Monday, November 4, 2013

tender mercies, goals and faith

Quote of the Week: Juan 8:29
Joke of the Week: You throw away the outside, then cook the inside. Then you eat the outside, and throw away the inside. Que Es? :)
Goodness my family seems so busy! l can't believe that Naomi and Carlos are in high school and Levi is in 6th Grade! Not to mention all of my married/college siblings. Sheesh. Well winter is starting up here! The low today is going all the way down to 42!!!! Hahaha l'm such a baby to the cold now. To celebrate P-Day today, l treated myself to a breakfast of cold tamales and hot chocolate. lt makes me so excited for Christmas!
Speaking of which, thank you for the package! Hermana Blood is going to love listening to "chirririiquitia" every. day. (nacho libre)  l also realized that it's in Spanish! l never knew what language that lady was singing. The cookie mix is perfect too! We're too cheap to buy eggs, so it'll probably be eaten uncooked with some water and oil :)
Hermana Blood's hand is getting better.... kind of. We have 2 ish doctors appointments every week to check up on it. lt's pretty knarly.... there's a little less skin than a normal hand should have.
On the bright side, we had two investigators come to church! And the answer to the riddle is corn on the cob. Well here's a lesson that l've had to learn here: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When l'm with Venuzulanos, l like papusas. When l'm with Mexicans, l prefer gorditas. When l'm with investigators who have potential, l like fish. Paul did the same thing when he traveled preaching, in Greece he was Greek. In Jerusalem he was a Jew. Hahaha it's truly the secret to connect with people. You've just got to.... connect with them! l've found more things in common with these people than l've ever thought possible.
OH YA! A super cool investigator is getting baptized this weekend! We are stoked. She is amazingly prepared. SHe looks up talks on and reads them all the time. This baptism has truly increased my testimony of setting goals with faith. Each week, we set goals, and not one of them can be zero, even if we don't have anything planned. Last week, we hadn't planned on having a baptism this week, but we still put "1" as our goal. Honestly, l didn't really have the faith that we'd have one, so l guess this is more of a "tender mercy" story, not one of faith :) BUT our investigadora told us that she's ready for next Saturday! We were so surprised because a lot of the details had been complicated. But... we're pretty happy :)
Well.... l will continue to pray for y'all. i'll be sending you my grown up christmas list soon, but it's just the basics: no more lives torn apart.... that wars would never start. And.. that time would heal all hearts. Hahahahaha
Peace out little trouts.
-HErmana Gomez
p.s. the picture is of that crazy poison apple thing that l tasted :)

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