Monday, September 30, 2013

The Provo Tabernacle Analogy

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea?? CAuse if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!
Quote of the Week:  "Satan don't kick no dead dog." -Some talk l can't remember
l am officially two weeks from twenty. Watch out folks....l'm about to be old.
Well Hermana REALLY se fue this time. She headed up to Gainesville on thursday and left us all alone in a normal companionship! lt's been a little bit of an adjustment, but Hermana Blood and l are rocking it. THe best part is that the signiature on our phone now reads "Hna's Blood y Gomez" Hahahaha Bloody Gomez.
Well if l didn't know that this work is a work of peace, l'd have been stressed out this week. l gave the 3rd training in 3 weeks for my zone! Haha l think my leaders are trying to make me be better at giving them :)  We recieved about 75 refferals in one day that we had to contact! And with the crazy rainstorms driving has been nuts. But who can complain about a full planner?? No yo.
Tambien, Brenda and Alberto were interviewed.... Alberto isn't quite ready. But we're praying that their work schedules allow them to watch conference this weekend. The power that comes from listening to the prophet is real. l'm SO excited for all of my people to hear President Monson talk!
Speaking of the prophet, the General Relief Society meeting was SO GOOD! l loved the analogy that Sister Somebody shared about the Provo Tabernacle. lt's in those times when we are burned down that the bad is stripped away. That's how we become changed by the Atonement! When God called his disciples to be "fishers of men" he meant that they would NEVER go back to their past lives. l know that although l might someday return to good ole Lake Point, l can never go back to who l was before. When we decide to be disciples of Christ, we recieve a responsiblity to change our hearts! We have to leave our nets and boats and follow Him.
All in all... a crazy week. l prayed like crazy for my investigators, my lovely friends Danelle and Bronwyn who are heading out soon, and of course, for my companions. l know that this work is the best work in the world!
l've been picking up on a little Portugues! Sometimes we turn on the Testaments or the Joseph Movie in Portugues and the GPS is always in Portugues :) Tambien gracias to the BLakeS! y'all are the best!
l'm stinking excited for conference. Although l'm gonna miss bingo with M&M's :)
Eldera Gomez

Monday, September 23, 2013

Texacan Tali

Phew thank you for the package! l couldn't even wait to open the pear sauce and the yummy snacks! And your letters will be more sparkly and colorful with those new crayons :)
Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? CAuse if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!
Quote of the Week: "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." -2 Timoteo 1:7
Primeramente...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LEVI THIS WEEK! l was reading in Leviticus about the Levites and l thought about Levi. The Levites had a special duty to hold the priesthood (Like you're going to have!) and also to carry the tabernacle (temple) around for the children of lsrael! And then l remembered that you get to go to the temple!!!! l can hardly believe that Levi is twelve already... but asi es.
Second: Good luck to Danelle this week! l'm just sad that she only gets 12 days in the MTC :) l loved that place.
Third: This week has been great! Brenda and Alberto are progressing!!!! Brenda is so firm in her decision to be baptized this weekend. Alberto... not so much. BUT he is not drinking as much. We're praying so hard that everything goes well in their interview this weekend. Also, her doctors thought that she may have cancer, but all is well! lt truly strengthened her testimony after recieving a blessing from the elders. Man they're cool.
l learned two new Texacan words: "Facebookiamos" y "Chatiendo" (both used in the Relief Society lesson this Sunday)
l also learned how to speak Spanish Pig Latin! lt's SO HARD!!!! My investigators/less active members taught me, and they laughed their heads off when l tried to do it.
OH also, Hermana Hansen is still here! Definitely a tender mercy for me, and not so much for her. Wednesday morning about an hour before we left for transfers, the zone leaders called to tell us that her apartment isn't ready!  They have no idea how long it will take so she doesn't know whether or not to unpack. lt's been a little stressful, but all is well.
We've been teaching "21 Tips to Get Better Grades in School." lt's been a great way to meet new families. Last week we finished teaching the tips, and the mom asked us if we could go visit her sister too! She gave us the address, and then told us that she was going there right now and we could follow her! At first we thought that was weird, but then we looked at the address, and it was a trailer park that we had been trying to find! So we taught TWO families, found the mysterious trailers we need to find, AND got to eat homemade pan dulce. Tender mercy? l think so.
Well l think that's about it... thank you again for the early birthday package!
-Hermana Lopez
p.s. go naomi for rocking the tennis skort :)

THis is us at the SAtiestebans... Haha such a great family.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Quote of the Week: "We are going to kill a fatted calf, The prodigal sons are returning!" -Elder Weaver
Joke of the Week: How do you make a paper dance? Put a little boogie in it! (told by a little boy while picking his nose)
Well hola mundo.
This transfer is about to END! l can't belive it. We got the phone call this morning and Hermana Hansen has been called to leave Hurst and serve in Gainsville! l don't even know this area very well... but l shall be the official Senior companion now. AH D:
But good news is that Elder Anderson came to talk to us last week! He trained us about how to become not only good missionaries, but good disciples of Christ. lt was so good! l just finished Jesus the Christ again, and l was thinking about how cool it must have been to talk and walk with the chosen twelve. And then l rememered that we did that very thing last week! Those men are truly called as prophets, seers, and revelators. l learned so much. Something he said is that people are baptized because of what they feel, and not what they know. l KNOW this is true! And l'm so grateful for the Spirit that can testify of my simple, gringa words.
Well pretty much all of the pictures this week are from the Fiesta we had last week! It was a party for the día de la hispanidad. So the ward members brought food from their countries and we had dances and songs from all of the different places people are from! Hahaha they even had us missionaries start with the Star Spangled Banner. lt was a blast. AND best of all is that our less actives came! AND two of our investigators! WOO HOO!
We had 3 investigators at church this week. (THe ones who gave me the fish soup) Their bautismos should be coming up soon :)
We also found a little lizard in our kitchen. l think that's better than cockroaches. He doesn't hurt us at all, but my companions reeeally don't like him.
Pues... my accomplishment of the week is that l successfully guessed what state in Mexico someone was from according to their accent.
Paz Mundo. And to answer my mother's question, l have not missed a day of running! 30 minutes cadadía :)
-Hermana Gomez

Alright truly l need to know about how much money is in the account of my card... cause today l have to buy a GPS :P l don't want to.... but it's going to be impossible to do work here without it

Pictrues - -  this is us decorating for the Fiesta! We totally made all of the colorful paper things hanging.

We had waaay too much fun at this party!

 So there's a companionship of Elders Hansen and Gomez too!! Sweet!

 l made the balloon arches! Turns out that student government skills come in handy sometimes

 FYI These are all pictures of us doing "The Elder Wood Face" THey don't have to all go on the blog :)

 Mario Santiesteban is a member here. Hahaha he's a weirdo

 (l'm sending tons of pictures cause some are from Hermana Hansen's camera and l need them saved somewhere before she leaves)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Names, spanglish, birthday presents and Christmas music - she's random!

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be BAGELS!
Quote of the Week: "Hey lvanava what is this color in Spanish?" "Uh... Potato?"
Hahaha so that quote is mainly funny because the majority of kids here speak a hilarious mixture of Spanish and English. This one little girl thought that the word for "blue" en español was potato :)
Well first of all, MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS por los zapatos!!!! l know it's not even my birthday yet, but my knees were about to break in half.
l have discovered something about myself. l like raisins better than craisins! The trick is that they need to be refridgerated.
l have also decided that railroad crossings were put on earth to teach us patience.
Well this week has been full of good things! We have been busy making decorations and plans for a ward fiesta this weekend. lt's for the Mexican independence day, but since there's so many people here NOT from Mexico, they've turned it into a celebration of whatever country you're from! Even the misioneros are going to sing the Star Spangled Banner. l'm stinking excited. Plus activities are the BEST to invite investigators!
l accidently swore in SPanish! HErmana Esparza (funny little lady who comes out with us on exchanges every week) gave us a list of idioms and phrases, and l used one with another member, and she was very taken aback. Hahahaha l guess l need to ask natives before l use the dichos :)
Random fact: Sometimes l wish l had an American last name so l could watch the members try to say it! They call Elder Brueggaman "Elder Boogieman" and Elder Van Dulce "Elder Pan Dulce." My name is too easy for these folks.
My last name also put me in a stinking AWKWARD situation last night! We were eating with a cool family who thought it would be cool to try to set me up with their recently returned missionary brother! lt was probably the most uncomfortable 45 minutes of my LIFE! Haha the grandparents heard that my dad was from Coahuila and decided that l was the perfect mezcla they were looking for. l have never kept my eyes fixed on my Libro de Mormon like l did last night. Hijole.
l also forgot to say that this week Elder Neal L. Anderson is coming to talk to us! And the Dallas mission is coming too! Luckily the Hurst stake is pretty central to everybody, so we don't have to drive a million hours to get here :)
Also, Elder Pino of the SEventy is going to come and speak to us (in spanish)  ON MY BIRTHDAY! WOO HOO! Except it will probably change when they realize that that's a P-Day.... but ojála not :)
THat's all l think.... we started teaching a really cool lady who is a Jehovah's Witness! lt will be interesting, but she's already invited us over to eat! Thank you again for the shoes.
Does anybody in my family remember "The Monster at the End of this Book?"
Also, when it gets "close" to christmas, it y'all could find the FM100 Christmas CD with "chick-a-lick-a-tee" and Peter Brianholt, l would love a copy :)
Que le vaya bien mundo.
Hermana Gomez

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Fourth Missionary :)

Joke of the Week: "Salimos de Guatemala y entramos en Guatepeor!" ... ok that's not really a joke...
Quote of the Week: "l love the people here, but l hate Texans."
Well this week was full of many adventures. First of all, l'm SO glad l'm a spanish speaking missionary, because Bible bashing is not that fun. lt seems to be the season for it because we've had quite a few bashers seeking us out. They wear me OUT and the Spirit is just not there. We get "antied" a lot. lt truly just reenforces my testimony that what we have to share is the truth. l'm so grateful for it. Too many people don't have it.
You asked if l share things about temple marriage often, and the answer is YES. Casi cadadia. The majority of the population here seems to be sold on the "libre union" idea. (living together unmarried.) Eternal marriage is probably the second biggest problem stopping my people from progressing. Too many people willing to, as Shakespheare says, "sell eternity for a toy."
lt's been SO hot here, but l've stopped even noticing it! Last week we had a day of 116 degrees all afternoon! Usually it's around 105 to 109 though. Pobrecito bike elders....
Our president told us something really cool at our follow up trainer meeting: God cannot guide our feet if they are mot moving. He cannot guide our words if we're not speaking." l know that we have to ACT for ourselves and not wait around for the Spirit to tell us everything. lt's when we're out moving and teaching that the coolest people are put in our paths, and it's never how we planned or expected. Haha God is funny. We do our best to make our plans every day and hour, but then He pretty much has us do whatever he wants us too. His way is always better!
l feel so lucky to be "training" Hermana Blood! She is so ready to be a missionary! l'm so unqualified! Hahaha like just today during language study l was reading El Libro de Mormon while roasting a marshmallow on our stove, and it totally caught on fire and l almost burned holy scripture. Worst. Trainer. Ever.
Speaking the worst things ever.... l ate something nasty last night. lt was FISH. a WHOLE FISH. With the SCALES. and the BONES. And it was FISH. D: All of the members think l'm allergic, but we were eating with investigators Brenda and Alberto. THey're super cool and going to be baptized! They had just agreed to live the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, AND get baptized this month..... so it didn't seem fair for me to turn down the soup. So l ate a huge bowl of shrimps and little bones. And then l puked it up when l got home. l didn't even wait for planning to be done.
For all of you pre-missionaries/everybody out there, y'all should read "The Fourth Missionary"  by Lawrence E. Cornbridge. lt's a great talk Amanda Francis sent it to me, and President Sagers gave a copy to every missionary. lt's the bomb.
l saw a Marthon sticker on the back of a car the other day, but it said "0.0" instead of "26.2" and said "don't. run." and l laughed for a while :)
l think that's all!
Paz peeps