Monday, December 16, 2013

No fear - like David.

Joke of the Week: QUe dijo el pelo al otro pelo??? Peloname. hahahahaha
Quote of the Week: "Some of the greatest battles you will face will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul." -E. T. Benson
Well HEllllo from Arlington! This place is nuts. The cowboy's and ranger's stadiums are in our area, so we have been stuck in some heavy traffic with the packers game this weekend! But it's AWESOME! :)
l'm with two awesomisma hermanas named Hunter and Barret. This trio is perfect cause Barret and l have both served in Hurst, Hunter and l were in the MTC together, and Barret and Hunter grew up together in St. George! So we all have stuff in common with each other. lt's been so fun!
We also take care of two kids named Elder Melville and Elder Allen. Hahaha they are the best. Together, we make a happy little family. They even call me "tia" :)
So l came in to this area at the best moment, because we're having a baptism this Saturday! lt's the mother of a recent convert who is SO prepared for baptism! We're hoping that the next week her other daughter can be baptized too cause last time we stopped by, she asked us how she can start paying tithitng! She has seen the blessings of living the commandments in the lives of her family, and it's SO cool how quickly she has recognized the desire to have that in her own life :) SUCH A COOL FAMILY!!!! l love them.
Our apartment is saaawwweeeet. A few months ago, the Arlington 8th Hermanas were living in a different apartment, but it was very very ghetto (like most of our area) and the mission president got a TON of phone calls from members, police officers and and other people saying that the sister missionaries shouldNOT live there. So l have the good fortune of living in a brand new apartment with a WASHER AND DRYER! And it's on the 1st floor which is awesome for carrying bikes. 
Well...... ya this area is..... pretty sketch. THere's certain parts of town we can't wear red, and others where you can't wear blue! But it's alright, we've got GOd on our side. l'm reading in Samuel right now, and just finished the story of David and Goliath. David was a stinking stud, and had NO fear, so l'm going to do the same. 
Last night we performed with the Spanish Ward Choir.... Hahahhha it was so fun. Well.... l have very little time cause the library here is weird,  and l want to send pictures, but adios! lt's warmed up a ton here! lt's like..... 40 degrees to 60 degrees, but who knows, the weather is nutso here. But we're SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS! Hermana Hunter and Barret were so sweet and had a cute stocking with my name already hanging by our fireplace (yes we have a fireplace:)) 
l love this area! l love my companions and my ninos (bike elders) and the ward adn my investigators adn EVERYONE l love my whole. house. 
-Hermana GOnzalez 

for Christmas, what time would be better to call? Our schedule can be a little flexiblish, would it work in the morning around 7:30? how about l shall be calling at 8:15. ish.

Pictures of my sad farewells in Hurst... l think these are of me and Analeydi (member in the ward) Debahni (Recent convert in the ward) and my sweet Testigo de Jehova investigator who loves us named Irene

Just kidding that was with the cute Bonilla family! They're de puerto Rico and they're AWESOME less active members.

Alrighty, THIS is with cute Debahni and also with my awesome zone leaders. l miss them so stinking much. ALso Hermana Blood... THat was a sad day.

Transfers are so sad!!!!! But Elder Kaelin (english) came to Arlington with me! So that's cool :)

Crazy Bike Elders and l jamming out to techno remix of "lf You Could High to Kolob"

We went to Freebirds to start teh transfer and left our mark with the cool tin foil things they do there! Also, Melville ate a HUGE BURRITO

Still more pictures! We are photographers this transfer :)

l'm a photo ruiner. Also we saw santa claus? Hahaha super awkward when he tried to make me sit on his lap!

Matching for the concert! Also.... sometimes l get carsick?

MORE PICTURES :) This is our lovely ward choir :) Also, Elder Allen can fit a lot of cookies in his mouth.

Phew. That was a lot of pictures :) lt's mainly because they're all on my companeras cameras, so l need a way to keep them saved. But if you can't tell, this weekend was SO FUN.

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