Monday, August 5, 2013


Last district in Fort WOrth! This week we were #2 in the whole mission :) l love these people.

p.s. This is my new address!
5201 Springlake Parkway #102
Haltom City, TX

Joke of the Week: "Por que los lamanitas tenian ropa arrogada?" "Porque los nefitas tenian las planchas!"
Quote of the Week: "You can't call a skunk a rose and make it smell sweet."
     And it came to pass that a grand proclamation went forth throughout all the land, that Hermana Gomez would move to the land northward, which was called Hurst. And behold, the proclamation also declared that she would go forth declaring the word in a company of 3 hermanas, one being new. Wherefore it was expedient that Hermana Gomez take upon the title "Trainer."
    Now behold, having heard many great and marvelous things pertaining to the land northward which was called Hurst, Hermana Gomez was filled with joy. Nevertheless, her heart was exceedingly sorrowful to leave Fort Worth, the land of her inheritance. Yea, so great was her sorrow that she did cry mightily unto the Lord that he might comfort her. For behold, Hermana Gomez and Hermana Sanchez did have 9 baptismal dates at the time of the change. Wherefore Hermana Gomez wouldst not see any of them. Yea she did lament all the day long for the loss of her beloved brethren in the land of her inheritance.
   Notwithstanding her great sorrow, the Lord did comfort Hermana Gomez in her afflictions and did cause her heart to burn within her. Wherefore she did know with a surety that the proclamation which had come forth did come from God.
  And it came to pass that Hermana Gomez went to a training for the trainers. And behold, she did learn many great and marvelous things pertaining to her new responsiblity. President Ames was a man of exceedingly great faith, even unto the convincing of many. Yea and he did teach after the manner of Running Metaphors. Wherefore, Hermana Gomez did enjoy his trainings.
  And there came news from the land of Provo from one of the elders who had served with Hermana Gomez in the M.T.C.. This news was pertaining to the usage of Facebook. Yea Hermana Gomez beheld that the missionaries in Provo have Facebook pages and do use them for an hour every day. Notwithstanding this coolness, Hermana Gomez was glad that she did go forth preaching after the traditions of her fathers.
  And it came to pass that Hermana Gomez did ponder many things in her heart and did set forth many goals that she might accomplish them. For behold President Ames did challenge her to be a good trainer, yea even a great trainer. And she knew that whatsoever thing she was commanded by President, yea even by God, should be accomplished. For thus saith the prophet Nefi, and thus saith Hermana Gomez: l will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded. And thus ended the third transfer of Hermana Gomez.

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  1. Amazing scripture. You will be the best little trainer Hurst ever saw. Love you to pieces.