Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas is about Christ's mission to earth

Joke of the Week: Cuantas tamales en mi estomogo hay?? SIN CUENTA.
Quote of the Week: "Well our investigators didn't come to church.... but Santa Claus did!"
MEEEEERRRRRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! :) l am SO excited for Christmas! lt's FINALLY HERE! For the phone call, 8:15 is really the only time that's going to work because we have a stinking busy day on Wednesday. We have district meeting 10:30 to 1 and then appointments booked all the way till 9:30, but l'll call Aida too! 
Last week we had our Christmas Devotional, and it was AWESOME. l learned so much. We watched the movie "How Rare a Possession" and they did musical numbers that hit me hard in the soul. THe point of the Christmas Season is truly to remember CHRIST! He is the reason for the whole season. President had an elder read "the Christmas Story" from the scriptures. l loved it because he didn't start in Luke 2, but way back in la Perla de gran precio, in the premortal life. Christ's mission was declared WAY before that noche buena in Bethlehem. l am so incredibly grateful that He came to earth, fullfilled His mission, and is living now, waiting for us to remember Him! This week, l've had to sort out a few.... difficult things. l know that even when we fall short of the "expectations" we can rely on the Lord. When we mess up and when look in the mirror and aren't what we want to be, we have to remember that the Savior always loves us. The love of God doesn't change. Ever. and THAT is what the Christmas Season is all about!
OH YA!!!!! THis is totally a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!! Micaela got baptized!!!!! She is awesome, and the best part is that 3 others in the family have baptismal dates too! So next week we should be having another baptism as well. l LOVE this family. That Saturday was awesome cause the elderes had a baptism too and then we had a ward party! At the party, the youth acted out and narrated the "Tale of the Three Trees" that we always read at Christmas time! So don't worry mom, l heard it this year too :)
Sunday we were sitting during the sacrament hymn, and Elder Allen motioned to the outside foyer cause guess who was standing there? SANTA CLAUS. Hahahaha he picked up a tithing slip, and then walked right back outside. Weird things happen sometimes.
Um... l met Sister Meiners from the Crescent 8th Ward! She seems very nice. Haha when my new Zone Leader Elder Aguirre met me, he said l looked like a Sandy girl, and my companions laughed cause they thought he guessed my hometown wrong, but then l remembered that l AM a Sandy girl! Also speaking of SAndy, l may or may not have already opened Grandma's package of cookies....................... and eaten them :)
Well, l have not very much time, but merry Christmas to all! And l hope that my family travels well and that they all learn spanish so l will have a way to communicate with the world when l am home! LOVE YOU ALL! Watch the Grinch for me!
-Hermana GOmez

SO sadly the pictures of the baptism were all taken during the miliseconds l WASN'T smiling, but l promise l was happy! :)

After the Ward party with the Edleres and MELVILLE GOT A PACKAGE:)))) :) :)

 funny elderes :)

Adan y Leni the cutest twins ever! They're Micaela's nietos
Me and Leni at the party :)

 BAd pictures, but this is the primary party andthen the tale of the three trees story!

Monday, December 16, 2013

No fear - like David.

Joke of the Week: QUe dijo el pelo al otro pelo??? Peloname. hahahahaha
Quote of the Week: "Some of the greatest battles you will face will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul." -E. T. Benson
Well HEllllo from Arlington! This place is nuts. The cowboy's and ranger's stadiums are in our area, so we have been stuck in some heavy traffic with the packers game this weekend! But it's AWESOME! :)
l'm with two awesomisma hermanas named Hunter and Barret. This trio is perfect cause Barret and l have both served in Hurst, Hunter and l were in the MTC together, and Barret and Hunter grew up together in St. George! So we all have stuff in common with each other. lt's been so fun!
We also take care of two kids named Elder Melville and Elder Allen. Hahaha they are the best. Together, we make a happy little family. They even call me "tia" :)
So l came in to this area at the best moment, because we're having a baptism this Saturday! lt's the mother of a recent convert who is SO prepared for baptism! We're hoping that the next week her other daughter can be baptized too cause last time we stopped by, she asked us how she can start paying tithitng! She has seen the blessings of living the commandments in the lives of her family, and it's SO cool how quickly she has recognized the desire to have that in her own life :) SUCH A COOL FAMILY!!!! l love them.
Our apartment is saaawwweeeet. A few months ago, the Arlington 8th Hermanas were living in a different apartment, but it was very very ghetto (like most of our area) and the mission president got a TON of phone calls from members, police officers and and other people saying that the sister missionaries shouldNOT live there. So l have the good fortune of living in a brand new apartment with a WASHER AND DRYER! And it's on the 1st floor which is awesome for carrying bikes. 
Well...... ya this area is..... pretty sketch. THere's certain parts of town we can't wear red, and others where you can't wear blue! But it's alright, we've got GOd on our side. l'm reading in Samuel right now, and just finished the story of David and Goliath. David was a stinking stud, and had NO fear, so l'm going to do the same. 
Last night we performed with the Spanish Ward Choir.... Hahahhha it was so fun. Well.... l have very little time cause the library here is weird,  and l want to send pictures, but adios! lt's warmed up a ton here! lt's like..... 40 degrees to 60 degrees, but who knows, the weather is nutso here. But we're SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS! Hermana Hunter and Barret were so sweet and had a cute stocking with my name already hanging by our fireplace (yes we have a fireplace:)) 
l love this area! l love my companions and my ninos (bike elders) and the ward adn my investigators adn EVERYONE l love my whole. house. 
-Hermana GOnzalez 

for Christmas, what time would be better to call? Our schedule can be a little flexiblish, would it work in the morning around 7:30? how about l shall be calling at 8:15. ish.

Pictures of my sad farewells in Hurst... l think these are of me and Analeydi (member in the ward) Debahni (Recent convert in the ward) and my sweet Testigo de Jehova investigator who loves us named Irene

Just kidding that was with the cute Bonilla family! They're de puerto Rico and they're AWESOME less active members.

Alrighty, THIS is with cute Debahni and also with my awesome zone leaders. l miss them so stinking much. ALso Hermana Blood... THat was a sad day.

Transfers are so sad!!!!! But Elder Kaelin (english) came to Arlington with me! So that's cool :)

Crazy Bike Elders and l jamming out to techno remix of "lf You Could High to Kolob"

We went to Freebirds to start teh transfer and left our mark with the cool tin foil things they do there! Also, Melville ate a HUGE BURRITO

Still more pictures! We are photographers this transfer :)

l'm a photo ruiner. Also we saw santa claus? Hahaha super awkward when he tried to make me sit on his lap!

Matching for the concert! Also.... sometimes l get carsick?

MORE PICTURES :) This is our lovely ward choir :) Also, Elder Allen can fit a lot of cookies in his mouth.

Phew. That was a lot of pictures :) lt's mainly because they're all on my companeras cameras, so l need a way to keep them saved. But if you can't tell, this weekend was SO FUN.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tali's mission to ICELAND!

Joke of the  Week: The. Weather. In. Texas.
Quote of the Week: "l haven't looked this stupid since l walked into Cafe Rio in  my footie pajamas!"
Hey remember when l got my mission call to lceland?.......ya. me neither.
First of all......... l have never wished so heartily for a pair of ice skates. lt would have been WAY more efficient than my trusty old rain boots. The world here in Texas has recently become a giant ice rink! Texas hasn't seen this much ice and snow for about 4 years! Hence..... we were banned from using our cars for the weekend. The funny thing about the world here is that NO ONE knows what to do in snow! No one owns shovels, snow plows don't exist, and the best ice scrapers we found were our name tags.
We don't even live in our area, so it was a bit frustrating to spend most of the day walking/slipping/falling/running. BUT it was SO FUN! :) We got to help a TON of cars on the highway get unstuck and push them out of the snow. People thought we were insane walking around in 18-25 degree weather, but we wore all the clothes we have so it wasn't too bad.
We were walking around (like they did in The Day After Tomorrow) with NO ONE outside or willing to open their doors, and a member called us and said that her less active sister (who happened to live half a mile away from where we were) was thinking about us and wanted to invite us over to eat tamales and hot chocolate! We were so happy cause it was Sunday and were pretty low on food, and would have taken approximately 24 hours to walk to our dinner appointment. But ya, little blessings like that just abounded :)
Well.... other news is that..... l am leaving Hurst. l never would have thought l'd be genuinely sad to  leave a companion after 3 transfers together, but alas, Hermana Blood and l are going to be parting..... l'm going to Arlington (home of the Cowboys) and will be in a trio with Hermana Hunter (roommate from MTC!) and Hermana Barrett (the native SPANIARD!). l'm so excited. l've heard a TON of good things about Arlington cause Hurst, Fort Worth, and Arlington are the three Spanish Wards in teh mission! And l've been blessed enough have served in all three!
Last week.... l was TERRIFIED that l would be transferred right before Christmas and my "white christmas" planned.... but last night l had a crazy dream that l got transferred to the Montana mission ENGLISH speaking! l was soooooo angry with President and l woke up SO happy to be here. A phrase from one of my favorite scriptures was stuck in my head as l ran this morning, "l am wont to swim in deep waters." l know that leaving this "home" for Christmas will be hard, but it's a matter of giving up what l want NOW for what l want MOST. And what l want most if to become a disciple of Christ. The song "l'll Go Where You Want Me To Go" is much easier said than done, but the Lord always always knows better than we do.
l was on an exchange with an english sister, and she was sharing her "bucket list." But it wasn't a list of "to-do's", but of "to-be's." So instead of "learn to play the piano" it was to be "a piano player"  or "spanish speaker" or "exerciser" or "peace-maker." l LOVE that! When we die, l'm sure that we won't be thinking about all of the cool things we did, but we'll be thinking about who we've become.
Well paz a vosotros, my new address will be: 1225 Vincent St. #1111 Fort Worth, TX 76120
THank you for the Christmas package! The tights and socks saved me! And l'm so excited to unwrap the presents :) l love you all!
-Hermana Gomez


Hurst South zone for the win!!!!  (the cool ones are spanish and slightly less cool are english) :)
Here is the big road bridge highway that we cross! We are in pants cause we thought we were going to do service and shovel people's driveways.... turns out no one owns shovels
lt's pretty frigid.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dreaming of a white Christmas :)

Joke of the Week: Why do seagul live by the sea? CAuse if the lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!
Quote of the Week: The human mind is loath to search deeply into anything it desires not to believe. -James E. Talmage
l hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had WAY too much food. Hahaha l still wasn't hungry for dinner after FAST Sunday! We visited 5 different members, all of which tried to feed us a complete meal. Interestingly enough, we didn't eat any potatoes, green bean casserole, or pie. Haha turns out hispanics eat rice and beans and chile with turkey too! And flan :P l don't like flan. But besides the fact that l wanted to die, it was a wonderful day.
To answer your question about if l will be transferred.......... NOOOOO. Next week is transfers and l'm praying that l will NOT LEAVE. Haha Hermana Blood and l do NOT want to leave!!!!! But.. alas Dios always has His own plan. But l think it would be cruel to make misioneros change areas right before Christmas.... Come what may and love it l suppose.... but l DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE HURST!!!!!! l remember thinking that spending more than 2 transfers with a companion would be super hard, but we're finishing up the 3rd together and we're down for at least 1 more.
Well last night we had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators! We set his marriage and baptism dates for the 27th and 28th of December! We're going to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!! :) l'm so so so so excited. Plus a wedding. We're already picking out the colors and planning the cute decorations :) (a.k.a. l can NOT get transferred.)
This week has been super frustrating, but then after every frustrating moment, God sends a tender mercy (like part member referrals!) to help us out. The frustrating parts are just..... l feel like we're talking to people who are SO thirsty. They tell us all about how much they need water, and how dry their throats are. They go on and on and on and on about this terrible state of thirst they they're in. BUT when we tell them that we've got water, they don't accept it! They NEED to drink, but right now they're just to thirsty to accept our water. And once their thirst goes away, they'll be ready to drink our water.
And that's what's kind of frustrating. But man, when it clicks in their hearts that we have what their looking for, it's AWESOME. lt just... takes time.
Well, that's an excerpt from my brain today! l can not believe that's it's diciembre already! November flew by so stinking fast. My trainee Hermana Blood will be going HOME in just a year! (on Christmas Eve how cool is that!?) Time is nuts. And speaking of nuts, l love nuts. lt's a weird addiction l've acquired on my mission. Once a week when we have to buy something at the gas station to get quarters back for laundry, l ALWAYS get nuts. And to think l used to throw away the packets from my McDonalds hot fudge sundaes.... Missions change people.   
Life is good here in the biggest (except for Alaska) dumbest state ever! Um.... l need some new tights soon.... black or grey thick opaque ones. And sticky notes too! l hope y'all had a wonderful Black Friday! Oh and Thanksgiving too :)
Peace out home slices
-Hermana Gomez

La familia Bencomo and our little investigator Angelica!
La Familia Lopez who has the CUTEST little boy Adrian! He first called me an "eldera." We eat with them every jueves :) 
Our recent convert Haydee from Peru! She is so sweet :)
Me by "Flippin Way" hahahaha