Monday, November 25, 2013

A great ward family :)

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!!
Quote of the Week: For all things are for your (the people) sakes, that the abundant grace might through thanksgiving of many rebound to the glory of God. For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day. For our light affliction which is for but a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal!
Hola todos! First of all.............HAPPY FIRST BIRTHAY TO ELI!!!! :) lf he was in a Tongan ward he would have eaten a whole pig by now. l can't believe that he's already one. Tell him that l exist and tell him hello :)
Well we had a great week! lt has gotten SO COLD!!!!! Like 35 degrees alllll day long. BUT 35 degrees with humidity and wind feels about -10000 in Utah! Pray for our pobrecito bike elders!
So the first himno l play in sacrament meeting is always full of mistakes cause l'm looking at the the doors to see who comes in and not at the notes. This sunday l hit a TON of bad notes cause we had SO many less actives come to church! We didn't think that we'd have any at all cause of the cold, but lo and behold, lots came! Our ward is working so hard to support the missionary work. The our ward had about 15 investigators at church :) l love when people come.
There are some benefits to it being freeeeezing cold outside, primero: people give us hot chocolate a lot. Segundo: EVERYONE IS ALWAYS HOME! :) We taught 8 full length lessons last thursday cause people were actually home for our appointments.
Our investigators Brenda and Alberto are progressing poco a poco. Well... Brenda is interviewed and ready to be baptized, but please pray for ALberto. He is such a good guy. l love them so much. Brenda is in Mexico for a few weeks for some health help, so pray for her too! We have cambios coming up in December, and if l leave before Brenda gets home my heart might break!
This week l had a few lessons that just ticked me off... l am SO far away from being a "Preach My Gospel missionary." lt is SO evident that when the Spirit is not there, we can NOT teach! Bible bashes are intense, and improve my spanish vocabulary, but the best lessons are when l say a lot less, and the Spirit does most of the communicating. Sometimes l just feel so inadequate to be a missionary.
We attended a baptism for the english sisters in the zone, and man it was awesome! THe girl who was baptized was so prepared! They met her a month ago. She helped them find an apartment in her complex, and they started teaching her. She is straight up "golden." l know that if we talk with EVERYONE then we will find the elect!
l just feel so grateful to be in this ward. The members are amazing. Close to all of them are converts who have left their homeland and family, entonces, this barrio has become one big family. Full of camachos, el salvadoraneans, mejicanos, columbianos, and tons more, l'm so so blessed that they've let 9 gringo missionaries be a part of them :)
Well, l hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! l am certainly grateful for my blessings. l could count them for hours and hours. l pray for all of you! And THANK YOU for the cookie mixes and Christmas tree things!
Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff.
-Eldera Gomez
Pray for me to drive safe! Sometimes we drive over 100 miles in a day, and the roads are getting icey and the drivers are nutso.

p.s. did you find my passport or was that a dream l had?
 Fotos are of the district, we took it to put in a thank you card for our WML

lf l was a protester/polititian/person of power, this would be my slogan. end road work.
We did Katniss Braids and dressed like her in honor of Hunger Games this week :)

Last photo - Brenda called us over to pray with her before she left to Mexico :)
don't judge the size of my gut..... we had just eaten 3 meals in. a. row. Hahahahahahaha

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tali's halfway mark this month

Joke of the Week: What did Hermana Gomez say to Sister Collings? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)
Quote of the Week: Romanos 5:3-4
Amados hermanos mios, hola. l love those Texas pictures madre! lt's weird how common some of those things truly are! This week we had a super good zone conference! lt was great. l never thought l could love a meeting that lasted from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., but l think that of all the meetings we have as missionaries, zone conference is my favorite! Something that l really got hit hard with was this quote, "Soften their hearts, don't soften the blow." l think l find myself beating around the bush, sympathizing, and rationalizing too often while l teach. lt's SO important that we teach with love and with the Spirit, but it's also important to be bold. The Gospel is simple, and the commandments are clear. We should not be ashamed to declare it how it is! Like Pablo says, "l am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!" l've got to put my big girl pants on and call these people to repentance.
l was running early in the dark one morning, and l noticed that there were acorns all over the sidewalk. l decided that it would be fun to skip around and crunch them all cause they made a cool sound. l happily crunched them the whole sidewalk long. Then, while l was coming back (the sun had risen a little higher) l could see more clearly. To my shock and horror l found that the "acorns" l had been crunching were not acorns at all! But little baby snails! Hahahahaha l killed hundreds of them!
We had a thanksgiving dinner ward activity! Hahaha it cracks me up to see these hispanos celebrating a holiday that they don't really have ties to. Everyone danced forevvver and we had some really good turkey with chile and rice and beans :)
Also, we got the CONFERENCE ISSUE OF THE ENSIGN! AND the most exciting part is that there are pictures from Colleyville Texas in there! Thats about 20 minutes from me, and that's where President Ames lives. And l think George Bush has a house there too. So we feel pretty famous. l love reading all of the talks in English! lt's almost like hearing Conference all over again. lt's a tender mercy we all get to  read the talks just in case you zone out/ fall asleep during the sessions.  
Also, l PLAYED A GUITAR! Our zone currently consists of missionaries from the Martial lslands, Tonga, Samaoa, New Zealand, and Hawaii, entonces, we have some sweeeet jam sessions at P-Day activity :)
Well there are Christmas lights popping up all around. lt's weird to see them when it's still 75 degrees outside! We're soooo excited for Christmas.
Andalepues.... This letter is coming to an end. l can't beleive that l'm going to have my "hump" day this week. The time has flown faster than l'd like it to. Also, a thank you to Jamie Anderson! l love getting that newsletter! All of those elders are such good examples to me. Babcock and Rugg are way more mexican than me now.... Keep reading and praying! The Book of Mormon is what brings us peace in the worst of times and the best of times! l have seen it change people's lives! We got a call from a random lady we had never met who asked us to come over right away, we arrived (slightly apprehensive that she was going to cut us up into pieces) and she asked if we could pray with her for her little son who has a tumor in his leg. She is a former investigator who still remembers the peace that she felt when the missionaries prayed, and read from the Book of Mormon with her. l know that these simple things truly can help us through anything. Just do it.
Paz a vosotros!
-Hermana Gomez
picture: trying to teach them how to prepare a turkey with out chile :) hahahaha
And me on a giant armadillo!

Monday, November 11, 2013

A baptism :)

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea?? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!!
Quote of the Week: No hay un feo sin gracia, ni bonita sin pero.
Buenos dias hermanas y hermanos! Quiero empezar hablando como habla Obispo Delgado en cada reunion que tenemos!
This week was busy busy busy! We had a lot of success, a lot of rejection, and not enough time! l get so frustrated sometimes when l just want the time to do EVERYTHING and see EVERYONE. Sheesh.
Well on a great note, Rosio Galaso was baptized this week!!!! Everything went smoothly, the service only started 20 minutes late, which is pretty much early for a spanish ward. And she is already preparing family names to take to the temple. lt's been incredible to see how excited a person can be to make a covenant with God. Every time l see a baptism, it makes me think harder about my own covenants that l renew each week. lt's so stinking special!
We have been meeting a lot of cool part-member families who are soon going to be full member families ;) They even gave us tamales! Since the weather went down to frigid, there is a pot of tamales on pretty much every porch.
Hermana Blood's hand is getting way better! We still see the doctor about twice a week (lt's a great review for all of my pharmacy knowledge), but it's healing and keeping infection at bay :)
l loved seeing all of the letters from the other missionaries serving in the ward! l hope more and more of the youth put in their papers and get on out here to the field.
So "La obra misional" is in charge of making a turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner this sabado. But the chiste es, there is a great scarcity of women in my beloved Spanish ward who have ever cooked a turkey in their lives! On Sunday we were summoned to a room with the elders and ward mission leader, and formed a "cook a turkey" committee. Elder Taylor is pretty much a chef, so he tried to explain it all to them in spanish, but you should still pray for us! Hahaha that's what we get for trying to celebrate an American holiday.
We also attended a baby shower for our investigator's fellowshipper's wife (who we didn't know), but the greatest part was that our investigator didn't show up until after we left! Hahaha thank goodness for our nametags that eliminate awkwardness in even the most socially uncomfortable of situations. :)
Man we are stoked for Christmas. l can't believe that November is already here! We found a creepy old christmas gnome in the closet, so we put him up to decorate, and we listen to nothing but the Christmas CD's y'all sent me! (except the romantic overtones songs) l hope everybody reading this sings a Christmas song at least once a day until the 25th of diciembre! lt will make  you happy.
Welll...... l believe that is all! Keep on being good member missionaries so you don't have to squirm and feel bad when it's mentioned in EVERY CHURCH MEETING YOU ATTEND. Remember that the missionaries in your ward are there to help YOU! Not the other way around.
Paz en la tierra.
-Eldera Gomez

Pictures from the baptism!

Also, these are the glasses l want when l come home and renew my prescription! (they're Hermana BLood's :))

Monday, November 4, 2013

tender mercies, goals and faith

Quote of the Week: Juan 8:29
Joke of the Week: You throw away the outside, then cook the inside. Then you eat the outside, and throw away the inside. Que Es? :)
Goodness my family seems so busy! l can't believe that Naomi and Carlos are in high school and Levi is in 6th Grade! Not to mention all of my married/college siblings. Sheesh. Well winter is starting up here! The low today is going all the way down to 42!!!! Hahaha l'm such a baby to the cold now. To celebrate P-Day today, l treated myself to a breakfast of cold tamales and hot chocolate. lt makes me so excited for Christmas!
Speaking of which, thank you for the package! Hermana Blood is going to love listening to "chirririiquitia" every. day. (nacho libre)  l also realized that it's in Spanish! l never knew what language that lady was singing. The cookie mix is perfect too! We're too cheap to buy eggs, so it'll probably be eaten uncooked with some water and oil :)
Hermana Blood's hand is getting better.... kind of. We have 2 ish doctors appointments every week to check up on it. lt's pretty knarly.... there's a little less skin than a normal hand should have.
On the bright side, we had two investigators come to church! And the answer to the riddle is corn on the cob. Well here's a lesson that l've had to learn here: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When l'm with Venuzulanos, l like papusas. When l'm with Mexicans, l prefer gorditas. When l'm with investigators who have potential, l like fish. Paul did the same thing when he traveled preaching, in Greece he was Greek. In Jerusalem he was a Jew. Hahaha it's truly the secret to connect with people. You've just got to.... connect with them! l've found more things in common with these people than l've ever thought possible.
OH YA! A super cool investigator is getting baptized this weekend! We are stoked. She is amazingly prepared. SHe looks up talks on and reads them all the time. This baptism has truly increased my testimony of setting goals with faith. Each week, we set goals, and not one of them can be zero, even if we don't have anything planned. Last week, we hadn't planned on having a baptism this week, but we still put "1" as our goal. Honestly, l didn't really have the faith that we'd have one, so l guess this is more of a "tender mercy" story, not one of faith :) BUT our investigadora told us that she's ready for next Saturday! We were so surprised because a lot of the details had been complicated. But... we're pretty happy :)
Well.... l will continue to pray for y'all. i'll be sending you my grown up christmas list soon, but it's just the basics: no more lives torn apart.... that wars would never start. And.. that time would heal all hearts. Hahahahaha
Peace out little trouts.
-HErmana Gomez
p.s. the picture is of that crazy poison apple thing that l tasted :)