Monday, September 16, 2013


Quote of the Week: "We are going to kill a fatted calf, The prodigal sons are returning!" -Elder Weaver
Joke of the Week: How do you make a paper dance? Put a little boogie in it! (told by a little boy while picking his nose)
Well hola mundo.
This transfer is about to END! l can't belive it. We got the phone call this morning and Hermana Hansen has been called to leave Hurst and serve in Gainsville! l don't even know this area very well... but l shall be the official Senior companion now. AH D:
But good news is that Elder Anderson came to talk to us last week! He trained us about how to become not only good missionaries, but good disciples of Christ. lt was so good! l just finished Jesus the Christ again, and l was thinking about how cool it must have been to talk and walk with the chosen twelve. And then l rememered that we did that very thing last week! Those men are truly called as prophets, seers, and revelators. l learned so much. Something he said is that people are baptized because of what they feel, and not what they know. l KNOW this is true! And l'm so grateful for the Spirit that can testify of my simple, gringa words.
Well pretty much all of the pictures this week are from the Fiesta we had last week! It was a party for the día de la hispanidad. So the ward members brought food from their countries and we had dances and songs from all of the different places people are from! Hahaha they even had us missionaries start with the Star Spangled Banner. lt was a blast. AND best of all is that our less actives came! AND two of our investigators! WOO HOO!
We had 3 investigators at church this week. (THe ones who gave me the fish soup) Their bautismos should be coming up soon :)
We also found a little lizard in our kitchen. l think that's better than cockroaches. He doesn't hurt us at all, but my companions reeeally don't like him.
Pues... my accomplishment of the week is that l successfully guessed what state in Mexico someone was from according to their accent.
Paz Mundo. And to answer my mother's question, l have not missed a day of running! 30 minutes cadadía :)
-Hermana Gomez

Alright truly l need to know about how much money is in the account of my card... cause today l have to buy a GPS :P l don't want to.... but it's going to be impossible to do work here without it

Pictrues - -  this is us decorating for the Fiesta! We totally made all of the colorful paper things hanging.

We had waaay too much fun at this party!

 So there's a companionship of Elders Hansen and Gomez too!! Sweet!

 l made the balloon arches! Turns out that student government skills come in handy sometimes

 FYI These are all pictures of us doing "The Elder Wood Face" THey don't have to all go on the blog :)

 Mario Santiesteban is a member here. Hahaha he's a weirdo

 (l'm sending tons of pictures cause some are from Hermana Hansen's camera and l need them saved somewhere before she leaves)

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