Monday, October 21, 2013

My voice is His voice, my acts are His acts, my doctrine His doctrine

Joke of the Week: What mexican food won't shut up? Tacos!!!! (hahaha the elderes answered: frijoles. Sickos)
Quote of the Week: "l don't think she comprended what we said...." -Hermana Yo
Hola Todos! This week we got a visit from Elder Pino from the seventy! He says that he remembers Tooele and that y'all are good people :)
He said some really cool things. In the reunion with all of the members, he talked about the importance of making good traditions. (like reading praying and attending church) And also the importance of saying "l love you" more to your family. The investigator that we had there LOVED it! We ate with her later that week and she talked about it the whole time.
This meeting was for all of the metroplex, so a TON of my old members from Fort Worth were there! lt was SO fun to see them! Hahaha funny story: l saw the family Lesoya (la que conoce a los Gomezes) and ran to give them a hug, and accidentally walked right past the outstretched hand of President Ames! Luckily he's a nice mission president and understood :)
He taught us about how the Doctrine of Christ is simple, pure, and not abstract. Many people think that it is an incomprehensible concept that we will never understand. BUT it is simple! We need to put the doctrine into our own hearts. l want to always speak "with my own words" even when l'm quoting scriptures. l want to live the Gospel so fully that the words of Christ and the prophets truly can be my words too. Every morning we recite "My Missionary Commission" By Bruce R. McConkie, and part of it says, "My voice is His voice, my acts are His acts, my doctrine is His doctrine." And that's my goal :)
l can not believe that Halloween is already coming up.... October is almost over already! l'm praying and praying that l'll stay here in Hurst. l've got more work to do here! lt's been FREEZING here! We have to wear about 5900980 layers when we run in the morning, but asi es.
lf anyone knows if the Argentin drink called "mate" is against the Word of Wisdom, please let me know so l can repent!
Well just know that in the morning, before l put on my make up, l say a little prayer for you. :)
Hasta ver Carnalos!
-Eldera Gomez 

PICTURES: More crazy faces at stoplights! Hna. Olander trained me and then l trained Hna. Blood! ln the words of weird missionaries: "myself with my mother and my daughter"
Big game of chess at the library
Hermana Esparza who goes out with us every jueves
And my last picture as a 19 year old!!!!
Super awkward picture of my super cool Fort Worth missionary friends! :)


  1. We were told not to drink Mate on my mission, but I know of nothing official about that. I think that Josh brought some home from Brazil and they drank it, I think. so whatever feels right?

  2. My very faithful, works in the Church Office Bldg, used to teach seminary, Argentine brother-in-law drinks it regularly.

  3. In mathematical terms:


    It's just another of many, many "caffeine-rich infused" drinks.

    These drinks are not against the written Word of Wisdom (though few things actually are). They're sometimes against missionary rules (up to the mission president). They're sometimes sworn off as a personal decision. Regardless, I don't think they're ever something to beat one's self up over.