Monday, January 13, 2014

Don't Eat Pete!

Joke of the Week: Two peanuts walked down a dark alley. One was asalted.............PEANUT :)
Quote of the Week: "l'm not sexist cause sexism is wrong. And being wrong is for women."
Well can l just say that every single day in my journal this week starts out with the WRONG date??? l either mess up the year or the day. But l just can't help it cause time FLIES SO FAST!!!!! D: This is the last week of the transfer! l feel like l just barely unpacked my stuff here in Arlington, and yet 6 weeks have already flown by.
To my mother, l will have you know, that the noche de hogar game of the week has been DON'T EAT PETE! (No te comes a pedro) And everyone loves it.
This week was AWESOME!!! Our district had 3 baptisms this weekend! One of them was my ALICIA!!!! She is awesome. lf feels like just yesterday l asked her if she was down to get baptized (in those exact words) and she said, "ya l'm down!"
And she really did! l can't even explain how much we love that family. Her sister should be getting baptized this weekend if she can get married thsi week. Pray for them!
COol story! So one of my ward mission leaders knows the Gomezes in Piedras Negras! He remembered Rubi, la hija del patriarcha Gomez. His name is Jose Villanueva y sus abuelos son Antonia y Jose Paulino Villanueva. Woohoo for family connections! 
Also, Hna. Garcia is STOKED that we're Arredondos!!! Her kids Stevie and Mayra
 are officially my cousins :) 
We also had entrevistas with President Ames this week! He couldn't be more different that President Sagers was.... Hahaha with Pres. Sagers, we were in and out within a few minutes, but with Pres. Ames, it's always WAY behind schedule. But that's good because we truly have a chance to talk with him. The revelation that he recieves is REAL. 
We found a super cool part member family last night. For some reason, finding and teaching them helped me "catch the wave" once again :) l love this work! 
Word of caution.... always be nice to new comers at church. ALWAYS. nuff said.
lf anyone could find a CD with "Cri Cri" children songs on it..... that'd be awesome 
Paz. LEs quiero bastante. Parangaricutirimicuaro. Paricuti.
-Hermana Gomez

So..... an english elder thinks that spray on tan is a good idea....... But he really just looks like an Oompa Loompa.

 No te comes a Pedro!!! 
And fun times in the car :)

Se bautizo!!!!!! And sleepy elderes after we had an IHOP Baptism celebration. :)

Arredondo primos!

Pictures from Hna Barrett's camera :) Haha... sometimes studying spanish isn't as interesting as it should be


  1. Very Productive Week! I'm happy to say that we did baptisms for Rob's deceased aunts and uncle. Can we count that for missionary work?