Monday, October 28, 2013

a poisonous apple in Wonkaland

Joke of the Week: What do frogs eat in France? FRENCH FLIES!
Quote of the Week: Almosts only count in horseshoes and hand grenades.
Another transfer is officially over! l can't believe that Hermana Blood is officially done being trained. The zone leaders called us today and told us that we're both staying in Hurst. We were SO HAPPY! :) This means that we'll be here at least until Thanksgiving. We're stoked. The only terribly sad news is that 3 of our elders in the ward are headed home. They're two years are up and so they are leaving us..... l've learned a lot from all three of them.
So this week l got back on my bike!!!!! We finally had time to do it! BUT.... we accidentally rode through some rough thorns and both got flat tires. Entonces, we ended up walking them for 2 miles till the bike elders could come and help us out. Hahaha Hermana Blood didn't exactly enjoy her first bike ride.
Well this weekend we had an exchange with the Arlington sisters, and it was quite eventful! l went there with Sister Rhoades (24 year old convert from WA). We trimmed a bush with some sweet shears. Unfortunately we're not that good at it, so it looked a little sparse on one side, but l braided the branches till it looked semi good. Hahaha it's the thought that counts right? Then we taught some super cool black people! They are my favorite people on the planet. Then we found some weird green brain hard ball things all over the ground.  l thought l had entered into Wonkaland (not to mention all of the weirdly friendly butterflies that kept landing on our shoulders). We decided to taste one of the weird green things. About ten minutes later, we were talking to a guy who noticed the green brain thing in my hand and said, "You girls look famished! Just don't eat that fruit you're holding! lt is VERY poisonous."......... ..... l guess it's called a "horse apple" and it's mutated and poisonous. But l feel fine still :)
Alright the last part of the eventful exchange was actually rather noteworthy. Hermana Blood and Sister Christiensen were cooking up some nice tasty oil for lunch, and left the stove on high. Hermana Blood decided to go and take the pan off of the stove, but while doing so, the pan and her hand caught on FIRE! So they had a trip to the ER and now Hermana Blood gets a cool wrap and sling and lots of pain! She's a trooper.
We didn't get as many lessons taught this week, with the hospital trips and filming training videos for stake presidents (in spanish and english! l was slightly terrified), but the work is good. Sometimes l wish l could sit and eat raisins and think about the Three Nephites all day, but working truly is good. Elder Wood's Christmas CD that we borrowed is going home with him to Utah, so we're back to normal church music :P But alas, we still sing christmas hymns all morning! l think that's all l have to say....
Paz a vosotros.
-Hermana Gomez

Pictures - - 
Me with my cute new birthday scarf, shoes and shirt!
HAha us waiting for the bike elders to fix the tires
Surprise picture and Hermana BLood with the start of her mummy halloween costume!

Monday, October 21, 2013

My voice is His voice, my acts are His acts, my doctrine His doctrine

Joke of the Week: What mexican food won't shut up? Tacos!!!! (hahaha the elderes answered: frijoles. Sickos)
Quote of the Week: "l don't think she comprended what we said...." -Hermana Yo
Hola Todos! This week we got a visit from Elder Pino from the seventy! He says that he remembers Tooele and that y'all are good people :)
He said some really cool things. In the reunion with all of the members, he talked about the importance of making good traditions. (like reading praying and attending church) And also the importance of saying "l love you" more to your family. The investigator that we had there LOVED it! We ate with her later that week and she talked about it the whole time.
This meeting was for all of the metroplex, so a TON of my old members from Fort Worth were there! lt was SO fun to see them! Hahaha funny story: l saw the family Lesoya (la que conoce a los Gomezes) and ran to give them a hug, and accidentally walked right past the outstretched hand of President Ames! Luckily he's a nice mission president and understood :)
He taught us about how the Doctrine of Christ is simple, pure, and not abstract. Many people think that it is an incomprehensible concept that we will never understand. BUT it is simple! We need to put the doctrine into our own hearts. l want to always speak "with my own words" even when l'm quoting scriptures. l want to live the Gospel so fully that the words of Christ and the prophets truly can be my words too. Every morning we recite "My Missionary Commission" By Bruce R. McConkie, and part of it says, "My voice is His voice, my acts are His acts, my doctrine is His doctrine." And that's my goal :)
l can not believe that Halloween is already coming up.... October is almost over already! l'm praying and praying that l'll stay here in Hurst. l've got more work to do here! lt's been FREEZING here! We have to wear about 5900980 layers when we run in the morning, but asi es.
lf anyone knows if the Argentin drink called "mate" is against the Word of Wisdom, please let me know so l can repent!
Well just know that in the morning, before l put on my make up, l say a little prayer for you. :)
Hasta ver Carnalos!
-Eldera Gomez 

PICTURES: More crazy faces at stoplights! Hna. Olander trained me and then l trained Hna. Blood! ln the words of weird missionaries: "myself with my mother and my daughter"
Big game of chess at the library
Hermana Esparza who goes out with us every jueves
And my last picture as a 19 year old!!!!
Super awkward picture of my super cool Fort Worth missionary friends! :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Today Tali is twenty!!!

Quote of the Week: "The world seeks to break us, to repel and weaken us." -Mewtwo
Joke of the Week: What mexican food won't shut up? TACOS!!!!!! hahahaha talk-os
First l'd like to congratulate Naomi on her superb use of Google translate/Dad
Second of all l'd like to say that l'm so stinking nervous! The assistants called and asked Hermana Blood and l do to a musical number at the Elder Pino charla foganero this week. lt's for ALL the spanish speakers in the entire METROPLEX! D: there are going to be soooo many people.
Puesity pues pues... THank y'all for the birthday wishes/gifts! lt truly made today very special :) The sugar free candy will allow me to stay awake in the car AND keep my teeth! ln case you're wondering what kind of crazy parties we can have as missionaries, l spent the morning brushing my teeth with my new Tim the Toolman Taylor toothbrush and adding birthday sprinkles to my yogurt and bananas :)
Yesterday a member from Fort Worth came to visit in Hurst! Valentina Alejos! She was a recent convert that we visited and they just went through the temple!
We've been teaching some great famlies! They are too many to mention in one tiny email. We also were trained on how to use Family Search! During the presentaion, they called me up to demonstrate, and low and behold, l have the most "photos and stories" that they've ever seen! So good job to my family history relatives.
Hermana Blood and l are still doing great! l can't believe that l'm almost done "training" her. Sometimes the same songs get stuck in our heads at the same times. She's da best.
Some ladies in the ward tried to teach me a new word "mujerdocio".... hahaha maybe only Dad, Dallin, Jacob, Carlos, and maybe Steve will get that one :) False doctrine is preached fairly often here in Hurst.
This week we were mistaken for Tamale sellers and we had to clarify that we are missionaries from Halisco that talk about Jesus. Hahaha of all my jokes, no one laughs harder than when l tell them l'm from Halisco :)
Um.... fun fact: l always mix up the words for "duck" and "stick." lt makes for some interesting lessons.
Sometimes l think that missionaries are normal. And then l remember that when my district leader gave me my own copy of the Liahona this week, l squealed and jumped up to grab it.
l feel old. Ancient even. l think l'm going to start following the rules for the "senior sisters." But asi es. 
Paz a vosotros! Gracias again for todo! l loved all of it! 
OH YA! l almost forgot. lf anyone has any cool ideas for service projects/service opportunities to do. Digame.
-Hermana Tali Renee Gomez 

Elder Guttierrez headed to down south with the cows :( We loved him appropriately. ANd here is a sneak peak of our super festive birthday party/companionship study! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Specific questions bring about specific inspiration...

Quote of the Week: "Duda su duda antes de que dude su fe!"
Joke of the Week: Why are missionaries always crossing their legs? Cause they only get one "P" Day!!!!!
Wow if anyone is lacking on living waters this week. WATCH CONFERENCE! l think cried a little when President Monson told us it was over on Sunday afternoon. lt was so good. Even in Spanish! l was so happy to be able to listen to the whole thing in Spanish, and understand it all! l also have new respect for Richard G. Scott who does his own voice overs. Haha when it started, it started late, so the english one was playing, and we didn't even notice! Hahaha it took a second to realize that the language switched.
l almost got jealous when l remembered that ya'll (family) were going to be eating some really good mexican food this weekend, but then l remembered that l live in a Barrio de HISPANOS! :) The food is so good..... and l can DEFINITELY handle more than mild sauce from Taco Bell now.
The best way to receive inspiration is to think of questions! l thought of as many questions l could that l needed answered, and guess what? THEY WERE! Even the ones about how to help people stop worshiping idols (way harder than l expected :P)  l have such a strong testimony that if you want specific answers, you need to have some specific questions.
My personal study will probably consist of conference reviewing for the next 6 months. Which is good cause sometimes my studies are..... slightly less effective than others. lt's just so easy to get lost in the Bible Dictionary sometimes!
l had a bunch of funny stories to tell, but l think missionary humor is extremely different than real humor... so l'll refrain.
After the first session of conference, a member jumped up and said, "Elders l've got a name for you!" l was so touched to see so many of the members who had names pop into their heads. The members here are just so stinking good.
l felt so humbled as in each prayer said, a blessing was asked for us missionaries. l remembered all the time l've heard in family prayers to "bless the missionaries" and l just feel so..... blessed. We usually come right after "bless the prophet!" lt truly is such a special thing to be called of God to declare His love for the people. l remember thinking that missionary life would be a lot about following "the white handbook" and walking around all day. But it's truly much more than that. People CHANGE when they understand the truth! We were teaching a family the other day, and all of the sudden, the Dad walked in crying, and told us in English that he is an alcoholic, and that he needs help. l couldn't believe that this man who doesn't know us, just confessed everything, things he didn't even want his family to hear (hence he didn't speak spanish.) l'm so grateful that we truly do have the answers to fix these broken homes.
Well life is going well here. Last week l walked into the Relief Society activity that happened to be a surprise birthday party! haha those ladies crack me up :)
 As for fun "birthday things" mom... l need a new toothbrush? Maybe the cool Crayola ones they've got at Walmart... and Biotin (hair growing pills) and... um sugar free hard candy to keep me awake driving around at night. But l think l have most of the stuff l need. And you're so busy l should be sending YOU fun things. That's sweet that y'all are building a clubhouse!
l'll have to tell Hermana Esparza that we are probably related (she's from Mexico too!) She'll be thrilled :)
Well paz a vosotros!
Eldera Gomez

ln spanish, they sing about 3089234098 happy birthday songs before you can blow out the candle :)

 Stoplight pictures!