Monday, January 27, 2014

A crocodile in a vest

Joke of the Week: What do you call a crocodile in a vest?? An INVESTIGATOR!!!!
Quote of the Week: La vida te trata como tu quieres que te trate." -Nanci Campos. A cool miembro :)
Well this week was AWESOME!!!! We had six investigators at church! Haha l know that numbers aren't important, but being 5th on the mission "top 8" is pretty cool :) We were up on the stand doing the music for sacramental and the Young Women's program, and only 2 of our people were there. THere was a family of 3 that we had REALLY been counting on showing up. But after l played the opening hymn, l looked out again, and 4 more people had walked in!!!!!! We pretty much shouted for joy up on the stand in front of everyone. 
l'm so extremely fond of these families :)
That's sweet that Elder Camacho is in our area! We're going to stop by his family this week for sure. Hna. Garcia must have seen a facebook post or something about him, cause she tried to call us yesterday about it, but we had at cita and the phone was cutting out, so l didn't really get what she said. But that's so cool!!!! 
Well this week has been a week of growing in "wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man." More fully than l can explain here. But in the stature part, we've been on a pushup craze in this district. l did 500 on Wednesday! And between Allen, Burningham, Hunter and l, we did over 2000 in one day! AND l ran a 6 minute mile again. l'm gonna P.R. this transfer. ANd Hna. Hunter ran one on under 10!
Next week we're going to the temple!!! l haven't been at all since the MTC, so l'm excited. l've also never seen a sealing, and President gave us permission to be children in a sealing! lt will be so cool. Especially in Spanish!
This week has been so crazy. We miss Hna. Barrett and Elder Melville a lot but, it's alright *sniff. Elder Boogieman (l served with him in Hurst) and Elder Burningham are here now, and they're great missionaries. 
THe work here is going AWESOME. We've had so many cool experiences that l'll just have to read to y'all from my journal someday. l know that this church is true! lt's truly the only thing that "moth and rust" won't corrupt. We've just got to pick the right treasures. lf our treasures are in the world, our hearts will be in the world. l find myself trying to give my whole heart to GOd, while my treasures are stuck on worldy things. Like J.K. Rowling profoundly quotes, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Harry Potter rocks. 
Keep reading the scriptures. Pray always. And for goodness sakes, go to church. lf seeing people at church makes a silly misionera like me extremely happy, just IMAGINE what God feels when His children keep the sabbath day holy. 
con carino,
Hermana Banana


With la familia Vasquez. Luisito is one of my most favorite small children on the planet!
No te comas a pedro!!!
The last night with our little familia :( love these people to death!!!!!

Elder Allen gave me some starburst wrappers for my chain.... and he left a message for us :P Sicko elderes.
Pizza making adventure with Alicia y Stevie!

that message on the wrappers dice "l opened all of these with my tongue jk :) elder allen"
And more pizza adventure! Plus a picture we took in the apartamento where we look like Giants

oh ya that picture with the huge bottles of water is cause we are trying to be more hydrated! Hahaha we had to use the bathroom SO Much that day!

driving adventures!

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