Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A successful month for Tali !

Joke of the Week: What is (Feb. 20, 2013)+(1 year)???? THIS WEEK???
QUote of the Week: "God may be hard, but he sure ain't blind."
So due to President's day we didn't get to email yesterday, entonces, l'm emailing today on this lovely non-P-day
l hope you all had a happy valentine's day!!! Those boxes are sweet! l had been talking up the creativity of my family to Hna. Hunter, and y'all pulled through :) 
Thank you so much for the Valentine's day packages (Blake Boekweg y familia)! We truly needed that chocolate. And we always need stickers to keep kids quiet. Jaja they're the best distraction we've found. We leave the kdis looking like a hallmark card! And thank you for the Cri Cri!!! 
Man this week has been like a roller coaster. The ups have been really high ups! This Valentine's day, we got to our dinner appointment, and the investigator called us as we pulled up to tell us that she was still like 45 minutes away. We didn't really know what to do cause that's a super awkward time and she doesn't live in our area. The lazy part of me was like, "Well it's dinner hour, we can just take a nap for a few minutes in the car!" But, l had a feeling that we should stop by Lili Moya. She's an inactive lady who neither of us had ever met cause she NEVER opens the door to church people. lt didn't even make sense to go, cause she lived like 15 minutes away from dinner, entonces we'd only have like 10 minutes to talk to her IF she opened the door. But the impression was there, so we went. And she OPENED THE DOOR! We were able to talk with her and set up another appointment and meet her daughter (who is not baptized and over 8 :)). lt was truly a miracle. God has been blessing us with these tiny miracles a LOT lately. And then we got to dinner and the cute investigator had presents for us. Such a good day! 
OH YA! So.... we just barely heard that the OLYMPICS are going on??? We had no idea. 
The Mendez kids got baptized!!!! lt... took ALL of my heart, might, mind, soul, and... patience. Satan definitely did NOT want that family to be baptized because he tried EVERYTHING to stop it. But lo and behold... it's done. l love that family so much! The numbers aren't really important, but they help the ward to trust us. Before l got here, this area hadn't had a baptism since July. But in just 2 months we've had 5! All of the members are getting excited again! Arlington 8th is gonna be unstoppable!!!! :)
One day this roller coaster week, l was feeling very down. lt was like all of the plans we had made just crashed down. l was brought to repentance in many ways, and just feeling like a failure. So l woke up the next morning and hopped on over to the treadmill and started running. l was about 5 minutes in when l decided to see how fast l could to a 5K. Jaja it's been a LONG time since l've done that. But anyway, l started pushing myself a little more. THe last mile l kept myself goign by shouting out Alma 46:12 and "Eye of the Tiger" (Hna. Hunter thought l was nuts) And l finished in 20:30! That's a P.R.!!!!!!! l just kept thinking, "how can l ask people to give up smoking, drinking, work on sundays, etc., it l don't ever do hard things?" How dare l talk about "enduring to the end" if l can't even make myself run fast?Jajaja basically the dam broke that was holding back all of my running metaphors. 
Hmm.... Someone told me that l look like an Argentin. Jaja but not a mexican. Also.... this week we ate cow brain soup again..:P Not my favorite.
Hijole, well l believe that that is all of the stories l can muster from my brain! OH YA!!! We did a full bike day. lt was awesome. The weather here is perfectisimoo. 

-Hermana Gonzalez


hehe we're #1 in the mission!!! loco!!!!! 
Waiting for a train
Cholas for P-day actividad
Baking birthday cupcakes for people
"Companionship of the month" with our "crowns" hahaha
silly elders :) l forgot to mention that this week was Zone Conference AND Zone training. AWESOME los dos. l can't write more cause this is just for a picture, but l loved them both.
Us and Juanita Mendez  :)
under the creepy bridge!
Escobedos got a dog! (members, recent converts, and investigators)
Outside lessons are my favorite!
Waiting for the font to fill up. jajaja did you know that taking pictures relieves stress?
FROM LAST TRANSFER: Crazy hat p-day! And when the new "no elders in sister's cars" policy came about, our car felt real lonely, so we put a pineapple there instead, and the elders got sooo jealous that we had replaced them. Jajajaja missionaries have no lives.
Random things in Arlington. The Walmarts have giant footballs and baseballs on them and Longhorns things. lt made me think of the Blakes!
Elder Camacho's plaque! 
First birthday party for Vincent and Nashley Escobedo :) (primos not twins)
Escobedo babies and the Mendez family!
Hahaha Mendez fun :) 
And we got the elders donuts cause we needed to feel charity for them :P
First eagle scout in the spanish ward EVER! 
So we decided to make a super cute calender this month, and look how full it is!!! We're never gonna be hungry again! Advertising skills come in handy.
Bicicletas :)

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