Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Fourth Missionary :)

Joke of the Week: "Salimos de Guatemala y entramos en Guatepeor!" ... ok that's not really a joke...
Quote of the Week: "l love the people here, but l hate Texans."
Well this week was full of many adventures. First of all, l'm SO glad l'm a spanish speaking missionary, because Bible bashing is not that fun. lt seems to be the season for it because we've had quite a few bashers seeking us out. They wear me OUT and the Spirit is just not there. We get "antied" a lot. lt truly just reenforces my testimony that what we have to share is the truth. l'm so grateful for it. Too many people don't have it.
You asked if l share things about temple marriage often, and the answer is YES. Casi cadadia. The majority of the population here seems to be sold on the "libre union" idea. (living together unmarried.) Eternal marriage is probably the second biggest problem stopping my people from progressing. Too many people willing to, as Shakespheare says, "sell eternity for a toy."
lt's been SO hot here, but l've stopped even noticing it! Last week we had a day of 116 degrees all afternoon! Usually it's around 105 to 109 though. Pobrecito bike elders....
Our president told us something really cool at our follow up trainer meeting: God cannot guide our feet if they are mot moving. He cannot guide our words if we're not speaking." l know that we have to ACT for ourselves and not wait around for the Spirit to tell us everything. lt's when we're out moving and teaching that the coolest people are put in our paths, and it's never how we planned or expected. Haha God is funny. We do our best to make our plans every day and hour, but then He pretty much has us do whatever he wants us too. His way is always better!
l feel so lucky to be "training" Hermana Blood! She is so ready to be a missionary! l'm so unqualified! Hahaha like just today during language study l was reading El Libro de Mormon while roasting a marshmallow on our stove, and it totally caught on fire and l almost burned holy scripture. Worst. Trainer. Ever.
Speaking the worst things ever.... l ate something nasty last night. lt was FISH. a WHOLE FISH. With the SCALES. and the BONES. And it was FISH. D: All of the members think l'm allergic, but we were eating with investigators Brenda and Alberto. THey're super cool and going to be baptized! They had just agreed to live the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, AND get baptized this month..... so it didn't seem fair for me to turn down the soup. So l ate a huge bowl of shrimps and little bones. And then l puked it up when l got home. l didn't even wait for planning to be done.
For all of you pre-missionaries/everybody out there, y'all should read "The Fourth Missionary"  by Lawrence E. Cornbridge. lt's a great talk Amanda Francis sent it to me, and President Sagers gave a copy to every missionary. lt's the bomb.
l saw a Marthon sticker on the back of a car the other day, but it said "0.0" instead of "26.2" and said "don't. run." and l laughed for a while :)
l think that's all!
Paz peeps

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