Monday, September 23, 2013

Texacan Tali

Phew thank you for the package! l couldn't even wait to open the pear sauce and the yummy snacks! And your letters will be more sparkly and colorful with those new crayons :)
Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? CAuse if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!
Quote of the Week: "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." -2 Timoteo 1:7
Primeramente...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LEVI THIS WEEK! l was reading in Leviticus about the Levites and l thought about Levi. The Levites had a special duty to hold the priesthood (Like you're going to have!) and also to carry the tabernacle (temple) around for the children of lsrael! And then l remembered that you get to go to the temple!!!! l can hardly believe that Levi is twelve already... but asi es.
Second: Good luck to Danelle this week! l'm just sad that she only gets 12 days in the MTC :) l loved that place.
Third: This week has been great! Brenda and Alberto are progressing!!!! Brenda is so firm in her decision to be baptized this weekend. Alberto... not so much. BUT he is not drinking as much. We're praying so hard that everything goes well in their interview this weekend. Also, her doctors thought that she may have cancer, but all is well! lt truly strengthened her testimony after recieving a blessing from the elders. Man they're cool.
l learned two new Texacan words: "Facebookiamos" y "Chatiendo" (both used in the Relief Society lesson this Sunday)
l also learned how to speak Spanish Pig Latin! lt's SO HARD!!!! My investigators/less active members taught me, and they laughed their heads off when l tried to do it.
OH also, Hermana Hansen is still here! Definitely a tender mercy for me, and not so much for her. Wednesday morning about an hour before we left for transfers, the zone leaders called to tell us that her apartment isn't ready!  They have no idea how long it will take so she doesn't know whether or not to unpack. lt's been a little stressful, but all is well.
We've been teaching "21 Tips to Get Better Grades in School." lt's been a great way to meet new families. Last week we finished teaching the tips, and the mom asked us if we could go visit her sister too! She gave us the address, and then told us that she was going there right now and we could follow her! At first we thought that was weird, but then we looked at the address, and it was a trailer park that we had been trying to find! So we taught TWO families, found the mysterious trailers we need to find, AND got to eat homemade pan dulce. Tender mercy? l think so.
Well l think that's about it... thank you again for the early birthday package!
-Hermana Lopez
p.s. go naomi for rocking the tennis skort :)

THis is us at the SAtiestebans... Haha such a great family.

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