Monday, August 26, 2013

Caution PEE BUMS!

Joke of the Week: "Donde esta mis llaves??" "AQUI!!""..... (A key)
Quote of the Week: "We cannot be happy if we do not want to do those things that make us happy. Even if we do those very things." -Lawrence E. Cornbridge
First of all: HaPpY blrThDaY tO cAmlLla Y wEs!!!!!!!! Ya son grandes. Hijole. Casi no puedo creerlo.
Second of all: l successfully made Agua de Tamarindo Sunday morning. Thank you Dad for the recipe. My companions finally believe me that l'm mexican!
CD Vocal Point: Lead Thou Me On, it's a great one :) need a copy.
l have some cool facts about my companions, (cause y'all always complain that you don't know anything about them:)) Hermana Blood was one of two mormons in her 1500 person high school! The other was her brother.
Hermana Hansen roomed with David Archuleta's sister last year. David used to chill with my companion!!!!!
lf you want to learn to be Christlike, get a companion. lf you REALLY want to learn to be Christlike, get TWO companions! Haha l've learned so much from them.
Speaking of good food, there are some less active puertaricaneans that can cook SO well. They call us randomly and ask if we're hungry and in ten minutes they've made something amazing. lt's nuts. Se llaman la familia Bonilla. Karlin is such a strong guy. He has died twice, and right now is on dialysis. Last week he was on the way to his treatment and his brand new car started on fire and exploded! He almost died, but he just called a police to take him straight to dialysis. l could not believe that this hermano was still smiling! l have never seen someone with such a good attitude about life! THe Bonillas rock.
We've been teaching a lot of part member families. lt's been interesting that the non-members are always more interested than the inactive members! One family is called the family Portales. Luis, the dad, was baptized by President Sagers. He really wants his wife to get baptized and President Ames told us that he'd do it! Donna, the wife of Luis, is progressing :) Hopefully we'll set a date with her this week!
Well... This is basically all. Well actually we saw a speed bump sign that had been faded so bad that it said "CAUTION: PEE BUMS" and we laughed for a good ten minutes :) Long live dumb humor.
Hasta Ver.
-Hermana Gomez


  1. Humor makes any companionship work! She sounds good!

  2. Love the report. Somehow,knowing about folks with bad health makes me want to preserve my good health even more. Our goal is to retire in good health six years from now. You are a great example to us, Tali.