertaining to her new responsiblity. President Ames was a man of exceedingly great faith, even unto the convincing of many. Yea and he did teach after the manner of Running Metaphors. Wherefore, Hermana Gomez did enjoy his trainings.
  And there came news from the land of Provo from one of the elders who had served with Hermana Gomez in the M.T.C.. This news was pertaining to the usage of Facebook. Yea Hermana Gomez beheld that the missionaries in Provo have Facebook pages and do use them for an hour every day. Notwithstanding this coolness, Hermana Gomez was glad that she did go forth preaching after the traditions of her fathers.
  And it came to pass that Hermana Gomez did ponder many things in her heart and did set forth many goals that she might accomplish them. For behold President Ames did challenge her to be a good trainer, yea even a great trainer. And she knew that whatsoever thing she was commanded by President, yea even by God, should be accomplished. For thus saith the prophet Nefi, and thus saith Hermana Gomez: l will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded. And thus ended the third transfer of Hermana Gomez.