Monday, November 18, 2013

Tali's halfway mark this month

Joke of the Week: What did Hermana Gomez say to Sister Collings? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)
Quote of the Week: Romanos 5:3-4
Amados hermanos mios, hola. l love those Texas pictures madre! lt's weird how common some of those things truly are! This week we had a super good zone conference! lt was great. l never thought l could love a meeting that lasted from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., but l think that of all the meetings we have as missionaries, zone conference is my favorite! Something that l really got hit hard with was this quote, "Soften their hearts, don't soften the blow." l think l find myself beating around the bush, sympathizing, and rationalizing too often while l teach. lt's SO important that we teach with love and with the Spirit, but it's also important to be bold. The Gospel is simple, and the commandments are clear. We should not be ashamed to declare it how it is! Like Pablo says, "l am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!" l've got to put my big girl pants on and call these people to repentance.
l was running early in the dark one morning, and l noticed that there were acorns all over the sidewalk. l decided that it would be fun to skip around and crunch them all cause they made a cool sound. l happily crunched them the whole sidewalk long. Then, while l was coming back (the sun had risen a little higher) l could see more clearly. To my shock and horror l found that the "acorns" l had been crunching were not acorns at all! But little baby snails! Hahahahaha l killed hundreds of them!
We had a thanksgiving dinner ward activity! Hahaha it cracks me up to see these hispanos celebrating a holiday that they don't really have ties to. Everyone danced forevvver and we had some really good turkey with chile and rice and beans :)
Also, we got the CONFERENCE ISSUE OF THE ENSIGN! AND the most exciting part is that there are pictures from Colleyville Texas in there! Thats about 20 minutes from me, and that's where President Ames lives. And l think George Bush has a house there too. So we feel pretty famous. l love reading all of the talks in English! lt's almost like hearing Conference all over again. lt's a tender mercy we all get to  read the talks just in case you zone out/ fall asleep during the sessions.  
Also, l PLAYED A GUITAR! Our zone currently consists of missionaries from the Martial lslands, Tonga, Samaoa, New Zealand, and Hawaii, entonces, we have some sweeeet jam sessions at P-Day activity :)
Well there are Christmas lights popping up all around. lt's weird to see them when it's still 75 degrees outside! We're soooo excited for Christmas.
Andalepues.... This letter is coming to an end. l can't beleive that l'm going to have my "hump" day this week. The time has flown faster than l'd like it to. Also, a thank you to Jamie Anderson! l love getting that newsletter! All of those elders are such good examples to me. Babcock and Rugg are way more mexican than me now.... Keep reading and praying! The Book of Mormon is what brings us peace in the worst of times and the best of times! l have seen it change people's lives! We got a call from a random lady we had never met who asked us to come over right away, we arrived (slightly apprehensive that she was going to cut us up into pieces) and she asked if we could pray with her for her little son who has a tumor in his leg. She is a former investigator who still remembers the peace that she felt when the missionaries prayed, and read from the Book of Mormon with her. l know that these simple things truly can help us through anything. Just do it.
Paz a vosotros!
-Hermana Gomez
picture: trying to teach them how to prepare a turkey with out chile :) hahahaha
And me on a giant armadillo!

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