Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas is about Christ's mission to earth

Joke of the Week: Cuantas tamales en mi estomogo hay?? SIN CUENTA.
Quote of the Week: "Well our investigators didn't come to church.... but Santa Claus did!"
MEEEEERRRRRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! :) l am SO excited for Christmas! lt's FINALLY HERE! For the phone call, 8:15 is really the only time that's going to work because we have a stinking busy day on Wednesday. We have district meeting 10:30 to 1 and then appointments booked all the way till 9:30, but l'll call Aida too! 
Last week we had our Christmas Devotional, and it was AWESOME. l learned so much. We watched the movie "How Rare a Possession" and they did musical numbers that hit me hard in the soul. THe point of the Christmas Season is truly to remember CHRIST! He is the reason for the whole season. President had an elder read "the Christmas Story" from the scriptures. l loved it because he didn't start in Luke 2, but way back in la Perla de gran precio, in the premortal life. Christ's mission was declared WAY before that noche buena in Bethlehem. l am so incredibly grateful that He came to earth, fullfilled His mission, and is living now, waiting for us to remember Him! This week, l've had to sort out a few.... difficult things. l know that even when we fall short of the "expectations" we can rely on the Lord. When we mess up and when look in the mirror and aren't what we want to be, we have to remember that the Savior always loves us. The love of God doesn't change. Ever. and THAT is what the Christmas Season is all about!
OH YA!!!!! THis is totally a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!! Micaela got baptized!!!!! She is awesome, and the best part is that 3 others in the family have baptismal dates too! So next week we should be having another baptism as well. l LOVE this family. That Saturday was awesome cause the elderes had a baptism too and then we had a ward party! At the party, the youth acted out and narrated the "Tale of the Three Trees" that we always read at Christmas time! So don't worry mom, l heard it this year too :)
Sunday we were sitting during the sacrament hymn, and Elder Allen motioned to the outside foyer cause guess who was standing there? SANTA CLAUS. Hahahaha he picked up a tithing slip, and then walked right back outside. Weird things happen sometimes.
Um... l met Sister Meiners from the Crescent 8th Ward! She seems very nice. Haha when my new Zone Leader Elder Aguirre met me, he said l looked like a Sandy girl, and my companions laughed cause they thought he guessed my hometown wrong, but then l remembered that l AM a Sandy girl! Also speaking of SAndy, l may or may not have already opened Grandma's package of cookies....................... and eaten them :)
Well, l have not very much time, but merry Christmas to all! And l hope that my family travels well and that they all learn spanish so l will have a way to communicate with the world when l am home! LOVE YOU ALL! Watch the Grinch for me!
-Hermana GOmez

SO sadly the pictures of the baptism were all taken during the miliseconds l WASN'T smiling, but l promise l was happy! :)

After the Ward party with the Edleres and MELVILLE GOT A PACKAGE:)))) :) :)

 funny elderes :)

Adan y Leni the cutest twins ever! They're Micaela's nietos
Me and Leni at the party :)

 BAd pictures, but this is the primary party andthen the tale of the three trees story!


  1. She hears it every year and I've never heard the tale of three trees?

  2. Its good to be busy doing good things for Christ on Christmas!