Monday, October 14, 2013

Today Tali is twenty!!!

Quote of the Week: "The world seeks to break us, to repel and weaken us." -Mewtwo
Joke of the Week: What mexican food won't shut up? TACOS!!!!!! hahahaha talk-os
First l'd like to congratulate Naomi on her superb use of Google translate/Dad
Second of all l'd like to say that l'm so stinking nervous! The assistants called and asked Hermana Blood and l do to a musical number at the Elder Pino charla foganero this week. lt's for ALL the spanish speakers in the entire METROPLEX! D: there are going to be soooo many people.
Puesity pues pues... THank y'all for the birthday wishes/gifts! lt truly made today very special :) The sugar free candy will allow me to stay awake in the car AND keep my teeth! ln case you're wondering what kind of crazy parties we can have as missionaries, l spent the morning brushing my teeth with my new Tim the Toolman Taylor toothbrush and adding birthday sprinkles to my yogurt and bananas :)
Yesterday a member from Fort Worth came to visit in Hurst! Valentina Alejos! She was a recent convert that we visited and they just went through the temple!
We've been teaching some great famlies! They are too many to mention in one tiny email. We also were trained on how to use Family Search! During the presentaion, they called me up to demonstrate, and low and behold, l have the most "photos and stories" that they've ever seen! So good job to my family history relatives.
Hermana Blood and l are still doing great! l can't believe that l'm almost done "training" her. Sometimes the same songs get stuck in our heads at the same times. She's da best.
Some ladies in the ward tried to teach me a new word "mujerdocio".... hahaha maybe only Dad, Dallin, Jacob, Carlos, and maybe Steve will get that one :) False doctrine is preached fairly often here in Hurst.
This week we were mistaken for Tamale sellers and we had to clarify that we are missionaries from Halisco that talk about Jesus. Hahaha of all my jokes, no one laughs harder than when l tell them l'm from Halisco :)
Um.... fun fact: l always mix up the words for "duck" and "stick." lt makes for some interesting lessons.
Sometimes l think that missionaries are normal. And then l remember that when my district leader gave me my own copy of the Liahona this week, l squealed and jumped up to grab it.
l feel old. Ancient even. l think l'm going to start following the rules for the "senior sisters." But asi es. 
Paz a vosotros! Gracias again for todo! l loved all of it! 
OH YA! l almost forgot. lf anyone has any cool ideas for service projects/service opportunities to do. Digame.
-Hermana Tali Renee Gomez 

Elder Guttierrez headed to down south with the cows :( We loved him appropriately. ANd here is a sneak peak of our super festive birthday party/companionship study! 

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  1. Sounds like a great birthday for a great missionary!