Monday, September 9, 2013

Names, spanglish, birthday presents and Christmas music - she's random!

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be BAGELS!
Quote of the Week: "Hey lvanava what is this color in Spanish?" "Uh... Potato?"
Hahaha so that quote is mainly funny because the majority of kids here speak a hilarious mixture of Spanish and English. This one little girl thought that the word for "blue" en español was potato :)
Well first of all, MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS por los zapatos!!!! l know it's not even my birthday yet, but my knees were about to break in half.
l have discovered something about myself. l like raisins better than craisins! The trick is that they need to be refridgerated.
l have also decided that railroad crossings were put on earth to teach us patience.
Well this week has been full of good things! We have been busy making decorations and plans for a ward fiesta this weekend. lt's for the Mexican independence day, but since there's so many people here NOT from Mexico, they've turned it into a celebration of whatever country you're from! Even the misioneros are going to sing the Star Spangled Banner. l'm stinking excited. Plus activities are the BEST to invite investigators!
l accidently swore in SPanish! HErmana Esparza (funny little lady who comes out with us on exchanges every week) gave us a list of idioms and phrases, and l used one with another member, and she was very taken aback. Hahahaha l guess l need to ask natives before l use the dichos :)
Random fact: Sometimes l wish l had an American last name so l could watch the members try to say it! They call Elder Brueggaman "Elder Boogieman" and Elder Van Dulce "Elder Pan Dulce." My name is too easy for these folks.
My last name also put me in a stinking AWKWARD situation last night! We were eating with a cool family who thought it would be cool to try to set me up with their recently returned missionary brother! lt was probably the most uncomfortable 45 minutes of my LIFE! Haha the grandparents heard that my dad was from Coahuila and decided that l was the perfect mezcla they were looking for. l have never kept my eyes fixed on my Libro de Mormon like l did last night. Hijole.
l also forgot to say that this week Elder Neal L. Anderson is coming to talk to us! And the Dallas mission is coming too! Luckily the Hurst stake is pretty central to everybody, so we don't have to drive a million hours to get here :)
Also, Elder Pino of the SEventy is going to come and speak to us (in spanish)  ON MY BIRTHDAY! WOO HOO! Except it will probably change when they realize that that's a P-Day.... but ojála not :)
THat's all l think.... we started teaching a really cool lady who is a Jehovah's Witness! lt will be interesting, but she's already invited us over to eat! Thank you again for the shoes.
Does anybody in my family remember "The Monster at the End of this Book?"
Also, when it gets "close" to christmas, it y'all could find the FM100 Christmas CD with "chick-a-lick-a-tee" and Peter Brianholt, l would love a copy :)
Que le vaya bien mundo.
Hermana Gomez

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