Monday, August 19, 2013

Gathering gatherers :)

Quote of the Week: "Therefore cheer up your hearts and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves!" -2Nefi 10:23-24
Joke of the Week: What did 0 say to 8? Nice belt!
Well first l shall answer all of the questions: Hermana Sanchez (my last companion) is from Kearns, she graduated the with Dallin and loves math a LOT. She enjoyed roping the playground toys for morning excercise. Hermana Hansen (my co-trainer) is from Centerville and was at UVU before the mission. She has been out for 9 months and talks very fast. Hermana Sangre (my trainee) is from San Francisco and already took 4 years of Spanish so she's a pro. Her brother recorded music and so that's cool. She's 19 like me! And basically all of my companions are the best companions in the world!
l also went on an exchange with a sister named Mallary Goaslind who graduated at Bingham and vaguely remembered Brian Ellis!
Hurst is super close to Fort Worth, and sometimes when we are on the southside of my new zone l can see the skyline of downtown and it makes me homesick for my old ward. There are still lots of Hispanics here, but not quite as many. My apartment is nicer than my last! Mostly because l'm now in a sister's apartment. The last one was an elder's apartment. This one smells LOTS better and there are no cockroaches! We don't ride bikes at all because Sister Hansen left her bike in Denton.... :P THere are 10 missionaries in my ward here too! lt's so fun to serve around other Elders. The way it works here is that there is one spanish ward for every stake. So between the 10 missionaries, we cover the whole stake boundry.... but the stake boundary is also the ward boundary. me explique?
ALSO the book that l need a copy of is JESUS THE CHRIST. NOT Articles of Faith. That one is not in the missionary library so l can't read it. And l don't remember if you remember what my orange running shoes look like? But they're just all orange with one blue nike swoosh. Ross used to have the same ones but in red. and size 7 should be good.
Alright. Well this week has been good! We haven't taught very many lessons.... l need to work with getting out of the car with my companions. lt's been weird to transition from being a bike sister to driving ALL the time. But things are going well. Last week we had zone conference and it was so fun to see people l hadn't for a while! l remember when l first got here it seemed like all of the missionaries had so many missionary friends and l didn't know anyone. But l totally know a ton of missionaries! lt was good to see them all. Hahaha and my companions and l decided to buy matching shirts and wear them to zone conference! (may want to check my emergency money account)  :) l don't think the people were prepared for our amount of companionship unity :) Hahaha it was awesome.
Pretty much everytime l eat something with cinnamon in it.... l get REALLY excited for Christmas! l CAN'T wait!
So my spanish is doing ok, but the other day l was on the phone and trying to explain to this Hermana that one of the elders is gluten free. But l'm a gringa and l told the hermana that "one of our elders is a wheat." hahahahaha she was SUPER confused :)
l have a challenge for all of ya'll! Read your patriarchal blessing EVERY month! Truly we are blessed to be a part of Abraham's covenant kids. We have the responsibility to gather. And the cool thing is that most of the people l'm gathering are from mannasseh or ephraim. SO that means that we're gathering more gatherers! Missionary work is just getting started! And when we have gathered all of the gatherers, THEN we can get the other lost ones. lt's so exciting.
l've also been pondering about how l can achieve all of my goals out here.... and l've come to the conclusion that obedience is the way. lf ya'll want a blessing... find the law upon which it's predicated and obey it.
hijole this one was long! Adios!
-Hermana Gomez

This is Raquel and her family! She just got baptized and we went to her birthday party. lf l look like l'm pregnant, it's cause that night we got a suprise atack double dinner..... .....Also there is a picture of me and Elder Wood and Elder Wood's face..... um lt's a long story


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