Monday, November 11, 2013

A baptism :)

Joke of the Week: Why do seaguls live by the sea?? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!!
Quote of the Week: No hay un feo sin gracia, ni bonita sin pero.
Buenos dias hermanas y hermanos! Quiero empezar hablando como habla Obispo Delgado en cada reunion que tenemos!
This week was busy busy busy! We had a lot of success, a lot of rejection, and not enough time! l get so frustrated sometimes when l just want the time to do EVERYTHING and see EVERYONE. Sheesh.
Well on a great note, Rosio Galaso was baptized this week!!!! Everything went smoothly, the service only started 20 minutes late, which is pretty much early for a spanish ward. And she is already preparing family names to take to the temple. lt's been incredible to see how excited a person can be to make a covenant with God. Every time l see a baptism, it makes me think harder about my own covenants that l renew each week. lt's so stinking special!
We have been meeting a lot of cool part-member families who are soon going to be full member families ;) They even gave us tamales! Since the weather went down to frigid, there is a pot of tamales on pretty much every porch.
Hermana Blood's hand is getting way better! We still see the doctor about twice a week (lt's a great review for all of my pharmacy knowledge), but it's healing and keeping infection at bay :)
l loved seeing all of the letters from the other missionaries serving in the ward! l hope more and more of the youth put in their papers and get on out here to the field.
So "La obra misional" is in charge of making a turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner this sabado. But the chiste es, there is a great scarcity of women in my beloved Spanish ward who have ever cooked a turkey in their lives! On Sunday we were summoned to a room with the elders and ward mission leader, and formed a "cook a turkey" committee. Elder Taylor is pretty much a chef, so he tried to explain it all to them in spanish, but you should still pray for us! Hahaha that's what we get for trying to celebrate an American holiday.
We also attended a baby shower for our investigator's fellowshipper's wife (who we didn't know), but the greatest part was that our investigator didn't show up until after we left! Hahaha thank goodness for our nametags that eliminate awkwardness in even the most socially uncomfortable of situations. :)
Man we are stoked for Christmas. l can't believe that November is already here! We found a creepy old christmas gnome in the closet, so we put him up to decorate, and we listen to nothing but the Christmas CD's y'all sent me! (except the romantic overtones songs) l hope everybody reading this sings a Christmas song at least once a day until the 25th of diciembre! lt will make  you happy.
Welll...... l believe that is all! Keep on being good member missionaries so you don't have to squirm and feel bad when it's mentioned in EVERY CHURCH MEETING YOU ATTEND. Remember that the missionaries in your ward are there to help YOU! Not the other way around.
Paz en la tierra.
-Eldera Gomez

Pictures from the baptism!

Also, these are the glasses l want when l come home and renew my prescription! (they're Hermana BLood's :))

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