Monday, March 31, 2014

What WAS that feeling?

Joke of the Week: Como se dice "dedo" en japones? Sacamocos. Hahaha 
Quote of the Week: Rejection will never hurt as long as regret.
Holy moly it's been a good week! The Conferencia for all of the women was fantastic! THe video montage topped the growing old scene in Up. So stinking cute!  Hmm... Random news is that l met the brother and sister in law of Heather Tyler here! They're trying to brush up on some spanish skills so they came to our ward!
Cool story! Talking to a guy outside his house, we started a little 10 minute lesson with a prayer. After the prayer, he was close to tears, and said "What WAS that feeling? l have NEVER felt anything like that in my life!" Testimony builder for sure. This man told us that he lets missionaries of all faiths talk to him, and he's attended the catholic church his whole life, but he's never felt "that feeling" before. He said that he doesn't know what our church is about, but that it's special :) Awesome. Possum.
We did a sweet 8 mile bike ride last week for an appointment, and it was SO FUN! Haha l didn't tell Hna. Gooie how long it'd be until AFTER we got home :) 
l have not too much time. Adios! 
Pictures: a street for Naomi and
 An elder wants us to get fat, so he gave us TONS of candy. Haha great for Noches de Hogares!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Stop worrying, it will work out!

Joke of the Week: Why did the pie go to the dentist? Cause he needed a filling!

Buenos dias! La vida aqui en Tejas sigue igual.... fantastica! Haha l don't know if "fantastica" is a palabra that is used in real life, pero no importa :)
l can't believe that Naomi and Carlos are already old enough to have their wisdom teeth taken out. l expect good pictures of their fat faces after! 
This week was quite the party. (By party l mean missionary work) We got out on the bikes again! Hna. Vanballegooie is such a good sport and completely open to learning how to ride. The weather is turning beautiful! We've just got to take advantage of every moment before it turns into an Easy-Bake-Oven.
Speaking of ovens, this morning l decided that (since it's p-day) l was going to use up the old things in the pantry left from old missionaries, and make cookies! The recipe is basically a packet of oatmeal, really old waffle mix, half moldy applesauce, and baking powder! No eggs, no sugar. And they actually turned out pretty yummy! l was so proud. My companion wouldn't touch them though. 
We met a super cool family last night! lt was a referral out in the boonies of our area, and we were surprised to have a family welcome us into their house with hugs! They're a super sweet, open family who is ready to learn about God. The kids all like to read and were excited to learn how to pray. One little girl is deaf, and so my minimal ASL skills are coming in handy! Haha it made me realize how comfortable l am speaking in spanish (as opposed to signing).
Patience has been a hard one for me this week. One of our investigators is SO ready to be baptized. She's sharing the Gospel, talking to her friends about "her church," preparing for the temple, and just started the Libro de Mormon for the 2nd time! BUT.... there are details that need fixing before she can bautizarse. This morning l was reading in Psalms (l am more that halfway done with the old testamento!) and for about 3 chapters in a row, the Spirit told me "STOP WORRYING. lt will work out. God has his own time schedule." Entonces.... l have to stop worrying. 
The Big Bang Theory is gold-plated. And God definitely exists. When l heard that news, it kind of made me excited to go back to college :) 
Espero que les vayan muy bien! Echen le ganas y sigan adelante. 

Yes l may have taken a selfie while biking
about wisdom teeth day 2 Nefi 9:28-29

Monday, March 17, 2014

swimming through jello

Quote of the Week: The harder l work, the luckier l get.
Joke of the Week: What's Enos' last name? Jacobson!!!!! hahahaha
Buenos dias mi familia. Espero que esten bien alla en la tierra del norte. De cierto de cierto os digo que hace bastante tiempo que les escribo en el lenguaje de vuestros padres, quienes son.... los lamanitas! 
DAD: Para que sepa, se lo di su numero a unos miembros aqui. Ellos van a ir a la conferencia general en Abril, y unos nunca han viajado por avion, y no conocen muy bien Salt Lake. Entonces... les dije que le llamen si tengan dudas o problemas :)
Well l can't believe that Dallin, Aaron, Tyson, and Dallin are all home again! That's crazy. Loco que Levi spoke at Dallin's homecoming, and l spoke at his farewell! l still see kids who are about 8 years old and think, "oh they're just like Levi!" And then l remember that Levi is basically ancient now! 
This last week the weather has been bipolar! One day it's above 80 and the next it's back down below 40. 
We've got some almost solid baptismal dates.... but the work is slowing down. lt's so frustrating! l feel like we're trying to swim and kick through jello. But have no fear! We're planning like crazy, working our tails off (lf we had them to begin with) and ready to seguir the lucha con el jello. We're going to be successful here. 
Hahaha so there's a little girl here who can't say "misionera," so she calls us "cantineras" ......which is NOT the same. hahaha it cracks me up. 
So l was on an exchange with a member who lives in Arlignton, but goes to the Hurst ward. ln my last area, l was teaching one of her co-workers. l asked her if this friend was still talking with the hermanas, and the member told me that this friend DIED last Dicember! Like two weeks after l left Hurst! She was super healthy, like 35, and very... alive!!! But the cool part of the story is that the member told us that she's been having dreams of her friend accepting "las muchachas" who teach her in the spirit world! 
l hope you all had a fantastic Pie day on teh 14th, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JACOB BOTTELBERGHE TODAY!!!! And feliz dia de san patricio! :)  l told Hna. VanBallegooie that she didn't need to dress up cause she's already green :) hehehehe
Es todo para hoy
-Hermana GOmez

BAck when we drove a malibu... haha
On the sunny days we study outside :)
Ocean AVenue!!!! l miss music!!!
Sweet Hna. Hernandez made us mango flower things :) 
La calle San Jorge!!!! lf y'all listened to Tercer Cielo then this picture would be super cool :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

A new companion :)

Joke of the Week: How do you fix a pumpkin? A Pumpkin Patch!!!!!
Quote of the Week: " God an animal?"
Hijole what a week. l have very little time due to the fact that we were just fender bendered from behind :P entonces l need to fill out the church reports and stuff. 
Well first of all my new companion is...... Hna. VanBallegooie!!! She's awesome! THe people have a reeeal hard time with her name, so we've shortened it to "Hna. Van"
But we've already had so much fun together :) She probably is thinking that her trainer is nuts, but asi es. She looks a lot liek Kyra Douglas from my sidevision. weird. And she's surda (lefty) too!
lt puts a completely new perspective on missionary work. We were reading on the white handbook this morning, and it amazed me that l'm still learning new things even though l've read it almost as many times as l've read Harry Potter! 
Last night we had a really cool experience. We had some awesome plans to go see a fireside with an investigator, but at the last minute, things fell through. We had an old referral that only had the street name, so we decided to go tract that street. We started down, and up pull los Merlos! A family that is in the Hurst ward, but lives in Arlington! They rolled down the window, and asked if we could go see their friend (the referral) who is in the hospital who wants a book of mormon! lt was amazing to see how GOd put us in the exact right place adn the EXACT right time. We found 7 new investigators yesterday and 3 new families, and all of it was according to God's plan, not ours. 
Man l just can't think right now. But things are going great here in Arlington :) l didn't even cry when that guy hit us! 
Happy Marzo!
-Hna. Gomez

p.s. (I asked her if she was hurt in the accident) nope. he just nicked the back.... but it ruined my zero accident streak! l wish l was a bike elder :P

el calendario del traslado :)
LAst day we did service with the elderes painting!
los cambios...

Monday, March 3, 2014

Arlington gets to keep Tali awhile more

Quote of the Week: Faith doesn't look back.

l have very little time today cause we have a LOT to do hoy! But Hna. Hunter is getting transferred to FORT WORTH!!!! My home town!!!!!! l'm so so jealous that she's going there. BUT l'm stoked cause guess what? l'm TRAINING AGAIN!!!!  Hna. X will get here on Wednesday. And that means l'll be in Arlington for at least 3 more months :)
l feel like l've been the best missionary mientras training. As president says, "a call to lead is a call to repent." lt's such a huge responsibility, but l'm super excited.
This last week we did tons of goodbye visits for Hna. Hunter....l'm going to miss her so much! 
The bike elderes had another baptism this weekend! Elder Allen finished up his mission with 4 people getting baptized on Saturday. lt was sweet. 
Well happy march to all of you! l have not much more to say.....
Hna. Gomez

Last district meeting of the transfer! Elder Allen asked me to play "All of Me" pretty much every time l saw him since the day l met him in Fort Worth last summer.

And a silly member Jorge saw our car and parked ridiculously close to us!
Saying goodbye to Eladio and Martin

With la familia Rodriguez. San Juana is the sweetest member ever! 
Frozen yogurt with Mayra :)

Adan will be a model when he grows up for sure  
Dancing in the parking lot with Leslie!!!

The planner cover l made for my new trainee! 
l love morning exercise jiji
And l still hate Texas :)

We cut down a tree. Hahaha Elder Burningham makes Hno. Montoya look so little!

Hahaha "Twin Special" at the mortuary? barbarick?

Hna. Chef Hunter cooked a fancy cornish game hen with a spinach cream sauce!

with Hno. Guzman. He's someone who truly magnifies his calling :)
And Coral Pedrogo

With our two ward mission leaders Hno. Villanueva y Hno. Guzman
And la familia Acevedo y la Hna. Yolanda Lara. l love them :)

fixing my hair as Hna. Hunter teaches the tie/nudo prayer lesson with la familia Vasquez

Then we played ninja!

showing off our cool tricks. Don't judge us.

Luis wanted to be in front....
Then Cristian...

THen Juanito...
And then Hna. Vasquez :)

Love this family! 
They all signed a coke can for Hna. Hunter's parting gift

p.s. Aila's baby is SO CUTE! What's the name?