Monday, February 10, 2014

I love being a misionera!

Joke of the Week: Why do seagulls live by the sea? Cause if they lived by the bay they'd be bagels!!!!
Quote of the Week: "It's our choices that define us far more than our abilities."
To answer the questions: Transfers are on March 5th. l have NO clue about where l'll go... Guessing transfer doctrine is strictly not advised :) Elder Allen has been here for one more than me, and his companion Elder Burningham has been here for almost one! Allen is the district leader. Allen is pretty much a dead man. Goes home in like 3 weeks! In spanish wards, we have lots of missionaries, and we 're with them a lot! Although not as much lately because President made a new rule that elders and sisters can't ride together, so they've had to find members to take them lots of places. And they fixed my flat tire, and replaced the tubes. Haha l still don't really know how to do it myself cause there's always bike elders to do it for me! 
 Elder Boekweg turns 20 on the 15th! 
Speaking of the 15th.... we're gonna have a bunch of baptisms!!!!!! We're so excited. This week has been crazy. We had a TON of inspiredly awesome plans, and God just kind of turned them upside down and made things His way. But it's ok. Because the things that we gained and learned were what we really needed. lt's amazing how He works. 
La familia Mendez is all ready to be baptized! Those kids have scared us a little porque son bien tercos, pero they're ready. l haven't prayed that hard for someone for a long time. ln my journal, l refer to them as the "Mendez milagritos" or the Miracle Mendezes. They are the best. 
We're also hoping that things work out for the Escobedos for this Saturday. lt's been a long time coming with that family. God is definitely giving them a test of patience. We went with Alicia to a fireside that President Ames did in Hurst. lt was exactly what she and we needed after a trying domingo. (except it was good cause 6 people came to church again!!!!!):) AND at the fireside, l saw Yesenia from Fort Worth and Alexa from Hurst!!!!!!!!! And Hermana Blood and a bunch of other people! lt was like all of my areas were squished into one tiny moment. Weird as menudo, but awesome as mole. 
Man l love being a misionera. Life is full of crazy moments like when a 3 year old shoves a cupcake into your companion's face screaming "MORDIDA" or when your recent convert buys you a coffee on the sabbath cause it's cold outside, or when you are punished for letting children sit on your lap with a nasty flu virus and you puke for 24 hours straight.... :) lt's a good life. 
 Well on Sunday, the high council guy spoke about the talk "Su gracia es suficiente" By Brad Wilcox. l forgot how much l love that talk. Haha the piano lesson analogy was a little less effective on the spanish ward audience, but asi es. Cristo doesn't make up the difference, He makes ALL of the difference. And we're always worthy to try to keep trying.
l believe that's all l have time to say this week. l love you all. l hope you all have a very..... appropriate love filled valentine's day this week! We're trying for a wedding :) Cross your fingers and pray. Hasta Ver.
-Hermana Gomez


Coolest service ever!!!! Making gorras de Despicable Me and failing at making chocolate bowl balloon things....

Hna. Montoya reminds me of Camilla cause she's SO crafty! She crochets, makes cool cake balls, and can braid my hair after l get it in the chocolate bowl balloon things :) Um... these are all very random photos.

Whenever we have to wait for stuff.... we take pictures :) And sometimes trains stop us for like 40 minutes and then we're late for our appointments :P

Ya for the foggy baptismal font!!!! This is at the baptism that the Elderes had last Saturday. 
And this is me with Yesenia at the fireside. We started teaching her last summer, and right after l left, she got baptized. lt was SO good to see her!!!!!!!! 
And Hna's Blood, Tanner and l had to get a picture to remember our fun times in Hurst :) l love them!

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