Monday, August 12, 2013

A new week in a new place

Quote of the Week: "Goodbye for now, just look up to the stars and believe who you are cause it's quite alright. And so long, goodbye." -Sum 41
Joke of the Week: "Why do seaguls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!"
FIrst, hats off to my family for your Star Wars pictures. l am speechless. But since l'm emailing that doesn't even matter!
Well l officially am in a new place! My last few days in Fort Worth were great! lt basically felt like l was leaving home all over again. The last night at Noche de Hogar they had Elder Newman and l do a mini farewell talk and then EVERYONE wanted a picture with us! lt was sad to leave all of them, but  Hurst is great too!
This are is SUPER different than Fort Worth! We spend TONS of time driving, and l've been told that sisters haven't biked here. Ever. But the ward is wonderful! And my companions are AWESOME! :) Being in a trio was supposed to be "hard" and "complicated," but l LOVE IT! We get along great and have a ton of fun. Sister Hansen and l are co-trainers, and our little verdita Hermana Blood (si como sangre) pretty much came preloaded with everything awesome.
So l had a dream that l had to eat a frog. lt was cooked sort of like a chile reyeno and when l cut into it, it looked like a squash. THEN the next day President Ames told us an analogy that involved eating a frog!!!!! l have never felt more hispanic. They all have crazy dreams all the time.
Well... that's pretty much all.... my life is just completely different than last week, but l can't explain it all :) We taught this AWESOME family last night called the Lebrons. The dad is an inactive member, and the mom now has a BAPTISMAL date!!! wooohooo! We're pretty pumped. l am just ready to find. teach. and BAPTIZE. THat's all. PAz.
-Hermana Banana

THese are at the Water Gardens in Fort Worth. They are kind of like minecraft with water on them! We went last p-day with Melanie and her Daughter (just got baptized) and Dory (Her kid got baptized) Haha and also, l thought lt was funny that Texas has to make fake mountains....

Elderes Newman and Hansen!!! l shall miss them. Also there is Hermana Kasalis and Hermana Sandoval. They are AWESOME members in Fort Worth :) l love them! And finally a picture of my new trio! And that's all l have time to send today!

l don't have time to send all of the pictures that l took... but here's one with most everybody :) Also there is one with YEssenia and her sister. Yessenia is SO funny and is going to get baptized at the end of this month in Fort Worth! Also there is me and Hermana Sanchez and her new companion (who was my new companion's old companion... )!

l will miss these people so much! These silly elders tried to cut down a tree with a hammer :)

All of these pictures are awful quality... my camera doesn't have a flash anymore. This is sweet Hermana Paz. She made me 3 skirts!!! She's moving back to Guatemala soon, but l'm going to write her letters :) Also this is Marta Solis, she's one of our investigators that is going to get married and then baptized soon :)

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