Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tali got to go to the TEMPLE !!

Joke of the Week: What mexican food won't shut up? a TACO!!!!! (that one got us a  baptismal date this week :))
Quote of the Week: "From the earliest times, the old have rubbed it into the young that they are wiser than they, and before the young had discovered what nonsense this was, they were old too, and it profitted them to carry on the imposture." -W. Somerset
HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!! l didn't email on Monday cause we changed our P-day to today so we could go to the TEMPLE!!!! :) For the first time in almost a year. lt was awesome. Hna. Garcia took us and the elderes to do some of her family names. l didn't even know that there's new movies and stuff! l also did a sealing for the first time! ln SPANISH! lt was so cool. Hna. Garcia was doing all of the work for her mother, tios, and abuela. lt was awesome. And they were all Arredondo's! So l probably did some of MY family history too! AND the person l did the endowment for was born TODAY! So she got her stuff done on her birthday!!!! l was stoked.
Man this week has been crazy. This week we were ranked as the third companionship in teh whole mission! Haha l never get on that list. So we be pretty contentas :)
Man... this week started out pretty rough. Straight up heart breaking to be exact... Complications with teaching people and stuff, but it turned out AWESOME. Our people came to church AGAIN! l wish y'all could meet these families. They're great. THe Mendez kids are so cool. And the Escobedo family is on fire! We finally talked with the dad, and he pretty much told us that he was gettign baptized on the 15th with his daughter. l don't know why l got so blessed to be here with them right now, but l love it.
So.... our obispo is super worried about the jovenes in the ward. He was talking to us about the importance of keeping internet sites monitored ("monitor"ed hahaha) and making sure that everything is appropriate. lt's SO true. Pornografia is soooo destructive. We were actually asked to disable a facebook account for a worried mother. l just hope that all of you are doing great at home.... be wise. what can l say more?
lt's been a good week. l need to sign off so l can have time to write some of my lovely friends too, but thank you so much for all of the support that you've given me! l hope that y'alll aren't freezing too much in Utah! Oh ya! The JAZZ are coming here to play at the stadium! We're going to have to plan some tracking in down town that night ;) hehehe only joking.
Paz a vosotros familia.

l do'nt think l ever sent these pictures of Barrett's last day with us, but here they are now! We're with the fmailia Vasquez :) SO long goodbye Hna. Barrett :(

So... sometimes we play a game called stoplights where we have to drink the WHOLE time we're at a red light. It's to help with hydration :)


Temple! it's like 0 degrees out side..

And the way home :) Good p-day.

An elder tried on my coat hahaha :)

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