Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No more tripanionship for Tali

Joke of the Week: What did the baby corn say to the mom corn? A: Where's Popcorn???
Quote of the Week: lf 4/5 people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean that one person enjoys it? 
Hahahaha please excuse the crudeness of my quote this week, it's just hilarious. Some of our members tell us the darndest things. :) 
Well transfers are here again! l am.......(drum roll) STAYING IN ARLINGTON!!! :) Hermana Hunter is too, but our dear mama Hna. BArrett is going to die in Copperas Cove. No more tripanionship. But we're so excited to be staying. They're also taking out the two ingles speaking companionships in our district so that we're all spanish!!! We're way sad to see them go, but Spanish districts are bomb.
Also, mijo Elder Melville is leaving too....he's off to his second area. l have never seen a ward so attached to a little greenie elder. They call him "el minion" from Despicable Me. Hahaha he's the best.
Well we've had to change our baptismal date for Gabby because she wants to get baptized with her son! And he is SO ready! (Gabby is the sister of my last convert Alicia) This family is on FIRE! We're so excited for them! Alicia told us last week that she feels like she can do anything now that she has the Gospel in her life. She's been coming to work out with us in the mornings, and basically we just love her and her kids to death. the spirit world. judgement. and immortality. and beyond :)
Question, did y'all say that there is family in the ward from Paraguay? Cause if so, you should ask them if they know Guarani. it's a sweet dialect that l may or may not be trying to learn. >:) Stevie (who still needs to be accepted as my friend on facebook) served a mission there and is teaching us how to speak it! 
News flash: Kelly Clarkson is from Burleson! That was totally my first area! l feel famous.
Here is another cool slightly non-spiritual story. So last week one of my companions had a dentist emergency, and so l was in the waiting room for a bit. A lady sat down and noticed that l was reading the Old Testament. We started talking about the Bible. Eventually, we got talking about her childhood. Turns out, she grew up on the same property of FRANKLIN AND ELEANOR ROOSEVELT! Her parents worked on their orchards. Eleanor would invite all six of teh kids to go and have tea and crumpets with them! And FDR's dog had puppies adn gave one to this lady! ANd one time when she and her mother were cleaning out the Roosevelt's attic, and Eleanor gave them a cowboy hat signed to her from Gene Autry! 
l was pretty astounded. Almost as astounded as l was when l remembered that yesterday l hit 11 months. sick.
l am so happy to be here. The moments, memories, and experiences l've had here are more precious than... anything. l love these people so much! l hope that Carlos and Levi are getting excited, because it's da best. (Nacho Libre voice) 
Well, l've got to make me some CD's and send some pictures, so PaZ a vosotros!
-Hermana GOmez

*THe best part about trios is that one of us can entertain the kids while the other two are teaching! My rotation is always with this cool cat Luisito who plays minecraft :)
*Ninja Tortugas. Gift from Stevie :) 
*Teaching English to Hna. Vasquez! 
*ANd... sometiems we see random gangsters riding horses by the highway adn we stop and they pose for a picture!
*Planning day l found a HUGE piece of popcorn! 
*And happy birthday to Stevie! He has personalized shoes that  match his shirt. sick.
*Birthday party/lunch at Babe's Chicken! THey made him do the chicken dance. hahaha so funny. But l think he was actually doing merengue
*the whole crew :) And little Lizzie :)
*OH ya, Elder Homer has a typewriter....
Arlington east zone! yay! Transfers are so sad :(

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